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  1. Since a couple of days I can not play on my gaming PC at work anymore as PMC. If I start to play as PMC I always get the Server Connection Lost message.... but when I play as a SCAV everything works perfect. The Support wrote this, but this also did not fix the problem. You need to set full rights for the current user (folder properties, "Security" tab) for the game folder and for the launcher folder. Also temporarily turn off all antivirus and security programs, such as Windows Defender or whitelist launcher and game folder in exceptions list(s). The following is recommended to solve your problem: -Install all Windows updates (A licensed version of Windows is required) -Install VC++ Redistributable 2017 x64 https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=746572 -If all previous attempts to resolve the problem were unsuccessful, attempt to upgrade your Operating System (OS) to Windows 10. Also ensure that all updates are installed for the new OS. Quit the game. Delete everything in "BSGlauncher/temp" and in "EFT/cache" folder and then find the folder on your computer %temp% and remove everything from there altogether (if something is not deleted, then just skip it removal). Restart launcher "as administrator" and if problem still persist then you will need to reinstall the game. Thank you for contacting us! If we answered your questions, please close this request and rate quality of our support service. Respectfully yours, the Escape from Tarkov support service. Maybe it is just a company firewall thing, but I`m wondering why the SCAV runs work. Somebody else with this problem and knows how to solve this?