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  1. Zephyn

    New Year’s discount has begun!

    Day 8 and still no e-mail and no reply from support? can we at least get a response? :-)
  2. Zephyn

    New Year’s discount has begun!

    Do you have an ETA for a response from your support mail? or any idea how long it takes to receive a gift code? day 6 and still nothing, only gotten a Purchase confirmation from Xsolla Thanks
  3. Zephyn

    New Year’s discount has begun!

    Hi, Whats the normal processing speed? I've gotten confirmation on payment from Xsolla and on my profile it has a second copy of the game(under "Your transactions"), but I've never receive a mail with the activation code for my friend to enter? and written to the support mail for battlestate with no reasons yet, would be nice with a way to tell if battlestate is very busy or not. like a little status with: due to many request etc... Best Regards Zephyn