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  1. Black_Tiger

    Introducing Jaeger!

    Is this the trader who will see all your lost items? The items you lost to other players? Or is that trader coming in another update?
  2. Black_Tiger

    TarkovTV DevBlog #002

    Nice blog. A lot of cool stuff. Including the click bait about the giveaway. Turned in close to 6.1K viewers. Nice. Now I see where most click bait tubers and streamers get their inspiration from.
  3. Black_Tiger

    Quick Q & A with Nikita 2/2/2019

    That's the thing. When you mean challenges, what would they be? Sure, the present task system is good for a single run. If they implement multiple character creation or NG+, then they would need to mechanics and tasks that are not the same as in the first run-through. Even then, there are planned DLC's with new maps and new tasks and new things. It'll turn into a grind fest when linear mission design. My post referred to the "core" of the game. There are other MMOFPS shooters with liner mission design with the hope that the "community" will take the game forward and keep it alive for years to come. Frankly, that's what happens after a while, you get die hard fans who don't want to face the fact that a game tanked and will aggressively defend the game to no end. Take me, I run my own business and I don't have as much time to game as I like. Between my work and family, I "maybe" get a couple of hours or so, on a good day. I can already hear the trolls forming, saying "well, that's your problem you can't play. n00b player :-p, get good or get reked" That's where they're wrong, you see, for a game to increase it's player base, it has to be accessible, the more players it can get, the more the community grows and the more the developers make. It's a cycle, not many get it. That's gaming one-o-one. I'm a simulation gamer, that's what attracted me to EFT. Simulation games offer a sense of immersion, but that immersion won't amount to dunk if not backed with a good community and excellent game play. Not lazy mission design with liner mechanics where it's the same thing under a different coat of paint. Forgive me, I don't mean to rant. I'm only trying to express a point. EFT has great potential. I would request that the developers learn from the mistakes that other games in the same field made and learn from them. I have made some suggestions, don't think the dev's heard it, it's not like they don't care. They have a vision in mind for the game, I respect that and support them, I'd only hope they turn their heads and look around. Cause the horizon stretches to way beyond their peripheral vision. With that being said, the game is still in BETA. I don't know what will happen in the future. But, I'll be sure to stick around to see. Regardless of what response I get from the dev's or the community when I play the game. When the dust settles, this game will either raise the stakes for all FPS games, or be a cautionary tale for future developers. P.S: To the developers:::Please consider the different game modes I mentioned in my earlier posts. Cheers.
  4. Black_Tiger

    Quick Q & A with Nikita 2/2/2019

    To know if the guy was bot or a genuine customer. Turned out to be the real deal. You can never be too sure mate. Keep that troll skull basher hammer on the ready. I may be hiding under the bridge you take everyday. The sweet turd blossoms. May they get sniped the moment the spawn, in whatever game they play :-)
  5. Black_Tiger

    Quick Q & A with Nikita 2/2/2019

    Sweet. I can only imagine your frustration in getting little to no answers. Given the circumstances, all one can do is wait, wait for the game to go gold and hope that the original promised features are available. There are DLC planned with location and objectives and such. I was kinda on the same road when ArmA 3 was being developed. The dev diary's were not much. Was onboard with the dev's on day 1. When the game released in 2013, no decent SP campaign, a clunky game riddled with bugs and the worst possible AI I have seen in my 12 years of gaming (as of 2013). But now, ArmA 3 is a Juggernaut and in my opinion a very good simulation shooter. So, I can only imagine, if you listen to fellow gamers, be patient. If not, you can tell me to piss off and continue with your oh so colourful rants. Cheers.
  6. Black_Tiger

    Quick Q & A with Nikita 2/2/2019

    Don't mean to belittle you, and as you can see with my post count, I'm new to the forums, not to gaming. This question is purely out of curiosity. I see that gamers who own the game have a stamp in their signature showing what version they own. With that being said. May I ask if you even own the game or are one of the many trolls lurking here? Cause I've observed this ever since I've taken an interest in EFT. There are a lot of couch warriors and keyboard knights who spit venom with nothing valuable to contribute apart from hate and the presence of their vile and pathetic existence. There are also some Cockroaches who've bought the game and never played to criticize the devs just cause they're Russian. Their excuse is, buying the games gives them a voice, which is total BS. I mean, look around the forums, there are a lot of who haven't bought the game and still manage to spit venom. I just hope you're not one of them. But, I have to ask. Are you?
  7. Black_Tiger

    Quick Q & A with Nikita 2/2/2019

    Well, good news and news. I wanted to know if there will be other elements to the game play. I know BSG stated about no zombies or monsters or any of that sort of heretic beings. But, given the current mechanics, I'm worried the game play may wear thin after a while. Seeing it'll be....going into raids, killing, looting, escaping. Rinse and repeat solo or in a group. Sure, there will be tasks, but how many times can you do "kill 30 scavs on Customs" without making it a mundane. Even now YouTube gamers are implementing their own set of challenges. I know, the game is in BETA, few mechanics in place. Try thinking on a broader perspective when the game goes Gold. I hope BSG has other mechanics in place apart from the standard style of game play. I know I'd like to see more.
  8. Black_Tiger

    Weapon Companies Thread

    This please. Would be really nice to get these kinds of weapons. Since Tarkov is a wasteland, it would make sense that people would use common hunting munitions too.... The guns can also be used for trading on high tier rewards for completing certain tasks. Valued high due to their exquisite designs, there are so many out there (designs)...... Some manufacturers, weapon/ammunition: James Purdey and Sons John Rigby & Company Eley Brothers Heym Holland & Holland Westley Richards
  9. Black_Tiger

    Is VPN banned?

    The last piece of "reliable" information about VPN is related to the purchase region, causing people to get region locked when accidentally buying the game in the wrong region (208 error) . As long as you have the right region purchase you won't get banned. Unless of-course you're using cheats. Your intentions to playing with using a VPN sound shady at best, I not trying to take a dig at you, just stating what I see when I read your posts. If you're planning to play the game using a VPN, it's a bad idea as it will cause high ping and huge lag issues and frame drop issues. It's quite obvious. Second if you're planning to BUY the game using VPN, you can buy the game and play it using normal internet connection without getting banned. Ensure you are connected to an EU server and the price is in Euro's when you make your purchase. Hope you got your answer. Good luck in your raids.
  10. Black_Tiger

    Discord Group for SEA Players

    Thank you. Joined in, kinda empty there. Hopefully it'll be populated soon.
  11. Black_Tiger

    2019 plans

    Thank you for the roadmap. Keep at it, you're getting there. Looking forward to the new content and eventual game release. If you are taking recommendations, kindly consider another summer sale in June, I would love to get my hands on the EoD edition. Cheers. P.S: I find it funny how people bich and moan about this being not done and that being an issue and fail to realize that the game is still in development. I wonder how many games they've developed and released in their lifetimes. This is the problem with FPS games, there's always that group of "1337, BlOPs, 360 headshotting children" with a story to tell. Trolls. My simple request is to hide in your holes until the games releases and complain then if the mentioned features aren't available. Until then, back the cuss off, let the developers develop the darn thing and enjoy the ride... ***racial epithetic, hate filled quoted posts incoming.... I know I shouldn't have fed the trolls, but couldn't resist ***
  12. Thank you for the clarification gentleman. Guess I better stop hoarding stuff. Given as the wipe can come anytime in the coming months... Time to go Rambo boys.......
  13. "Thus, each user who bought the game within 10 days after the start of the event, is guaranteed to receive additional in-game equipment with the opportunity to get it again after each wipe, including those that would be made by himself within six months." Could this mean that any gear/weapons/things that I acquire in the next six months I get to keep even after a wipe or am I reading this all wrong. Could someone be kind enough to please clarify. Cheers.