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  1. This is probably the worst case of this 'Left Lean' glitch I've seen. More and more people are doing this as your head cannot be seen by the enemy... but you can still get clear line of sight if you are ADS on anyone coming around the corner. This obviously makes no sense to do unless you have armour on, but if you're wearing FORT it is especially effective as no one has a direct one shot to your head. Is this a known issue? Is there any prospect in nipping this in the bud, so to speak?
  2. Oddbaw

    Grenade Damage Delay

    I've also bugged this properly using the Support Page.
  3. Oddbaw

    Grenade Damage Delay

    It's no secret grenades are broken at the minute: - Grenades blowing you up even though you've thrown them far. - Grenades not exploding and causing damage where the model landed. Today, I found a new one which is 80% reproducible: Bug: Your own grenade explosion will cause an area around it to kill you within 5 seconds of the grenade going off. Location: Factory 3rd story office hallway. (It has not been possible to recreate this bug in an open area) Description: Throwing a grenade in this hallway creates a "Death Cloud" in which if the player who threw the grenade steps in it, it will kill them. 8/10 tries had the same result. An interesting note is that this will not kill any other player that walks into it. We tried in Lockers below the 3rd story office and only managed 1/10 tries. This is also reproducible in Offline mode. Perhaps there's a delay in shrapnel release? I don't understand what the cause is but perhaps we can get some understanding from someone else?
  4. I'd like to have eye's on a buddy if I go down, just for the fact if I'm playing with a friend... I don't want to be bored out of my mind while he continues on the raid. I appreciate the realism... but on the same note I can bandage myself, reload 30 rounds into a magazine and jump over a fence at the same time in this game. So, where's the line drawn? I'm waiting on a response like "Why don't you go into another raid until your buddy is done?" Well, if I do that... he might finish and I'm still in the new raid. I really don't think that this is a suggestion we should just shun as "IT'S NOT REAL REEEEEEEEEE".
  5. ^^^ THIS ^^^ Even if it's to sell the 3M Armour and Kolpac Helmet for 3kR each and a good condition AKS74U for 5-10k would be enough. *EDIT* Perhaps even the Vityaz since it lacks the same punch. Carbine version or not.
  6. The game economy for me is fine. If anything, there isn't enough money or more-over... weapons cost too much. 50% of players have only a hatchet, so there's part of your answer right away. If it was harder to earn money, think how many more people are going to be running without risk. I didn't buy this game to shoot down people with no gear. I imagine some people like being the "Big Bad Man" with all his armour and fancy M4 shooting at poor defenceless hatchlings, but I don't. Let there be guns and money, it makes the fights way more rewarding.
  7. Oddbaw

    EU Server Problems

  8. Oddbaw

    Increased menu connection problems?

    Only the past 2 days for me this is happening. - Menus - Traders - Stash - Online Raids - Offline Raids Everywhere.
  9. Oddbaw

    EU Server Problems

    Please, is there anything on this? Today is plagued with disconnects before the deploying screen. I haven't managed to get into a SINGLE raid. Not one. Offline is still working, so I'm positive it's nothing to do with my hardware. No issues on other games or browsers.
  10. Oddbaw


    You're wrong here, the face is covered by the helmet. There is no such thing as a face hitbox.
  11. Oddbaw

    EU Server Problems

    Hello Escapees, I'm playing from Scotland and the past couple of days have been a nightmare in raids as far as desync and lag go. I'm witnessing something really strange when killing players and Scav's that wasn't there since the last update: - When I shoot a static Scav in the head, it's taking anywhere between 1-5 seconds for the Scav to die. - When I shoot a moving Scav in the head, he sometimes runs - returns fire - and then falls over dead between 1-5 seconds later. - When I shoot players in the head, the same result happens. On occasion the dead Scav has 'thrown' a grenade or even fired his gun while he's doing the fall over dead ragdoll. I thought it might have just been on my end, but it seems Streamers from the UK are experiencing the same issue to varying degrees. I'm playing at varying times of the day and night, grouped and solo. Any input would be appreciated, OddBawZ
  12. Oddbaw

    Spread out the spawn points in Woods

    Woods spawns are still really bad, that's twice in a row now I've spawned in with other players not in our group. Can a Dev please chime in on this? It's not even like you're a couple of meters away, you actually spawn INSIDE someone else. It would be really good to get some clarification on it. This bug has existed since I started playing in January.
  13. Hello, Just a funny clip of an Angelic Scav gently touching down on Mother Russia... https://clips.twitch.tv/HeartlessAbstruseWallabyBCouch
  14. I've noted these being missing, also.
  15. Oddbaw

    Headshots and Helmets and the Leg Meta

    Thank you for breaking that down and clearing it up. It would be good for someone on the Dev team to chime in and see if there's a solution to it!