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  1. New players

    Character name Gzech Description He is a Military Vigilante, He currently is in Norvinsk or so called Tarkov, Killing all the high bounty bears he can find, With his Accuracy with the P225 & M4A1. He's killed many Bears and sadly even Civilians even though they were all meant to be evacuated. He currently lives in a shelter and has food etc. With the amount of players He has killed. His past He had a happy life, Jaynokv wanted him to join Military school after finishing School, They both passed military school and went they're different ways, Gzech ended up being employed by a Military Company that works in norvinsk and many other places for the Attributes in Strength and Accuracy since he has gone to the Gun Range alot. How did he get to Tarkov? He was getting deployed into norvinsk for a Important mission of finding missing files, Doing quests for the High Executive board. When he was about to land in Norvink, The Helicopter took fire and crashed. But he survivied. Predilections Gzech loves Meat an aweful lot, He's especially picky when it comes to any food. His favourite would be Beef jerky. Friends I have had one friend called, Jaynokv Lesouki, He's been with him ever since school. & Even joined him in Military school and would casually go to the gun range. Wounds, and battles He has taken many bullet wounds when fighting some Leaders of the Bear, One to the arm & Leg. He's also taken cuts from when a Civilian tried wacking him with a Tomahawk. Aspirations He hopes to live a great life, But the Military is holding him back. The greatest achievement that character did He won the award of "Bear Slayer" for slaying many Bears, To much to count. Has also killed leaders of the BEAR. Strength 26 Endurance 26 Accuracy 28 Fighter
  2. OCE Sherpa Required

    Sure, I'll surely help you. I've been playing for about a year now and can teach you tactics. And what to do most of the time on most maps.
  3. New Gear to come in future!

    Will this be a Plate carrier like the AVS? Would we be able to customize the avs too? And Blackrock?
  4. I did the Unforgiveable...

    I am so sorry. (True Story) We met in a Scav run... We... We were the best of friends as soon as we both upon sight of each other. We were destined to leave Factory and escape from Norvinsk.... The Light shining away, We Both shone horror on Factory, Shooting all we see... We Gained so much... I mean So so Much... As light nearly tinier than a spark... The Evils got into my mind. We were ready to leave/Escape Factory... I did... The Most unforgivable ever... I... I shot my own.. F... Friend... I felt the most regret, Why did it have to happen... I shot him at Extraction. And I then there too Shot myself. #NeverShootTheFriendlyScavs ======= The time of writing this, Its been 20 minutes. I feel so much regret. I have been playing for about a year now. And Have treated all friendly people with kindness. I dont really know what got into my head. But I shall never be forgiven for the sins I have done. They should add a Suicide feature like DayZ... Mabye even... The Deadly game of Russian Roulette. Im so sorry for whoever u are that died to me.
  5. About upcoming patch

    Yes. The package you bought on the Pre-order states "Digital copy of game" So you will 100% be able to play the game during any time.
  6. This game is broken and needs some balancing

    Hello WackoDesperado, Since u had a MPX with fort & Kolpac. The Kolpac is the main problem. It can get 1 shotted by any gun, It only blocks hatchetters. You also might've been using a non piercing round which is why u shot 10 shots with the mpx (Most likely missed some bullets due to the recoil of the MPX) For a MPX I prefer PST. Also when you go in with fort. I would recommend something much better like an M4.
  7. Alright, Most of the People here are arguing at you. I've felt your pain before. On my first match I experienced these. First since its mostly near the end of the wipe almost every factory match you're gonna be running will of course be filled by geared guys. BUT! Since the Safes have been buffed in this recent hotfix. You can go to 3rd Floor into Office on Factory. And loot a safe. And Potentially get a Bitcoin (90k) Or a Roller Watch (50k) Also since you're new. I would prefer watching guides on Youtube for certain maps before you play them. When I went in my first Match it was super hard, Had no Idea what I was doing. I typically don't loot green box's due to having a higher risk of dying. Due to most of them on factory being in the middle of the open. Anyways I hope this helps!
  8. Petition for Unity to Fix FPS Drop while ADS

    Yeah I didn't know this existed, This could help the Developers handle the fps drop much better. And it would be able to run on Lower end pc's.
  9. Game Freezing

    Im having the same issue, I was just thinking, "Might be the awakening of lag switchers" Specs: i5-4590 3.30ghz GTX 1060 3gb SC 16 gigs of ddr3
  10. The Importance of Ammo Selection

    This is why u always pick armor piercing
  11. Fort amour power

    Fort has been nerfed enough already. I just think there should be better SV98 bullets in all honest. Its coming down to the point as why would u even keep fort armor over Paca. So you guys are still complaining about its overpower'd ness, The statistics most likely lie and there's no proof of what you're saying is true. And also the shotguns have been nerfed this patch thats why they arnt that good at destroying armor. They are "Shotgun shells" not really meant for "EXTREME TIER 3 PENETRATION" 70 hp fort armor can take a few shots from even a SV98, & There isnt if at all any SV98 Penetration bullets. Fort armor is meant to take alot of shots.
  12. Night Factory?

    Its just night time, Its dead, Its mostly racked with NVG Geared to the teeth players whenever I play, They usually camp in like their basement for a fair bit.
  13. 15+ minute matching since patch

    I'm in the Oceanic Region and have tested multiple times in Queueing, Waited 5 minutes left, and +5 minutes every time I waited 31 minutes and still no luck. Is oceanic serverrs dead or what?
  14. Hideout-Raids

    The Idea is Possible because they said there will be "Security features" Once the hideout is implemented which might be a nice thing when game is Complete.
  15. Steam Release & AU (Oceanic) Servers

    There is a server located in Sydney. You can track the Connection IP And find what you're connecting too as I have been connecting to the Australian servers almost every game except when im queueing with Americans.