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  1. FGulli

    Ban for forbidden software using 

    Simply installed on computer is not a problem. It has to be running in conjunction/paralell with the launcher or game to be flagged, or already be activated or injected so to speak. Some of these programs apparently stays injected in the memory even if you close it from what I’ve read. I don’t use any of them myself, so wouldn’t be 100% sure if that is true. But I think the big problem some people are having is simply forgetting that it’s running. «Just a quick Scav run before bed» and then boom. Bottomline, the EULA is the deciding factor here. It says not to run programs that CAN interfere with EfT while playing, unless specifically approved by BSG. I’ve followed this rule, and I have not been banned been playing for a year!
  2. FGulli

    Green Smoke ?

    @3DWaffle It’s to signal that the extraction is active. Some of them are time limited!
  3. FGulli

    How to Scope a SKS

    The stock does not hold the mount, the reciever does. So an "SKS" reciever will not take the dovetail mount, but an "OP-SKS" reciever will. The only difference between the stocks is the wood material. Basically the color.
  4. You're not quite right. This is a flashhider offered for AKs with 14x1 threads. So it's an optional part, like a DTK-1 is. It's just mounted for illustration. It does indeed look a bit like the Flashhider from the old PK (Not PKM, which has a new brake), but the threading is completely different. PK/PKM has 18mm threads, AK/AKM has 14mm. Original SVD did not come with a detachable flashhider at all. It's a monolithic design, so the frontsight post and flashider is one part.
  5. There are no sidemount plates on the current AKM. But like these pictures show, it seems to be coming as a modification. Either a mod or 2 seperate recievers.
  6. FGulli

    Quest Bug

    You can't "Run Through". You have to get the "Survived" status. So go back in, grab the letter, and kill a Scav or two, or loot some objects so you don't get the "Ran Through" status with white background!
  7. Guys, if you get this problem again, simply enter the raid asked for in the quest again, and after that try to hand it in. After that it should register fine.
  8. FGulli


    Do helmets improve survivability? Yes/No? -Yes. Does Armor, both PACA and Fort improve survivability? Yes/No? -Yes. Is it worth bringing armor? Sure looks like it from the answers above. You guys seem to forget fast. Defender and helmet was almost impenetrable a few patches ago. People were complaining, and the leg meta started. Now armor is weaker, Maybe more realistic, people are complaining. The leg meta is gone, a high chest/headshot is a faster kill. I’ve won countless duels this patch because they shoot for legs, and I go for head. Yes, I leave the raid with black legs - but I’m alive. Guys, helmets are not bullet proof in real life. Why would they be in game? Soft armor does not stop rifle rounds and AP rounds in real life, why would it in game? Only hard plates stop rifles, and those are limited in surface area. Guess what? Everybody still uses it, because it improves your chances of survival. Improves, not guarantees. Leg armor, stupidest thing I heard... you guys simply want to buy your way to immortality. And then you’d complain when you can’t get kills anymore, I bet.
  9. FGulli

    Can´t get Shadowplay to work.

    Hmm. Don't know honestly. I'm running Shadowplay just fine. Only thing I did was add Escape from Tarkov manually to GeForce Experience manually. Are you running both programs as admin? Maybe try to make a local computer admin account, and see if that solves your problem? If so there something with clearance level.
  10. FGulli


    45 degree mounts go on the front end, so for the 74N you'd need the Zenit B10M front, or the CAA AK front.
  11. FGulli

    Dark screen

    Allright, some of these issues seem to be inexperience, and that is fair. You have to spend some hours in tarkov to understand Tarkov. First things first. The black screen you are talking about. Could you post a screen? It sounds like it's simply nighttime? You can see wether or not it's night before you enter the raid by watching the in game clock. It'll be darkish between 8am and 8pm. You can not distinguish AI Scav from player Scav on anything else than behaviour. Player Scavs do whatever the player tells him to do, so the game can't be blamed for the Scav player shooting you. There are maps for Factory and Customs. Can be bought from Therapist trader. They will work like s real map though, so you still have to read it to find your position, there will not be a marker on own pos. There is still an offline mode in the game to help learn the maps. Use it while you can, and you will know the map by memory soon enough. Now for the speedround. You do whatever you want. Shoot, try to team up, avoid, stalk, it's up to you. No, there is no official way of checking players, neither connected or currently online. You can expect between 4 and 7 PMCs though on customs. Lag spikes are unfortunate. Read through the support section for many tips on how to improve your stutters and game experience. Again, Im not really sure if this black screen is a bug or just nighttime. Please post a picture. That Scav started shooting because that's what he wanted. Could be greed, cowardice, trolling, impossible to know his interior motive. Hope this helps!
  12. FGulli

    EFT Alpha Key Giveaway

    Kjører en giveaway i dag også! Kom innom for en sjanse til å vinne Alpha access!
  13. FGulli

    EFT Alpha Key Giveaway

    Da starter vi snart helgens første giveaway! Ta turen innom www.twitch.tv/fgulli for en sjanse til å vinne umiddelbar tilgang!
  14. FGulli

    EFT Alpha Key Giveaway

    Patchen er ute, og er fryktelig ålreit! Masse nye opplevelser, masse nye bugs. Akkurat som en Alpha skal være! Første del av Giveaway starter in kveld! 06.04.2017, klokken 2000ish CET! Ta med venner og familie, ei bøtte popcorn og bli med på en sjanse til å vinne Alpha Access - samtidig som vi spiller og svarer på spørsmål!
  15. FGulli

    EFT Alpha Key Giveaway

    Heisann folkens! Deres vennlige nabo og Support Crew FGulli her! Som noen av dere sikkert vet kjøres det for tiden en promotering av EfT i forbindelse med ny patch. I den forbindelsen drives det forskjellige giveaways og trekninger av Alpha nøkler. Jeg kommer også til å kjøre en giveaway, og jeg tenkte i hovedsak en Skandinavisk Giveaway, siden det er forholdsvis mange dedikerte internationale konkurranser. Planen foreløpig har vært å kjøre en eller to kvelder, med litt moro og trekning på Twitch kanalen min, der det er fritt frem å ta en titt på spillet, få svar på spørsmål man eventuellt måtte ha, og generellt ha det litt artig sammen. Vi er jo fortsatt ikke helt sikre på når patchen kommer, så jeg vet ikke 100% når trekningen av Alpha Keys blir, men jeg skal holde dere oppdaterte. Så har dere lyst på tilgang, eller har noen venner som trenger nøkler eller er på gjerdet om spillet, så vær så snill og spre order om at det blir en ren skandinavisk giveaway på twitch kanalen min, en av de kommende dagene. Det burde være gode sjanser for noen å få seg noen nøkler! Hvis stemningen er på topp og vi er mange på kanalen blir det kanskje loddet bort noen fulle game-keys også, som jeg kjøper for egne penger! Jeg vil oppdatere tråden her, og twitch kanalen min når det begynner å nærme seg! Så bare å følge med! Spre ordet! Håper vi sees, -F