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  1. deadlyfudge

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS 2x Military Checkpoint PM me with offer
  2. deadlyfudge

    Official Trading Thread

    In need of 1x Marked Key PM me with an offer. Willing to trade: Roubles/dollars/checkpoint key
  3. deadlyfudge

    Olloch's win the day giveaway

    Trying to win this to finally convince a friend to buy this game! Anyways what's better than cats and nicolas cage? That's right nothing....
  4. deadlyfudge

    Kubas [USEC]

    Bears are cool and the legal group while USEC do the illegal stuff hehe Would like to update everyone that we currently only have 8 slots left! 7/15 slots have been filled up!
  5. deadlyfudge

    Kubas [USEC]

    Kubas [USEC] Dear fellow [USEC] fighters, You are receiving this message because you have been formally picked out from a group of soldiers to join our private company called "Kubas". We are looking for well trained soldiers who are willing to fight for the cause and help transport illegal goods around Tarkov. Our contractors have provides us with a sizable donation to help recruit more units. I will warn you that what we do is extremely dangerous but the reward is worth every bullet. We currently have one of the most sophisticated medical staff who will provide you with free health care for when you bite a bullet. We have a few requirements which i will be stated in the application. below you will find a link which will take you to the application. Your application code is: 011011. Hopefully we will see you in our next meeting. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. "Make sure you burn this message after you have all the info you need" Application Link (CLICK ME) Sincerely DeadlyFudge, Side Notes: We obviously all know that the clan system has not been implemented, right now this is mostly just to start getting our name out and start accepting a few early players who would like to have people to play with. So know that if you join now it will not be as serious or organized as it will be later on.
  6. deadlyfudge


    I saw this post and i clicked on it to see what BS you wrote but instead ended up laughing haha. Funny Post
  7. deadlyfudge

    Need friends to play with

    I did not even release this post wasn't in the alpha section! Sorry about that. I removed my comment
  8. deadlyfudge

    third person

    Actually you are wrong. 3rd person will be in the game. might wanna read the FAQ
  9. deadlyfudge

    Concerned about the game going to steam

    I can already imagine the hours i will have on this game! I personally have over 2800 HOURS on arma 3 so as you can see i go hard when i enjoy a game haha.
  10. deadlyfudge

    Concerned about the game going to steam

    Yea i don't see why you would need to buy it again. To be honest i wouldn't worry about this.