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  1. TacticalBaconn

    ZB-014 extraction broke?

    You have to use the ZB-014 key to unlock the gate inside the bunker for extraction.
  2. TacticalBaconn

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the USEC Hatchling in Factory from 20 hours ago: I'm the USEC that took shots at you as you came up the ramp. I'm sorry I tried to blast you with my Kedr but I'm glad we were able to roll together for a short while. We found some Makarovs, I had to stow my smg because I ran out of ammo for it, and then that player scav blasted me with a shotgun on the dorm stairs. I hope against hope you avenged me. To the kitted Bears near the Shoreline Dock Exit from 20 hours ago: even if Scavs are ahead of you, make sure to watch your backs in the future. It was too easy to walk up behind y'all and dump some rounds into your legs with my Kedr. Oh, and I'm keeping your AKs. Y'all did kinda give 'em to me, after all.
  3. TacticalBaconn


    Sounds like a scav for sure.
  4. TacticalBaconn

    My Cat Fell out the window, mid raid.

    Yeah. He was my little buddy. If I ever find out who it was, I'm going to return the favor.
  5. TacticalBaconn

    My Cat Fell out the window, mid raid.

    I hope your cat recovers. Someone shot my cat last year and I miss Horus every day.
  6. TacticalBaconn

    Weapon Companies Thread

    I'd love to see a lever action shotgun, particularly the Winchester 1897, make its way into the game. The good ole 1911 as perfected by John Moses Browning would be excellent in its native 45 ACP. And to give some love to the roller-lockers, either the HK33 (5.56) or the HK32 vaporware in good ole 7.62x39. *teleports behind you* Nothing personal...