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    Optimal Ayar

    Laptopla oynamak çok sıkıntı, ekran kartının hafızasının ve raminin yeterli olacağını düşünmüyorum. En azından RAM eklemeyi deneyebilirsin belki biraz rahatlar

    Movement and other Animations

    In EFT, in my opininon animations are kinda ''different'' right now. Im not telling you to how to do your job, but i have suggestions of course. Its not that bad yeah, but the characters are moving pixel-by-pixel. What i mean is the walking is speed is too much. I hope you guys are able to change/improve it. Also, there is something weird with aiming which i dont understand. When you aim, the weapon comes from above to your sights for some reason. Also the weapons feel so floppy. I hope you guys will improve the animations in the future. Thank you

    Soru&Cevap (F.A.Q.)

    @Dimitri468 Merhaba, Steam hakkında bilgi vermişsiniz ama ben ve başkalarının da merak ettiği bir konu hakkında cevap vermemişsiniz. Oyunu şu an satın alsak Steam'e geçişi nasıl olacak? CD-KEY vs. mi verilecek? Bu konu hakkında bilginiz varsa yardımcı olursanız sevinirim. Bilginiz yoksa da belirtin lütfen

    Skill details

    I just got hyped again after this. Mostly the ''skills can change with your play style'' thing makes me excited. This is good. It really is. But i wonder something, '''Skill bonus increases the speed of search of the corpses and containers and boosts the chance to find a rare loot.'''' Okay, do we have a personal loot change?

    Zeroing/kentucky windage

    Lets just hope for now.

    Zeroing/kentucky windage

    There will be zeroing as far as i know. Kentucky thing is up to the players, thing is more about your mind. But im still not sure about if there will be the long-range sniping with that full-easy gameplay. Probably players will fight like ''pressing a-d a-d fast and shooting'' and then it will kill everything about the game.
  7. Well personally i dont care about knife animation. WarZ has pretty bad Walking&Running animations. So lets hope it wont be the same with EFT.
  8. Yeah i know its still alpha so i said ''Hope they'll change it'' because i know a lot of things can change until the game release. But anyway, i have to say when you hold a rifle and run&walk irl, your hands, your aim doesnt shake like that. And sideway walk animations are too fast as you said. I still consider that the game is still in Alpha, and everything can be change. Just told my personal opininon above. Thanks for the answer
  9. Again and again, that gameplay looks so easy, i mean the running,walking,aiming animations. just like Contract Wars, WarZ etc. It shouldnt be like that. It should be hardcore as ArmA in my opinion. Hope they'll change it.
  10. RECONAX2


    This should be an APS silenced variant isnt it?
  11. RECONAX2

    What are you playing while you wait?

    Arma 3/2, Breaking Point Mod, BF4, War Thunder, Insurgency (ofc with a lot of mods). Also i'll re-play the Metro again. It will help you to feel the EFT a bit i think Also planning to buy the Squad but im still not sure yet.
  12. RECONAX2

    Urban Sniper Pictures

    I love this drawing a lot. Represents the fight between ukrainan and russian forces in cities.
  13. RECONAX2


    Oh boy.. this gon b gud.
  14. RECONAX2

    New weapon video

    Looks like we'll have some fun while modding the ak