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  1. LeSangliRock

    Christmas gift 2018

    hello, i don't have 2018 gift either
  2. Salut tout le monde, Je cherche des joueurs Francophone mature pour jouer (régulièrement) avec moi sur mon Discord (Pas forcément que sur Tarkov) mais qui ont aussi un sens de l'humour et de la déconnade très développé. J'ai 22 ans, j'aime le TryHard, mais aussi passer des moments fun plus détendu et faire des blagues parfois (souvent) ''pas politiquement correct'' ;-) (Avec un amis nous avions créé le nom de notre team sur un délire : GDOS : Gérard Depardieu Opérations Secrète) https://discord.gg/qYcsGXA : je suis l'admin : Pseudo LeSangliRock (Ah oui et j'aimerai aussi me remettre à faire des stream sur ce jeux, mais plutôt en Team)
  3. LeSangliRock


    You are 100% right. (PS : SJW go play BF 5 if you want your pink haired non-binary fe-male character)
  4. LeSangliRock

    hackers, hackers, hackers..

    I'm agree with u. I'll maybe try to make a video to prove there is almost one cheater/Raid - 1 on two raids.
  5. LeSangliRock

    Hacker report?

    <snip> wiped all my team + me with headshot from nowhere on few seconds
  6. LeSangliRock


    @oldirtyI get your point, but it is so annoying i can't ignore those little shity cheaters and play as i would normaly...i just want a working and unforgiving AC banning all those little metastasis..
  7. LeSangliRock


    Wtf @oldirty wtf wtf... You Said ''trust their anti cheat'' Open ur eyes, there are a lot of threads talking about cheaters being realy aboundant ...AC doesn't work yet, I Can swear that i Nevers encountered so much cheaters on a game since ''The Division'' or the old ''Rust''..
  8. so... FIRST GAME OF THE DAY WITH 3 FRIENDS : all of us killed by one man, and guess what ? all of us head shoted, and u know what ? we all died in 20 maybe 30 seconds. I'm getting killed by cheaters almost 2 games on 3 now ...
  9. I feel same as you guys... In previous patch i was able to do raid with 10+ kills and extract (my best was 16(4players+scavs)). Now i hardly extract one game on 3... I often die one tapped by random dude pre-head-shoting you, and often appearing like a Pokemon... Cheating players as increased consequently, i feel it. My team mates are agree with me.. there are some bastard kid having fun ruining other players experience...
  10. LeSangliRock

    Cheaters ban

    Cheats are a Real issue in most of online games. Exemple PUBG : full of Little noob cheating, but the dev are aware of it and try things (1millions accounts banned in one month) Escape from Tarkov doesn't Escape from cheaters...but i think there's a deni from dev to admit that their game is infested with cancerous cheaters and their anti Cheats isnt perfect ans lack of ''punch''. I'm in a state where i estimate to encounter one cheater every 3 raids + desync + lags + freezes + frames drops... I'm not a kiddy, i dont Always complaint but now with the event we really see how much there are hackers shooting you through dense forest/bushes where normaly they can't see sh*t. I Hope the dev to focus on netcode+anti cheat.. (Look at steam, they are trying an new anti cheat system with Deep Learning or AI detection. And it seems to be very promising) Have a nice day guys.
  11. LeSangliRock

    Official Trading Thread

    So... i can't find that damn Trailer Park Cabin Key ... Someone selling one at a decent price ?
  12. LeSangliRock

    Official Trading Thread

    Hi guys, i would like to buy the key from skier task "trailer park cabinet key" because mine don't want to open this fukn cabinet. I am on EUW server I'm ready to give 500$ -or- 15.000R or maybe an AK74n for the key. Else i Will probably find the good key one day.
  13. Salut à tous, Un pote et moi avons été tué par un mec en GOD MOD 1mn après avoir Spawn, j'étais full Stuff PACA et pp19 silencieux. Nous n'avons pas spawn au même endroit. Il ne s'agit pas d'une DESYNC nous sommes affirmatif à 100%. Je commence à avoir beaucoup d'heures sur le jeux je sais reconnaître le Lag/Desync quand ça m'arrive. Le mec était au P226 sans gillet sans rien, nous à rush + Preshot, j'ai engagé le combat je lui ai mis 1 chargeur complet de pp19 à la "9x19 pst gzh", il m'a mis très lourd du coup je me suis précipité à l'abri, je me suis heal, je l'ai entendu me rush, j'ai hardscope la seul issu par laquel il allait arriver, je l'ai vu j'ai tiré mon chargeur en full sur lui à 10m (j'était accroupi) il m'a mis 2 balles je suis mort. Ensuite il à rush mon pote qui visais la porte sans bouger(très important = il n'a paspu l'entendre car il bougeait pas) et l'a tué à travers la porte. "NON NON IL N'Y A PAS DE CHEAT SUR TARKOV" Cordialement, Negan
  14. LeSangliRock

    Is this de-sync? Anyone else experiencing this?

    I agree there is hackers way more than what the dev admit there is...and a loooooot of Desync, almost every raid now or 8/10... so when u have not desync, often u have an hacker/glitcher. And sometimes u maybe have both... kinda sad (Sorry for my english speaking it isn't my mother tongue)
  15. LeSangliRock

    Patch 0.4.*** - patch note préliminaire

    J'ai cru lire sur Facebook dans les commentaire du patch note, qu'il y aurai un léger contre temps pour le patch, est ce vraie ?