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  1. The first wave of counter-cheating bans

    I swear to God x'D I read as good as all the thread on this forum (alpha section that is) and you by far are one of the most hilarious people on this forum, sometimes the stuff that you say hahaha x'D Just had to share that, I do understand your angle on all it though ^^
  2. The first wave of counter-cheating bans

    Sadly enough changing your IP is EASY AF, changing your HWID isn't that easily but with 10 min spend on Google more than doable for the average person IF they ban on IP, they should do daily internet swiped for VPN sites and be constantly adding those. Banning HWID is doable but if has some risks to it (a legit player that owns the dubbed HWID, that a changer uses could get wrongfully banned) And for the IP, for example, I do not own a static IP, so if a hackers gets banned in my country and by a miracle I "inherit" his IP cus he rebooted his router of whatever, I would be fucked also
  3. Eyyy! It's Frankie!

    @Drake38 sorry to say this, but no-one here was trolling. Franky DID play against AI, none of his kills where players. That being said, I adore him and just love the way he makes his content. I have a crapload of respect for him. On the him being a noob part and you thinking that Russian dude is a pro ... All I can say is meh. The Russian dude was far from being a pro, that already for the sole reason he uses his NAKED friend to be his scout so he than can rush in and finish the other off, so he NEVER risks anything. Franky on the other hand always tries to makes a story out of his video's. So in general both can never be compared.
  4. I must say, you guys are doing an amazing job. I might be because I'm from the EU (Belgium), but I hardly have any issues while searching for a match or when playing, so only one thing can be said, well done! Keep up the good work! PS: the AI is to easy to kill, please improve their aimbot Kappa
  5. Toggle on/off flash light, lazer....

    Well that means they were turned on from the beginning For example when you loot a shotgun from AI that has an enable flashlight on it and you use it and than press T the flashlight will be turned off 'cus by "default" it was turned on, so pressing T again will re-enable the flashlight
  6. Toggle on/off flash light, lazer....

    Pressing T alone would do the trick for this. How the settings are done right now indeed pressing ALT + T make you look at your ammo if you do not have multiple tactical attachments