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  1. Not even in Beta

    what about the fact that the dev team don't even know one of the most important parts of making a software project, planning. they wanted to sell pre-order packages when they only just started to develop the game way before pre-alpha because they most likely didn't have enough money initially to actually have a finished project which is bad practice. the amount of errors that actually come up in the console is insane (one or two every minute). But i'll give the game a chance hopefully once they solve all these issues, because honestly i really don't want this game to fail.
  2. Not even in Beta

    ive seen a lot games pre-alpha with less problems than this one, it evens lags for me on a 1080, what a joke. Probably the most hyped for game ive ever played and chances are when it comes out fully, its gonna disappoint.
  3. Not even in Beta

    read whats on the title. the games barely surpass able as a beta and should still be in Alpha because of the amount of bugs and problems in the game. Plus its not really realistic in terms of bullet damage, i wouldn't see anyone being able to survive being shot in the chest 2 times up close from a pistol with only cloth on them yet it takes like 5-6 on the game itself.
  4. Trying to find someone to play with

    thats cool man, im 18 and from england, ill add you up, my in game name is beecher.
  5. Body armor

    Watched a video of psisyndicate and one of the people he was playing with said the defenders makes them pretty much "invincible" which makes me curious. What armor level is the defender body armor in the game e.g. I, IIA, II, III, IIIA, IIIV or have you not implemented that?
  6. Ballistics Trauma

    thanks, i only just started looking at ballistics trauma and i do physics for my education so learning about bullet effects and energy effects on the body is interesting, it would be cool to see a system like this implemented in a game
  7. Ballistics Trauma

    I dont know how in depth the devs are doing the bullet ballistics in the game but to have a ballistics system were various bullet trauma affects your characters health. Lets say for example a bullet hits you and depending on the muzzle velocity of the weapon the bullet was fired from the varying amounts of kinetic energy will either have a higher or lesser damage to the player, seeing as Ek = ½mv2 depending on the weight of the bullet and the velocity it may have a variation in damage. Considering that kinetic energy can have a more damaging effect on the body from bullets. Furthermore, there could be a confidence system or motivational one depending on if the player is tired or not, intoxicated or is hyperactive from energy consumables this could have an effect on how the player takes damage from bullets. I haven't seen any similar threads to this i dont think.
  8. Animation fluidity

    My brothers decided to watch part of the alpha stream on youtube in which some have been posted up. One of the questions asked is the finality of the animations, they said that the animations didn't seem fluid enough and i was wondering if you were still improving them or not? is it a design feature?
  9. Pre-order steam?

    When you Pre-order the game on this site will you get an activation key for steam? I just wanted too know because I normally use steam to play games but I want to pre-order escape From Tarkov, if I do from this site will I get a key for steam?
  10. Do you know if you could get cross-platform play for escape from tarkov if you ever release the game on consoles? would it be possible on the game engine? Also, the debate on the accuracy of the mouse compared to the controller couldn't you create cross-platform servers that have this in mind? an idea could be that the player chooses to join a cross-platform play server knowing these facts and could play just because they want to with their other mates who are on pc without competition in mind. Or what you could do was create servers where controllers are only playable and so only allow pc players to use their controller and not their keyboard, to make it more fair. you could implement a system which detects whether the player has connected a controller to the pc so they can enter that specific server. anyway, just a thought.
  11. What are you playing right now?

    some contract wars, americas army proving grounds and stalker misery
  12. Visible Gear\Equipment?

    yeah, that would be awesome man. we could even create our own song.... wait, i think that's taking it a bit too far.
  13. Visible Gear\Equipment?

    damn! that is a sweet idea. what are we doing just sitting here? we should be throwing these ideas at the devs! its a stroke of genius
  14. Visible Gear\Equipment?

    even better. have multiple cigarette choices you can smoke which calms you, including cigars
  15. Visible Gear\Equipment?

    ahh well you never know. the devs did say in their faq that as your character becomes more experienced he changes the way he reloads and other things, your operator might have the western draw as their last and most practical animation, may even give you a little bonus. would be cool to see, maybe the devs could throw it in, would be hilarious