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    There won't be female NPCs because they'd have to hire actors and redo movement mapping. There's a priority list and facial hair is probably not that high. With the new karma system coming they're probably tweaking who to identify factions.
  2. wut is going on

    6.4.1 By pre-ordering the product, you are authorizing Battlestate Games Limited to automatically charge your account immediately upon submitting the pre-order, and you agree that you will be authorized to participate in beta testing of the product and to download the product and use the Service when it becomes available. The amount you pay will be held with Battlestate Games Limited as a Non-Refundable Deposit (NRD). The NRD amount is clearly shown on the Product webpage, and it represents the full purchase price of the Product. Any NRD collected is non-transferable. #Locked
  3. Ban for forbidden software using 

    You're taking this a bit too seriously. It was meant as a light hearted joke to cheer you up. I've been playing this game for a year and i can count on my hand the number of times I've suspected someone was cheating. I've yet to see someone flat out cheating and I've got 20 years of experience in first person shooters. So yeah i don't believe you or your claim. You don't need to be so negative and insulting.
  4. Ban for forbidden software using 

    I took the liberty of changing your avatar to something more appropriate, if you really are meeting hackers in 90% of your games. Cheating bans are happen daily and in waves. It's a long process but BSG is committed to fighting cheaters. Thanks for your patience and understanding. (hope you don't mind the avatar change, you can change it back in your profile).
  5. BSG are aware many users are getting this error. While they're working on a fix please try the following. Reinstalling the launcher or Closing launcher + Restarting in Admin mode Thanks
  6. If the perception dot was in the bottom corner this would be me after a few hours of Tarkov.
  7. Any chance of changing Skiers first task?

    Hello SL, Try staying longer in raids, the final wave of scavs have a chance to spawn better armor, the downside is they're more difficult to kill. The difficulty in this quest has been brought up many times before and shared by a lot of standard edition players. Currently, there are no vocalized intentions to changing this quest but that might be a possibility in the future. Best of luck!
  8. Why did I die?

    This is your stomach at 0 Work on boosting your metabolism in game by eating/drinking a lot. It'll help slow down how quickly you dehydrate and forget skills. #Answered #Locked

    #Answered #Locked
  10. Official Trading Thread

    Sell the items whatever you want to sell them for. Just don't break the forum rules or the mods will step in. Keep it civil.
  11. can't extract

    Did you press O ? there are extracts that open/close depending on a player getting there first. > moved to questions
  12. Cant catch a break in this game

    The raid times were reduced because of the server overflow and you'd be making a thread about matching times if the raids stayed at 90 mins. Hopefully, they go back to 90 mins. do u know da way? The game is intended to be played in groups and will only get harder from here. It's up to you how you want to play. It'll be tough solo but you might become a great player.
  13. Scav Headshots madness

    Like others have mentioned there are already several threads about this subject. The Scav AI is under constant development. Please use the search function next time. Do not bypass the profanity filter by using an * next time. Thanks #Locked
  14. paramedic's car on custom

    Sadly, the medical bag was removed. no idea if it's temporary
  15. Official Trading Thread

    there's no need for capslock. we can read