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  1. P01NT_MAN

    [Suggestions] Tarkov Sherpa Power Point

    Lol, East Coast USA.
  2. P01NT_MAN

    [Suggestions] Tarkov Sherpa Power Point

    Lol Need a Grip or Gaffer?
  3. Awesome, Glad to see we are finally implementing the Sherpa Program.
  4. P01NT_MAN

    EFT USEC banner for twitch.

    I didn't make the picture, BSG did. It's from their concept art. I just added the lighting effects and did come coloring. But thanks for the input. Also he is closer to the camera or POV, which is why it looks larger than the others.
  5. P01NT_MAN

    EFT USEC banner for twitch.

    It's pretty easy to learn
  6. P01NT_MAN

    EFT USEC banner for twitch.

    The Player Icon
  7. P01NT_MAN

    EFT USEC banner for twitch.

    Took me awhile to find the look I wanted, but I got there.
  8. P01NT_MAN

    The Escape from Tarkov Sherpas. Training saves.

    Believe me. I'm putting what time I have in to giving feedback and information to the developers. But it's nice to see a very large amount of appreciation from the community.
  9. Fantastic stuff. Can't wait till more areas and maps open up. I can barely contain my excitement for some urban combat in downtown tarkov.
  10. P01NT_MAN

    [Suggestions] Tarkov Sherpa Power Point

    That's not a bad idea. Although the Bear looks more water proof and warm than the USEC operator lol. Make that Hoodie a SOF top and I'm 100% on board.
  11. You're Irish?

    (green white and orange)

    1. P01NT_MAN


      lol I'm American Irish and  German. Mostly German I think. But it's actually Green White and Brown, at least on my monitor it's brown...it supposed to be marine corps colors.

    2. Cosantoir


      Ahh makes more sense.

  12. P01NT_MAN

    [Suggestions] Tarkov Sherpa Power Point

    I agree with you, it would be nice to actually get to do "dry runs" and with new players. Take them in to the world, practice tactics and communication. Obviously as a Sherpa you would teach first and observe practical application and provide instruction during the session. Then when they are all spun up and comfortable, they can go do an actual raid. However In still for the cosmetic appearance of Sherpas to show their status. Kind of like how the DAYZ mod had the Hero skins. As for the weapons it would be more or less cosmetic and have no real advantage over the normal models.
  13. @Blackb1rd Something I spent some time putting together, which helped me brainstorm more constructive ideas for the special gear and weapons for Sherpas...I mainly did for fun and out of the love I have for this game.
  14. P01NT_MAN

    Sherpas gear

    Personally a Sherpa should use whatever he see fits for his environment. I personally hate body armor, never liked it, sure it makes you feel safe, but I rather move quick and quietly. But like I always say, situation dictates. So I'm definitely not opposed to some cosmetic item. Maybe a certain type of clothing. Haha, the Sherpa will defiantly need a Shemeg because thats operator AF. And maybe give Sherpas Big beards. I don't know about the clothing, certainly something that is reasonable to Tarkovs terrain. But I really do believe Sherpas should get Big Beards and Shemegs lol.