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  1. When are you guys going to the US to try out American guns?

    Licences do not cost money. Some companies want the free publicity as some people see X gun then want to buy it IRL if they can. Sage ordinance EBR chassis for example are probably only popular due to their presence in video games. Magpul seems to tell any company or movie to use their IP as much as they want.
  2. An annoying feature when someone walks up you, your PMC tilts their gun up to avoid clipping. Professional militaries and assuming PMCs train to counter someone rushing you. One technique I have learned is to poke the barrel at a adversary attempting to rush you. This allows you to keep some distance and still use deadly force. Here are some images I found on the internet that describe this well.
  3. IRL 60 round AK 74 magazines

    Any fellow gun owners tracking these 60 rnd AK74 magazines? Are they reliable, worth picking up as an oddity for your collection? Or is this some junk? Note these are different than the Izhmash prototypes that go for 1200 USD in the US. https://www.circle10ak.com/product/pufgun-ak-74-60-round-magazine-5-45x39mm-black/
  4. New Masks and Possibly more Cosmetics?

    Raybans are better than Okleys. No other brand of sunglasses can make you look like a Middle Eastern dictator when wearing a beret in uniform.
  5. PayPal Refund?

    Is this a Euro thing where people expect to get refunds on digital products like video games? I notice a lot of people expecting it to be an option. Seems pretty strange to expect to take a video game back for money.
  6. When are you guys going to the US to try out American guns?

    There is a ROK unit near me that just turned in s ome of their K1s for K2Cs. I'll see if I can get some photos of them. Here are some good photos of the K1A carbine and K7 submachine gun
  7. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    They are civilian guns available to civilians. If one in every 10 scavs had a Russian AR-15 it would be fitting.
  8. Bullpup Drop-In Kits

    Those aren't drop in kits and require some minor retooling such as replacing the grip and re working the fire control group. THey also suck and break easily. I had one of those K-VAR bullpup kits and it was trash. Totally unsuitable for combat. Russians have their own bullpup rifles like the Groza, which would be better.
  9. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    A 7.62 AR is usually an AR-10. There are some cross compatibility such as the grip but not much. As noted several times in this thread, the AR-15 is a easily available sporting rifle to Russian civilians. I do not know why people in this thread keep pretending this is not the case. For all those who keep doubting the existence of AR-15s in Russia despite video evidence, here is a Russian online gun store selling them: http://www.ohotairibalka.ru/info.php?rg=101&num=168 http://www.ohotairibalka.ru/info.php?rg=101&num=173
  10. When are you guys going to the US to try out American guns?

    That's not necessarily true. EA games and other mainstream game developers do not consult weapon manufacturers for permissions. The only one I know of that goes full length to receive permissions is Bohemia. I'm pretty sure Battle State needs to consult their local laws. Nonetheless, they already have Sig, H&K and Colt Defense weapons so I'm sure they have all relevant legalities in check in accordance to their government.
  11. When are you guys going to the US to try out American guns?

    I disagree. S&T Motiv has sold K2s PMCs in the middle east. See adert:
  12. When are you guys going to the US to try out American guns?

    It's a good start but not enough. We have a few American, West European and East Asian guns that would make good additions.
  13. So me and my friends watched the Degtyarev Plant video and can't help but wonder when the battestate Devs are going to visit the United States and let Americans show off some of their personal guns from their collections to you. I have a sizable inventory myself and know of a few people that would love to share what they have in their collections if it would help the development of escape from tarkov and record shooting sound effects while taking detailed photos. Here's some firearms we have available:
  14. R.I.P. Munitions

    They are a gimmick. There are some better hollowpoint rounds on the market that would make better ammunition in game.
  15. General questions on weapon implementation

    It's pretty dumb to use those old detachable carry handle rear sights as they poorly cowitness with optics compared to a matech or KAC back up iron sight that conveniently flip down and keep your sight picture uncluttered when not in use. Both mentioned BUIS are less than 100 USD per unit. I haven't seen carry handle sights being used since 2008 in the US military.