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  1. EOD pack still available

    i seriously would like to downgrade because i know (feel) we have been misleaded.
  2. EOD pack still available

    Hey, if there are options to upgrade your package/ version of the game, why not add the option to downgrade ? uhhh, i know why... silly me
  3. EOD pack still available

    this is called - milking the cow until there is nothing left to take. funny, to call something limited and then it turns out it is not limited at all... it is for ppl like me, who with the fear of missing out to get something while you still can - the best, the most the greatest is a great selling trick that many use, and we fools go for it even though many have gone through all this before but whatever, im all for more resources to the devs...funny though, no matter how much ppl buy this unfinished product, the desync from day one is still here and some other know issues. nothing has really changed . now you can come and yell at me - ALPHA, BETA, EARLY ACCESS , NO ONE FORCED YOU ( well they did with that "limited best deal " time offer - subconsciously forcing us ). im no hater, but i aint no fanboy either.
  4. Refunding The Game...

    nope, it is written in the terms of purchase that no refunds will be given, unless this game never is finished and released.
  5. Not even in Beta

    just played 2 rounds. first one as a scav - spawned in and got killed instantly - super fun. then went into customs, saw a hatchling, unloaded my shotgun onto him, and bam - killed by mighty desync that HAS BEEN HERE SINCE DAY ONE. alpha, beta, call it what you want, the fact is this game is broken with what it seems like an unfixable desync problem. im giving this game a rest now, maybe check back when the rest of the shoreline gets here. a good tip for you all, do not make this your main game like i will get burned out. to me, this is absolutely super boring atm, and i think it is time to get onto my single player games that i have been hording and not yet have played. peace and love to you fellars. see you in the near future.
  6. Not even in Beta

    gotta agree with you mate...terrible fps drops on my 1080 as well. only level that works with 100 fps + is the best map this game has - factory. imo this whole going to beta phase was a complete flop. we still have desync, and same known issues and nothing substantially new. same weapons, same levels. and then they talk they want to release this project in the end of 2018, that seems unlikely and getting ppl hopes up for no good reason. from alpha to beta this thing was rushed. cant see no real reason for this, only maybe to let the impatient ppl who bought the game, so they could get in the action, sry, testing.
  7. New Player question

    does this mean, that when i drop my gun myself somewhere, it will be returned ? also, if i die with my insured gear and other player or scav picks it up and dies also, so gear itself is still in the same map and raid, does that mean i can get it back or is it lost the moment someone picked it off me ? to this day, this is unclear to me.
  8. A End Game Puropose?

    All i really want for an endgame is so that i could grow my tomatoes in peace in the upcoming hideout / safehouse. I am serious guys. No need to waste space for some shooting range, while i could convert it to a badass hydroponic setup and live the rest of my days there, rocking in my swinging armchair, puffing the pipe and watching those sweet veggies grow.
  9. The Once Percent of Tarkov?

    if you are that bad then maybe play more and git gud. for real dude, this game is going to get even harder when it one days launches...and that point you made you payed 150.- for it, so what ?? pre order packages are supposed to be reworked and you will get some new stuff i believe in the upcoming patch, more stuff than regular package owners. i will be gladly taking your loot if we might meet. no remorse, il even take the hatchet for the laughs.
  10. Are they not on my team?

    i do not see a big issue here ...i mean this is going to be fixed when game is ready to launch officially one day... the issues we have now are much bigger, the ones like - desync, lack of AA, ram optimizations, grass distance render and so on... your problem could be fixed by a simple change in some text most likely..why they have not already done it, because this is a known issue is beyond me. probably have more serious things to deal with atm. like the upcoming patch that should make the game run better
  11. Just purchased: Launcher won't start game

    have your contacted the support already ? if not then get do it, im sure they can help you out
  12. Why all the hate all of a sudden :(

    please guys, lets not start this circle jerking and let us not be blind fanboys . why defend anyone to high heaven if current build and previous have serious issues ?! this goddamn fanboy-ism is not helping anyone. critical thinking is needed, bug reports are needed, not these threads like - " i will blindly defend this game to high heaven because some youtuber pointed out some issues " Seriously dude, get over yourself and stop defending something that does not need defending in the first place. i like this game also, but i cant say there is nothing wrong, or that development is super fast. lets wait for the next patch and see if BSG can deliver and get rid of some of the bugs, glitches and most of all, GET rid of DESYNC. easy
  13. Game crashing

    game is down atm because traders do not work. they will fix it as soon as possible... source - official facebook page of EFT
  14. Question about finding guns

    yeah there was different gun parts and whatnot...probably in the future it will become more varied and different than now, because why not.
  15. A Tarkov Tale of Frienship...

    i remember one time , i met with other random pmc in customs, we were both heavily armed so more special encounter imo. anyway, then we proceeded to the railways. i had a sure plan to cross the river, but he for some reason wanted to go between the railway and the wall, where it is pretty dangerous... i used the hand gestures, tried some wiggle tactics, to let him know it was not a good plan, but no.. .he then used the hand gesture to go forward where he wanted to go, and like 3 seconds later when he was going in he got shot down by someone...i still think to him to this day. rest in pieces my random pmc friend.