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    Are you looking for a team? Join Devastation Online!

    Asked so nicely I can but comply #Moved To Clan Section of the Forums! Grab my hand! Adventure Time!
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    Adventures of Tarkov [RP thread]

    The tall USEC was sitting in the growing flames of the barrel, laid back. You could have sworn this man was sitting in his living room. In a quick movement he flicked his cigarette butt to the side and proceeded to explore the content of his backpack down in front of him. Going from pocket to pocket, he seems in a witch hunt for something clearly important. *Klunk Klank Klank* The sound of an AK74 bouncing on the ground. Craft stopped searching his Tri-Zip more by instinct then by precaution. He lifted an eyebrow as he looked into the dark corner of the Factory. His vision adapting to the dark to reveal a BEAR operator walking forward and ultimately taking a seat directly in front of him. "Very little pause in this hell" The USEC paid no mind. He has been in hell too long to care for it. The comment did bring back some memories of times more peaceful. Years before he got pulled into this downward spiral leading to this very moment. Snapping out of it, he continued to search his Camel pack. Refusing to talk by force of habit...After all the last BEAR he actually had a discussion with was back years ago...in a torture chamber. He had to weigh his words... "You drink like you fight I hope" The timing couldn't have been more perfect. As the Russian finished his sentence, Craft pulled out his prized possession. A full and unopened bottle of American Honey Whiskey. He cracked the lid and took a lengthy sniff. "Awww. You don't know the half of it my....friend" Craft took the bottle to his lips, and downed not one, but three giant gulp. "На здоровье!, и, возможно, мы дорожим момент спокойствия" He closes the bottle, lays it on the side and then with a swift footwork send it sliding directly at the BEAR... "Swiss, eh? Alright then....Swissy....How d'you end up here? don't spare the detail, I've got nowhere to be. I'm already home" Picking up yet another item from his bag. Taking out two simple cans void of any markings, he extends one of the cans towards the Russian... "Trade? I think it's Squash...but can't be sure until we open it" Craft then goes silent, waiting for Swiss to engage the conversation...
  3. CC.Craft

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Indeed they are not!!!! I'm really hopeful that we'll grow even more!!! If anyone is interested and need some more info about The Art of Warfare don't hesitate to message me! I'd gladly answer your questions Really enjoy this amazing community we have over here and couldn't have asked for better team mates! I trust everyone in TAW to watch my back in sticky situations! -Craft
  4. CC.Craft

    Adventures of Tarkov [RP thread]

    Welcome to the Adventures of Tarkov Roleplay Thread Before we get into this I would like to point out the rules I've come up with for this thread As well as remind everyone that Forum Rules still applies. __________________________________________________________ Rules of the Roleplaying Thread; No one shall make another user's character take extensive action No one shall Injure, kill or put another user's character in a bad situation resulting in injury of any kind No insults, vulgar language or offensive behavior will be tolerated (stay in accordance to the Forum rules) Feel free to tag a fellow friend if he gave you his consent Stay within the scope of Tarkov (Events that lead you there, What happened to you in Tarkov, etc) Any debate about religion, politics or other sensitive subject will NOT be tolerated Follow the Flow of the posts, don't make drastic changes in setting unless talking about past adventures Any NON-RP must be clearly indicated with [NoRP] at the front and [/NoRp] at the end. and clearly delimited from the actual RP post itself. Anyone is welcomed to join into the ongoing RP, just follow the rules Tagging potential RP lovers @ArmaSwiss @Blackb1rd @Natalino @pnee @TrippyBryce (I apologize for the lengthy read through ) Let's begin....[RP below] _____________________________________________________________ The gleaming light of sun down is reflected by countless broken windows. Distant gunfights can be heard along with the faint sounds of mortar shells hitting the ground in a thunder of explosions. Dense black clouds of smoke are rolling on the streets coming from the north east. Remnants of military trucks and UN peacekeeper's Humvee litters the area. Multiple buildings have markings on them, spray painted BEAR claws here. USEC flags there. Nothing has been spared, the only common and recurring theme here is destruction. Down south of the main road lies an old abandoned Factory complex. The building towers over the surrounding area like a dead giant. Holes covering it's roof, blasted doors and walls bearing the damage of high-caliber ballistics. The giant building itself is surrounded by a vast deserted parking lot. The whole area spanning over 1 kilometer. Echoing from deep within the structure, the sound of gunfire can be heard. By the multiple interstices muzzle flash can be seen. The firefight is constant, almost lighting the area inside as the sun sets down to the west. The bullet cracking on the walls and metal sheets within the compound is almost deafening. The constant discharge of firearms seems unending...Until suddenly... Inside the building the tall 6'5" USEC is pinned down by a barrage of gunfire. Behind his makeshift cover made of a tipped over forklift the man is clearly in battle trance. His movement are meticulously calculated, like repeating a dance he's practiced all his life. His movements are quick, precise and filled with deadly intentions. Bullets are cracking around him. There's no way to know the amount of OPFOR in the hellish chaos that surrounds him. With no way to communicate for backup... *Sigh* "Those useless engineers...Can't take out a simple Comms Jammer in sector 21-B" The man turns right in a quick graceful yet deadly motion. Three muzzle flashes. The three bullets hits directly center mass. Another dead scav. As the man gets back into cover a bullet hits the front of his weapon. There goes his M4A1. The barrel bores a massive dent about mid way into the KAC RIS handguard. He quickly take off the weapon from his sling and switches to his secondary. Pulling the bolt he makes sure the ammunition is in the chamber. 7.62x54mmR glimpsed for a split second in the chamber. Only left with a SV-98 with high-powered optics, the USEC is in deep water. The gun fight keeps on going. Multiple weapons are fired across the Factory building. The constant discharge of firearms seems unending...Until suddenly... *Clik Clik...Clik* Out of ammunition. This is the end. The USEC lays down his weapons in front of him. Empty magazines littered at his feet. MP-443 "Gracht", SV-98 and a beaten up M4A1 to his left. In a last moment of crazed mindset, the man stands up and walks directly out of cover. His arms extended and hands forming imaginary pistols. He fully expect a barrage of bullets to meet him at any seconds now...It doesn't come. He was prepared to meet his end like warriors of ancestor's time. But not this...nothing...not a single sound. He cracks into uncontrolled laughter. "Hahaha, Haha hahaha. Aww Fate! DEAR FATE! you bless me again...NOW WHAT?!" Under his breath; "I bet my freedom stick that BEARs are around laughing at me right now..." The silence is becoming heavy. After a gun fight that lasted just shy of two hours, the seemed unreal. From the other side of the Factory echoes a scream; "Возвращайся домой, USEC!" The USEC goes forth, and in a friendly way waves his hands above his head. Approaching a metal barrel, he flicks his Zibbo into it, lighting a fire while he pulls a makeshift chair made of a half broken crate. He grabs his Camel Tri-Zip backpack and pulls out food. He then picks out a pack of Marlboro's and light the Cancer Stick in the Barrel fire. He keeps those for truly messed up events. Like this one. *In between two puffs* "Why there! Don't be shy my Russkie friends or whoever you are!! I know you're out of ammo too. And since I'm hungry and tired, let's just share a meal and get to know each other! HEAR THAT!!??! CEASE FIRE! LET'S EAT...And talk...just leave those weapons back where you are. But bring some of that Tushonka! I'm quite fond of it!" "By the way...I'm Jesse. But you can call me Craft...as for where I got the name from...that'll will be a good story, if you'll join me!" Craft, the crazed USEC then sits in silence, waiting either for death or for company....
  5. CC.Craft

    Will there be a zombie survival game mode?

    Directly from the FAQs @BLACK_LENNY
  6. CC.Craft

    Welcome the New Emissaries and Forum Moderators

    Reporting for duty! @ArmaSwiss Is that some sort of RP takeover ?
  7. CC.Craft

    The new Delta Force special detachment!

    @Neotrixs Surely either by VK or directly on the forums since you need to provide both in the application form At least that's what I think.
  8. CC.Craft

    The new Delta Force special detachment!

    The air was tense. A thick cloud of dust rolls on the horizon. To the northeast, the roars of an engine can be heard. It is distant, but everyone at the Delta Head Quarters (DHQ) can hear it beyond the command center. It's approaching. Fast. Suddenly, Comming down the hill directly in front of the DHQ rolls out a decommissioned Bumerang class APC. Slowing down about 15 meters away from the entrance, the engine puffing out in a cloud of black smoke. The back doors of the Bumerang swings open, and from the black cloud of the engine's exhaust a silhouette can be distinguished. Slowing but surely walking forward while checking his weapon, the stranger steps forward. Garbed of a very simple USEC uniformed the stranger looks around. From the top of his 6'5" he looks down to the beaten up APC, a grin on his face. He swings his M4A1 to the side, tapping his AVS rig in search of something. Pulling out his sunglasses he starts making his way towards the door. The man is clearly in element here in Tarkov, He's not equipped to escape...he's equipped to stay! The TacCom2's are sitting around his neck, M4A1 on his sling pulled to the side, MP-443 "Gracht" in the holster with countless mag in his modular rig. A backpack that surely contains enough supply to sustain this crazed man through a trek to and from the deepest hole of Tarkov. The strange USEC stops 2 meters away from the door...and then in a loud and confident voice... "I heard you boys were looking for some help...well...I'm Craft...AND THE CAVALRY HAS ARRIVED!" He then busts open the door and his silhouette disappears in the darkness of the DHQ's corridors... All that is left of his presence is the Bumerang still puffing small clouds of smoke. There's countless bullet marks on the left side. On the right side, the inscription "I'm Home" was hastily drawn using red, blue and white paint. In the back of the opened APC door you could see an arsenal worthy of a five man squad. SV-98 with high-powered scope. An half opened crate filled with AKs firmly attached to the railing. Many pistols of all sort. Ammo, grenades and medical equipment. It's a bloody mess. Every weapon is showing the terrible aftermath of fire fights. Many have lost their lives to the one that made Tarkov his home...The scary part is...He's not here to escape.... -Craft
  9. CC.Craft

    Sherpas Weapons

    As far as unique weapon goes, it's been stated in the FAQs that there might be some. So with that in mind I would say a Sherpa is someone that guides you to the top of the mountain safely. He knows the way, what peaks to engage, what peaks to evade. It also goes without saying that all Sherpa has their own mentality and their own way to do things! With that being said I would give the Sherpa 2 option for weapons. First one, Long range oriented weapon. A sniper for instance, or a DMR of some kind. Second option, a submachine gun. That way the Sherpa can choose between 2 options, and take the one that suits his style and make him more successful in the future. These Sherpas will be taking on a very dangerous task, which is to help new comers in Tarkov to get acclimated to the harsh environment. So giving them a reward in the form of a unique weapon feels justified in my opinion! -Craft
  10. CC.Craft

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Always a pleasure playing with all the members in TAW. I've been here a month and already feel at home! It's a great place to be in! Looking forward for more players and more Escape from Tarkov! Hoorah! -Craft
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    Game question

    #Locked This has been Answered here and in multiple other post. Please read the N.D.A. if you have further questions. Thanks -Craft
  12. CC.Craft

    What shooter game does hand to hand combat well?

    #moved topic to the correct section of the forums
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    NDA lift?

    The Official statement is as stated below; Hello, Unfortunately, we are currently not giving any additional access (except to those who have already been given access to NDA) lifts due to the recent high influx of players that came with the streams that made the servers a bit unstable. And so, until we fully fix this and trust that our servers are fully back to full functionality, we will not be giving such access. But we will surely keep your request in mind for the future. Thank you for your interest in Escape from Tarkov and for contacting us. Kind Regards, Coordinator. There have been numerous posts on this topic within the ALPHA section of the forums please USE search to find information please: #this topic is now locked
  14. CC.Craft

    Question for PVE

    Included is a Quote from the F.A.Q. Please use the FAQ and Search function before posting Thanks Post will now be #Locked since the question was already covered both in the FAQs and the forums multiple time. -Craft