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  1. TheWay

    can someone help me here

    @Invision2006 Hello sir, about stash size as I stated in the similar topic: Also remember that gear fear is the thing that you should fight with, more risk can give you more profit. Also there are many communication channels where you can find a team to play with.
  2. TheWay

    Upgrading Game Edition Question

    @ZeToXic Hello sir, if you will buy an upgrade nothing will happend to your game profile. Everything will stay as it is now. Only after you will make a account reset or when the wipe will be performed you will get bigger stash and secured container from the upgraded edition. Do you have any other question, sir?
  3. TheWay

    Dead by an invisible player scav wth

    @ryan1710 Hello sir, it could be cause be several issues, like desync, some kind of glitch or anything related to the connection with servers. Please report every encountered issues or weird situations to our support through the game launcher. You can see the instruction how to do that in the topic that I am sharing below: Also would be great if you could provide any materials like video or screenshots to every report. If that player was cheating, he will soon be banned. Since the topic was answered, I am locking it. #Locked
  4. Congratulations @Reconic ! Keep up the great work!
  5. TheWay

    Bug Report August 2018

    @Sminstes Hello sir, thank you for gathering all that in a list, but please send a detailed report to our support center through the game launcher. You can see the instruction how to do that in the topic that I am sharing below: Thank you for every report. Since the topic was answered, I am locking it. #Locked
  6. TheWay

    no download for game

    @daviddsc1 Hello sir, please head to your game profile (https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/profile) and there you will see a big "INSTALL" button.
  7. TheWay

    Need more stash space for Standard Edition

    @ClasterOG Hello sir, in the future you will be able to expand your stash, max to Edge of Darkenss stash size, also we expanded every edition stash in the last major update. But until that I recommend you to watch this video:
  8. TheWay

    PMC Spawns

    Hello gentlemen, we know about this issue and we are working on it, it will be fixed. Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience that it causes.
  9. TheWay

    Shoreline won't load

    @TPGMED Hello sir, can you please list you PC specification?
  10. TheWay

    Ingame-Time (left) bug

    @iPwny Hello sir, it was caused by the servers updates that we were performing. Please keep an eye on our media channels and Forum announcements. Since the topic was answered, I am locking it. #Locked
  11. @kelv55l Hello sir, you can reset your account manually through the game site (https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/profile), on the right side you can see the tab "RESET THE GAME PROFILE". After doing it your account will be wiped, traders' reputation reseted.
  12. TheWay

    Map topic

    @VLADIEV Hello sir, as p4nnus said above me, currently we are working on The Lab, it will be approximately 4 times bigger than Factory. Since the topic was answered, I am locking it. #Locked
  13. TheWay

    WTB/WTT factory key

    @jimi6505 Hello sir, as p4nnus said above, please use the Trading thread for that kind of stuff. Since it was already explained, I am locking this topic. #Locked
  14. TheWay


    @TUCTMAN Hello sir, here is a quote from the latest Q&A about this topic: We got no date for that, but when it will be ready it will be added. I also recommend you to read the whole Q&A, because you can find interesting answers there: Do you have any other question, sir?
  15. @qS_Sachiel Hello sir, both things will be changed. There will be other system when your character will be with a weapon near the obstacle. Issues with AI are constantly being worked on and we always ask for reports about any encountered issues or bugs, you can send them trough the game launcher. The podcast I mentioned was Talking Tarkov #5, you can find it on the Klean's YouTube channel: The topic was answered and I do not see any other question connected to it, so I am locking it. #Locked