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    This is a hack free game...

    These aren't hacks, because the fan boys will yell at you and tell you just how wrong you are! That there's no one in this game hacking and the dsync isn't bad. You're just a trash player... But I'll just leave these here for the devs to take a look at. <Videos removed>

    Tired of the cheaters...

    Wow... some of you really need to learn how to deal with other humans better. You still just keep going... there's nothing wrong with the game because I haven't seen it and there's no proof in front of my face. Do you also believe that the earth is flat? I love how you guys just keep going about how there's not cheating... yet there's ban waves for cheaters. You say I'm wanting my hand held because I want some sort of way for beginners to get good at the game and not quit day one? I like how hard it is now that I've gotten used to it over time. But I'm sorry, that's just ignorance and stupidity if you don't want beginners to have a fun time to start and want to stay. Why wouldn't you want more people playing a game you seem to like and more people that you can kill and loot? Why would you not want matching to take seconds instead of minutes and for the game to make money and continue for a long period of time? If these players are so bad then shouldn't want them to stay? They'd just be a few easy kills for loot with how the game works. I'm not saying dumb the game down, I'm saying make getting started a bit softer for new players so they can learn the game and it's controls without getting wiped out every game. Maybe let people run raids without other players until level 5 or something to get their feet wet where they can keep their loot. Something to give them time to learn before dropping them into a match with a high level who can drop them in seconds before they even know how to move around. You say there's problems with the game, yet there's videos on YouTube showing in game issues and bugs. I can go to YouTube and find a whole list of armor test videos talking about how unbalanced the ammo and damage is and what could be done to improve it. Yet nothing seems to have changed from the oldest video until the newest one. On top of that my friend can't even play full games before he's kicked for anticheat. Reconnects and then gets kicked again either in a few minutes or a few games. So at least the anticheat does kick people... people who aren't cheating. Then there's the random games where there's a massive amount of lag and dsync There's no proof of cheating... what about the video that was posted at the top of this post... you know the one of a person using the wall hack to see all players, scavs and loot. The one that has since been removed from YouTube... seriously, how dense can some of you be? Not to mention the whole deal with Eroktic and how a lot of YouTuber's and Streamers have backed off on some of the content they make since the devs have said they will pursue legal action against people who are negative towards the game. So why would anyone even want to post any proof? I know I won't post another video. I've gotten on forums for other games and I have NEVER had the kind of response I got from a moderator on this one. Even though I had a video proving the guy was invisible and knifed me in the head right in front of me without seeing him at all, they still removed the video and locked my post. Sent a response proving they never read my post as they didn't know what I was talking about and now won't respond to further messages. I'm honestly shocked this post has gone on this long without getting locked out. But you're freaking out on me like I can't handle how hard the game is or that I'm making up stuff to hurt the game. In reality I really like the core of this game and what potential it has. I can even say that some nights I did go without any bugs and didn't run into any cheaters and had a great time playing it. I truly would love to see this game succeed, but it's not going to if the devs keep going at this pace. It needs better anitcheat. It needs some way for new and inexperienced players to get used to the game. It needs a lot of bug fixes. It needs better communication with it's player base. Argue all you want, I could care less. I've turned off notifications for this and done away with the game. So even though I'm sure a handful of you will have to respond to make yourselves feel good. I won't ever read it so I could care less. I'll probably check in on the game itself in a few months and see if anythings changed. But if not, doesn't bother me. I'm not as wrapped up in it as some of you and won't be the one crying when they can't get in a game because no one plays anymore. It's just sad honestly, could be an amazing game.

    Tired of the cheaters...

    So 4 rounds in the arm and 2 straight to the head doesn't kill someone huh? Great realism in this game that 2 bullets to the head alone don't kill when the player has no armor at all. But if you pay attention I'm not just sick of hackers. I'm also fed up with all the issues this game. Early access or not, some of this has been issues since day one and they haven't done anything about it. I've watched so many YouTube videos of people doing testing on armor and bullet damage and talking about how broken it is and nothing changes. But good for you that you can go 6 hours without running into a hacker or major bug. Glad you have good luck. But you need to drop the ego and stop acting like just because the game is great for you that it means it should be great for everyone else. You're one of the biggest reasons this game will lose players. Stop denying the fact that it's broken and hating on people who are running into issues. What happens when the majority of players quit because they've had enough of the issues you don't think exist? The same thing as PUBG... you lose 90% of your players and then even the fan boys quit when they can't get in a game because no one is playing. For the record, I had a video post showing a hacker a few days ago. The moderators took down the video and locked the post so no one could talk about it. So even though I have more videos of issues and hackers I can't do anything with them as they won't let us post any proof or it gets locked out. Plus I can't believe if you play this all the time you haven't run into any bugs or hackers. Either you're full of it or just in complete denial, which makes absolutely no sense. I just don't get why you find joy in attacking people who have major issues with the game and want it to be fixed so it'll be successful. Instead you hate on them and push the;m out of the game? That's a real intelligent way to support a game you enjoy. Kill the player base so you can play alone.

    Tired of the cheaters...

    Quick little update... friends worked really hard to convince me to play one more even though I was so over it. Instantly start having server issues just kicking us out over and over and over again. Lost all the gear even though I killed 3 players and was feet from the exit. So glad I caved in to come back for just one more amazing game of Tarkov where nothing is wrong with the game and the devs are doing such an bang up job... game is now uninstalled.

    Tired of the cheaters...

    To start with, for those who are saying prove it or getting all pissy about the fact people are claiming cheating and not doing anything about it... well guess what, you're not allowed report them nor will the moderators on this forum allow you to post the video evidence of the cheating. They give you a BS excuse that it's just dysnc and remove you video as well as block your posts. I can prove that one for a fact and show the messages I had with the mod about it after and how he never even read the post. He just dropped the video because they don't want you to be posting cheaters or doing anything about it. I have multiple clips including the ones from tonight to show me getting instant killed as the guy opened the door and video showing a guy with no armor taking bullets to the head and not dying. But if I post anything about it the mods will delete my video and lock the post. So I decided to give the game a second chance and played a few more days since it can be a great game, it just isnt'. Went well the last two days and only had a few games where I ran into bugs or some sketchy deaths. Tonight though my team got wiped by some dude streaming who was using wall hacks and auto aim. He opened the door and instant head shot me and never took any damage from the maybe 10 rounds I got off through the door and and while he was opening it... even though I was using a 105 with BP rounds. He then proceeded to do the same to my teammates. I even watched him on his stream as he killed my buddy. He was looking off his main screen at something else when he shot him... doesn't seem funny at all... I gave it one more game after and a player with no armor and a pistol took 4 ]shots from my 104 in the left shoulder. I then pulled back around the corner and got two rounds off dead on his forehead and he one tapped me through my face shield with the pistol. He then was able to take half a clip from my teammate and still kill him as well. My teammate was also armored. Between the dsync, poor balance on the weapons/bullets, and the massive amount of hackers I don't see any reason to waste more of my time on this garbage. I'd rather play Fortnite than this... which is just sad because it could be an amazing game if they'd just fix it and add actual anti-cheat software. The handful of you acting like we're stupid and should just quit will get your wish. But keep in mind that you're killing the game just as much as the cheaters and the bugs. By going off on everyone with your fan boy attitudes and acting like a broken game is perfect, you're just driving away new players and current ones. Pretty soon you'll be waiting hours to get into a game instead of being able to play quick as the game will lose players. Look what happened to PUBG, same poo in that game. They had cheaters and major bugs but ignored the community and ended up killing their player base. Don't get me wrong, people do play it still. But not 30 million like it once was. Good luck to those sticking around, hopefully you have better luck.

    Tired of the cheaters...

    On a side note I now have the highlights feature all setup and working better for the game and have been watching all my failed raids tonight as I've been trying to have at least one victory. It's very apparent now that the biggest issue issues with losing fire fights isn't that I'm not a good shot. It's that the hit boxes and the ammo's are off from what I can tell. I hate to say it as I'm trying really hard tonight to find a reason to keep playing this game... but I'm not finding that reason. It's just so frustrating when I'm not a terrible player and I still can't get a good run now and then. But the last game I just played I shot a guy with a shotgun 3 times. First shot was 100% a head shot and he had no helmet, the next two were in his right arm. But I died and he lived. I just don't get it...

    Tired of the cheaters...

    Beyond other bugs I keep running into that have been making the game more frustrating than fun... I've about had it with trying to gamble on getting a game where some isn't cheating so I can enjoy my time. I've played 4 rounds tonight and 2 of them I've had someone just walk up to the area I'm in and turn the corner and shoot me in the head. I get it if it's a place where a pro would think to look... that makes sense. But these are just Scav players casually walking around and both times I tired picking very random areas where you would think to look. Plus if you go out to Google you can pick up the hacks easy as can be. I even had this video below show up when I searched to see how easy it is for hackers to cheat at this game. I've only been back playing the game for about two weeks now... so is this pretty common now? Or did the cheating just start getting bad lately? But I also feel like there should be some sort of balancing with what players end up in games together as well. I have one friend who's new to the game and my other buddy and myself aren't great by any means. But I can't even catch a break when the game is glitching out to get better. Some games I spawn in and we literally get shot in the head before we can move. Other games we'll just start getting into it and get swarmed by a fully geared squad. I understand that this game is supposed to be hard. But come on... there has to be a learning curve somewhere for new players if you want to keep people playing this. Not to mention for being a realistic shooter it's not always the most realistic. Like I got swarmed by guys with knives yesterday when I had a shotgun. When they got in close I couldn't use my gun to shoot... ok, that's fair... but what about weapon basing them? Why is that not a thing? In real life I defiantly wouldn't just stand around and let them stab me with no resistance. Well that's enough of my frustrated rant about this game... I have more issues, but I'm sure plenty of fan boys will already be quick to bite my head off for this.
  8. So I've owned this game for quite awhile, but never really played it until the last few weeks. For the most part it's been good, but I've notice some raids where players were getting way to many head shots. This is crappy and it's even worse you can't report anyone. But it's the same in almost any game so I've been dealing with it. But this morning I decided to get on and play a few rounds real quick. First round I was fully hidden and stay quiet in the tunnels on factory. Out of no where a guy sprints across the map jumps down and one taps me in the head with a shot gun. I had armor and helmet with a face shield on. It's crap, but I was going to just move on. The second game I spawned in, killed a hatchling player. As I was moving around I heard someone running towards me. I peaked back around the corner of the tanker and seen a player body flicker on my screen as if it was floating... then got knifed in the head. No visual at all on this player. Is there really a hack like this and nothing is being done to fix it? Here's a video of it. The flickering body doesn't show up, but the sound of the foot steps comes down the stairs in front of me and runs right towards me (then then I seen the flicker) and I get hit in the head from what I can tell. WARNING: Volume is a little loud, might want to turn it down. Video Removed