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  1. Ric_3

    Ping lock please

    I agree, I don't mind getting killed even with a hatchet but the lag is unbearable.
  2. Ric_3

    Raid time increased?

    I honestly preffered the longer time. Like 1,5h on Shoreline if I'm correct. But they did say it was for the purpose of the trial codes they gave on new year's or something like that. So maybe it'll be back to "normal" soon.
  3. Ric_3

    The Bear who sold the world

    I wonder what it looks for the BEAR. Does he take random damage or does it not affect him at all?
  4. I wonder if that means you buy your friends with games or buy games for your friends...
  5. Ric_3

    Honest Question about Hatchlings

    I play with whatever I feel like, sometimes I feel like taking m4 and sometimes I go in with a hatchet. I don't get all the drama tbh. You are all right that making money is easy. I don't even know what to do with my money anymore but sometimes I still feel like going in with nothing at all. It's more rewarding for me to be sneaky and get good loot than just going in with everything I need. And I disagree with desync argument. Desync breaks your experience no matter who you fight. I get both sides to be honest. I'd be bored too if I went in with full m4 just to fight some bambis. On the other hand I like being a bambi too sometimes. I like your arguments @BobbehYYC. At least you're reasonable.
  6. Ric_3

    Unaccessible SCAVs

    Wow, I couldn't look on forums since I posted it because of work/school. Thank you guys for all you said. So first of all @Maki3006 I wasn't being sarcastic. I did not mean they need scopes to sniper, I just literally saw them having scopes Second: @SkyCloud I know but I meant less... random way to get their loot like climbing ladders and here's where I showed my ignorance because I had no idea ladder climbing was going to be implemented - @Gr8WhiteBuffalo thank you for that information. Is there a youtube channel with dev vlogs or should I just search the forums? Btw from what I tested the sniper on hangar (if you can call it that) in customs needs to be non-lethaly shot first and then he's gonna approach the edge of the roof. Not 100% sure though.
  7. Ric_3

    Unaccessible SCAVs

    Hi guys, I wonder what do you think about these sniper SCAVs or whatever you want to call them? I'm curious because right now there are some SCAVs you can't loot after you kill them. How do you like it? Is it more of a nuisance or prevention of getting scoped guns easily? Please do tell
  8. Same for me, seems like there are so many people joining there is problem with allocating them
  9. I only have this problem when joining with SCAV though, I wonder what the difference is
  10. Ric_3

    No Sound damage/shots bug

    Yep, thought it was my headset, turns out it's bugged