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  1. Good time to learn Russian!

    My number one reason for learning Russian would be the ladies. Seriously though, I'd love to meet some Russians but they tend to keep to themselves. So in order to make friends in the Russian community you need to know at least some Russian words. I've met a few guys and they were all very cool people but they didn't want to teach me the language. Too much work I guess. Maybe I should find a Russian girlfriend and tell her to speak Russian only. I once had a girlfriend from Uzbekistan but I don't think she spoke any Russian. She was a beauty though.
  2. Yes, I understand that. I know how hard it is to explain something in a foreign language. I have a lot of respect for him doing it. Nevertheless, a PR guy would be helpful for getting the game out there. And for the guy playing, I sure as hell am not a master in this game (more like a noob hiding in the bushes waiting for the gunshots to cease) but this guy... holy $#!t!
  3. Just saw the Livestream and have to say two things. First, why on earth are you letting some complete and obvious noob play this game? I was facepalming every five seconds of this video. This is not helping BSG at all. Second, you should really get a PR guy.
  4. How did you come across EFT?

    Just voted for Tarkov to get it back to page one at least. Oh here is how I came across EFT, btw. Saw some video of it about soundeffects a looong time ago. Then I totally forgot about it and just recently saw the trailer and immediately bought in.
  5. The Photo thread (beautiful landscapes around your home)

    Is that somewhere around Tarkov? I'd love to see this in the game. Beautiful place.
  6. The Photo thread (beautiful landscapes around your home)

    Holy moly! Those are some awesome pics people! Way to go! Keep em coming.
  7. Well i got one , pretty big i think it could be.

    I love Poker! Great idea. +1
  8. Good time to learn Russian!

    100% agreed! If not the best I have seen so far.
  9. Add Vaulting

    Maybe it would be even better if this was somewhat semi automatic. Let's say the obstacle is 30cm of height or less, I don't want to have to push buttons or jump to get over it. In real life you don't jump up small obstacles like that. You step on them and over. Why burden the player with thousands of keyboard commands? Some things should just be automatic. MGS has the most boring CQC ever. (slap, slap, legkick, punch wth is this? my wife fights better than that)
  10. Bounties/Karma System

    The only thing making sense for punishment or reward is via XP or skills. Let's say you play clean, no teamkilling etc. you will get 10%-25% extra XP. If you're killing team mates or doing some other bad s#!t You should actually lose XP or even a random skill point. This game is all about XP and skills so this is, imo the best way to reward or punish. The amount of XP or skill points lost should be calculated by how many bad deeds that player did in the last game or raid. 1 bad deed = lose 25% XP 2 bad deeds = lose 50% XP 3 bad deeds = lose all XP and one random skill point for every other bad deed loose another skill point (or XP from a random skill, not sure how the skill system works) I don't have enough insight in the plans of the developer so I can't see any better way to do this. Taking away their loot or gear is the worst possible idea. Losing a pistol for killing your entire team is not good enough of a punishment.
  11. Unconscious instead of death?

    This is a good idea when you're in a team. May I suggest the downed player should scream and moan because of pain. Makes things even more realistic and scary. I already like that they don't just go silent but moan for a few seconds. Which is probably realistic. I have never killed anyone in real life and I don't plan on doing so. But I strongly doubt they would just fall over and be dead. Unless you headshot them of course. I talked to a guy in the military a few years back and he told me if you shoot someone in the heart they might still be able to walk/run for 200 meters or more. Then again, it is just a game after all and this may be too much for some people.
  12. Survival?

    I did not say put a shitload of bears in the city. There are woods, you know. One bear per day or so is not too much. Also, I don't care about campers. If this was a real life situation, everybody would be a camper because nobody wants to die a stupid death. If I understand the game correctly, it is about tactical survival. Camping is a big part of that. Like it or not. Think of snipers. A sniper who moves a lot is a very stupid and mostly a dead sniper. But I see where this is leading, so let's end this unnecessary conversation right here.
  13. Survival?

    I'm not so sure about that, brother.
  14. Survival?

    There should definitely be some animals in the outside maps. Dangerous ones like bears. Not sure about wolves, since they hunt in packs and you will not stand a chance if you're alone out there. Just the thought of walking through the woods and suddenly standing in front of a bear creeps me out. As long as the animals behave realisticly (don't make them overaggressive unless they have kids with them maybe) Then again, the maps may not be big enough for that. I don't know.
  15. What shooter game does hand to hand combat well?

    Not exactly a shooter but I think Sleeping Dogs did a great job of H2H combat. Not perfect but great, nonetheless. I also liked the Batman games because of the challenge mode. Someone should make a martial arts/kung fu/samurai open world rpg!