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  1. New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    We seriously need everything featured in this video: Searching cabinents must be done manually (opening the cabinet is not just to search it gotta look inside to find what there is) Random cases in the map with keys that actually have stuff in them Instantly find what loot is in cabinents Ammo from boxes can load magazines Using the mod menu to mod weapons in game ALL OF THE ANIMATIONS
  2. Where do OCEANIC and ASIA connect?

    The newest hotfix that came out today fixed Factory matchmaking for at least 2 hours and now people are still getting 10Mins+ matching times, did something go wrong?
  3. co-op in offline mode

    Jeez I wonder how many times this is gonna be brought up before somebody realises its been said a million and a half times...
  4. Official Trading Thread

    Keep the posts in the right spot, please #moved
  5. Explanation needed BSG

    As its been stated a fair few times, cheaters will get banned no matter what. Just because you find somebody hacking in the game you go into doesn't mean that the anti-cheat doesn't work. Think about other games that have anti-cheat, your still gonna find the odd hacker and its only a matter of time before they get banned. Even if the game still has anti-cheat there will still be people who can bypass it, fortunately, they will get caught. I'm not saying that you should just give up and deal with the cheaters find, but please know that they are going to be banned eventually. I'm only going to be locking this thread because we have seen a fair few posts about hackers, and already people have tried to witch-hunt other users. #locked.
  6. HK416

    Answered above by @NateLB! Please make sure that any weapon suggestions are in the correct Weapons Department Topic, thanks! #moved
  7. Looking for a group/person to play with

    There is an unofficial discord channel that a lot of people use for finding groups and talking about the game, just stay out of the General Section as it gets pretty wild in there. The link does expire however, so if you would like a direct link, shoot me a message!
  8. Face Camo ?

    Not sure about drawing your own face camo, i'd feel like people would take the opportunity to draw what they want on their faces, if you know what I mean...
  9. The Oceania server started!

    As of now there is not much known about the release of Asia servers however hopefully it will be quite soon, as of now the game launcher still says USA as it does not affect what server you connect to, the only thing that does is your IP's best connection. I hope that Asia servers are added as much as you but for now we must wait.
  10. how to upgrade package

    Topic answered by @Olloch above #locked #answered

    Desync has been a known issue, they have only just added servers for the oceanic region when other regions are added in Desync won't be an issue. Please know that this isn't the first time a thread has been open about Desync, so like all other threads of the same topic I will be locking this. #locked
  12. Hacking Again

    We know about the issues with hacking but as there are plenty of threads about hacking, you can bet I will be locking another, We appreciate your suggestions and thoughts about the current issue and hope that the community continues to give feedback, but there are hundreds of other threads saying the same thing. Nobody is ignoring anything, they're gonna be banned with the current anti-cheat system in place. #locked
  13. Failing to install

    #locked #answered by yourself
  14. Hacker cliped

    As of right now we cannot take any form of reports on cheaters/hackers, there is already a functioning anti-cheat system and that person will be banned in due time. #locked
  15. The Oceania server started!

    Ahh yes, it will connect automatically, should be changed later on however even though it says the region is US you will still be connected to OCE servers.