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  1. Who cares about that....they can add tons of stuff but it breaks even more things. Not to talk about the terrible optimisation + hitreg and core stuff not to mention the lack of anti-cheat....They took a too big bite to chew and they are suffocating now and they are soon dead. Harsh reality..this games peak time is over allready.
  2. ElChapoEST

    3 Way Monitor Support ??? When ???

    okay. good to know. im not gonna buy 3 x "Acer Predator XB241H 24" TN 1920 x 1080 Full HD G-Sync Black/Red LED Gaming Monitor, 1ms Response Time, HDMI/DisplayPort, Tilt/Swivel/Pivot/Height Adjustable, Built in Speakers" then.
  3. ElChapoEST

    AS VAL

    idk man, cool story.
  4. ElChapoEST

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #3

    Oooh god when will the game become playable like it should be not like it is right now that fps drops down to 1 if u start a firefight with another PMC/scav especially in close quarters........would srsly like to know. FFS thats such horseshit. The sounds are fucked. most of the time you cannot even hear enemys walking/running. Ambient sound is sometimes very low then suddenly so loud... Bullet penetrations are however god wants it to be at that exact moment. sometimes you do 500dmg with one shot sometimes just 1. Doesnt matter is it a headshot on your screen and a bloodfest or not. They break the game more than they achieve something. My real question would be: What are Nikita's thoughts on polished turds ?? Because thats what EFT is right now...big pile of semi-polished turd. The game generates more problems than they can solve. But duck it, lets add some more cowboy hats that we can collect.
  5. ElChapoEST

    Patch Released!

    Continous automatic fire still not working...its skipping hard. Problems with desync...getting hurt while retreating from gunfire behind the wall or getting hurt before coming out of cover allready. Mag drill skill doesnt work at all for me...atleast it doesnt show in Skills tab for any improvement. Game crashes while loading into raids so i have to reconnect thus getting later into the game than others. And overall FPS is jumpy from time to time. Interchange spawnpoints dont look so good either. But good job with implementing Cowboy Hats. When i woke up this morning i was excited to start grinding and playing again, i tought it would be hella fun but after 5hrs in im so bored and fed up with the problems that occur. I feel that the game will start collecting dust in my "library" til it develops more. Because right now the long waited patch of improvements doesnt appeal to me at all. Kind of sad tho but what you gonna do. GL&HF to all of you
  6. ElChapoEST

    Game Idea's For The Breeki Cheeki

  7. ElChapoEST

    M1A hype!

    The patch notes are here tho > But you could search "Escape from Tarkov podcast" from youtube to listen what they talked about
  8. ElChapoEST

    Wipe Date?

    All the latest info > https://twitter.com/bstategames
  9. ElChapoEST

    more frustrating than fun at the moment

    I log on once a day...get killed in a stupid way (by a lag or by just 1 tap thru my fort and mt etc.). + I cannot even play any other map anymore ex. Factory because suddenly every other map i have major FPS drops and freezes (i have not changed any parts in my pc but i was able to play the game just fine like 1-2 months ago without major fps drops or freezes) So yeah...the game is completly unplayable for me atm. and i hate Factory so....hope to see improvements soon, cause its frustrating and that sht is getting "old" allready having to fight with those stupid problems in the game. cya
  10. ElChapoEST

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Wonderful News.
  11. ElChapoEST

    Help plz with gear fear

    wtf are you all about with that gear fear...its becoming like a new "trendy" thing like taking selfies or dooing planking. Just because one guy made a video about gear fear then now A LOT suddenly have it and talk about geeez. Im scared to use items in a video game...just absurd get a grip.
  12. ElChapoEST

    Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    These pictures look amazing
  13. ElChapoEST

    [Sniper Skill] Wet Job Pt.6

    Agree. its BS. Optimise your game before adding random bs like new NVGs or whatever the duck you are planing. Yes its "beta" bla bla...the point remains. Make your game fully playable (hitreg,desync,server lags etc.) and then start putting the effort into adding new poo. Dont get me wrong, i kind of love ?!? this game...im hooked. i really am. But still....its frustrating that i cant enjoy it as much as i want and im sure its meant to be.
  14. ElChapoEST

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB 3xHoses - 100k each FAAAST PLEASE