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  1. Again, i tottaly got your point and i agree. But we can guess that when escape from tarkov will be in official release the game won't be finished at all; lot of things will be missing, including DLC, so the game migh encounter new problems with new fixes wich requires wipes, who knows... let's wait and see, BSG know what they're doing, i think..
  2. Not noob server, beginner server. Less aggressiv ! but yeah this is something to think about. Also you're saying that you'll uninstall the game if they do post-release wipes, and that's not a correct way to debate my dude. Because i can say the exact opposite of your experiencing and also say that i'll uninstall the game if they do other way. So it never ends. We need to stay constructive.
  3. Ok got it, and i obviously agree. The game will be so much different when all the missing content and balancing will be done
  4. by saying "'we are NOT playing the actual game" what do you mean ? I still play the actual game :p Or you meant the "finished" one ? edit : you're a EOD owner so you're still playing the actual game too, didn't get your point on that sentence dude
  5. I tottaly get your point, and from my only opinion i would agree with you. But i also talked with casual players. I played with them and tried to learn them things. But fact is that everytime, they're bored because they've too much late to catch back, and they just get raped not because they were underskilled, but because they were understuffed, or not as much as resistant they would be with better stats, meaning they can die really quickly. I think you can see there is a problem right here on this question, and no answers can come right now. I agree that wipes are done for testing purpose and that's exactly what a post release wipe would be done for, a testing purpose. If the test conclusion is bad, then forget about wipes post release and this was the last one. If the test conclusion is good (meaning lot of people feel better on their playing) then you don't want to ignore those people (depending obviously of the amount) and you'll try to make a 50/50. I doni"t think that's a bad thing to test one more post release wipe, if we've already experienced 25/30 of them, one more or one less..
  6. it's not everything white or everything black... People still don't get it too. You can have extremely rare wipes, like one every year. Even after 2 weeks of playing there is players lvl 40, with everything almost done, sellers max level, best gear, etc. And they're already on the end game after 3 weeks. You can work the lategame, but it doesn't matter, there WILL be a moment when you'll be on this lategame, soon or later. And there WILL be a moment when you're just pissed of because you're doing the same lategame tasks again and again and you're stuck on this "late game". From this moment, a wipe is ok from your side because doing the early level tasks is just useless/impossible for you anymore when you're on lategame. Having a wipe makes everyone doing the early game back again. If people after one year of playing are still stuck on the early/mid game it simply means they're casual players and don't have that much time to play. And casual players don't get bored because they advance really, REALLY slowly. Casual gamers don't get bored because their progression is too slow to notice repetitiv tasks and gameplay. This is not the case for us (you, me, hardcore gamers) who can spend hours and hours every day playing the game. That's what makes us bored... To take a decision, BSG need to think about hardcore players, who can finish the early mid game in 1month and then be stuck on lategame content forever, and the casual ones who will be on lategame content like after 4/5 months. Also, think about a brand new player that discover the game 2 years after the official release. No more wipe after release. Imagine their experience on the game ? They start low level, no skills uped, no stuff, and they face people with 2 years of grinding ? What do you think will happen ? They get raped. Obviously. Will this be fun for them ? Nope. How can you dodge this case ? make fullwipes regularly, so those new players can catch a window when they can start the game decently. On the other case, this will just piss them off and they'll probably give up simply because there's too much late to catch back. This is clearly not a simple question with a simple answer. And nobody here, even BSG, can give the right answer. This mechanic need to be tested and adjusted with time. But in my opinion, wipes are defenatly needed after full release, and only the time between those wipes, to me, is the question. Sorry for my bad english meh !
  7. TeasR

    Can i use Macros when i shop From fence

    why people always want to bend the rules, exploit as much as they can to take advantage ? just play the game as it is jesus. On that attitude u're going to use macro, then you'll want to use pistol glitch becasue "its ok it's only a pistol people won't be mad" etc etc. cancer...
  8. TeasR

    Liste des bannis : MAJ anti-triche

    c'est pas mal mais je pense qu'encore pas mal sont passés entre les mailles
  9. TeasR

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #3

    if i may ask so, i would like to, if it's possible, have some kind of checklist from battlestate with every gameplay/features content incoming, (gameplay mechanics wished, weapons/stuff we already got plently enough to play the game, we just need things to do and maybe different new way to play/approach the game itself), in order to recap everyone what's going to come in EFT in the next time ? And every new post update podcast you bring it back and show the same checklist but with checked lines, this could give us a better approach of what's happening in EFT and i don't think it's so difficult to do, is it ? Or maybe a new locked topic on the forum with this checklist also, could be an idea...
  10. I see lot of dudes saying "he cant handle this, he is so rude sometimes, etc." meaning he can't do what he's actually doing. Only got one question : Did you lost your humanity in the travel ? I mean, however it's BSG, and it could even be apple or w/e. No matter the popularity, what do you think ? because they even are the most popular, people working for it are robots ? They still stay humans, they got emotions, feelings. Same for you, same for BSG. I watched him a lot, and i've to admit sometimes he doesnt see questions, or maybe intentionnaly skip those. So what ? Are you little girls crying when you don't get what you want ? Can't handle anything ? That's the real problem you know, to me. The lack of understanding from people. Don't you have bad days ? Don't you make mistakes ? Are you that perfect ? No ? No. Obviously not. You migh be an asshole sometimes too, we all are. That's human nature. That's life and when bad things happen, humans fells bad and some bad things can happen from him as well. But eh, do i have to explain you how life works ? how humans work ? You should be aware of that already. I prefer 100x time someone who got the passion from weapons,/compagny/Games, like klean, than someone good at talking, close to a robot, but not involved as much as klean can be. Start taking an external point of view of the situation and then you'll find the good answer. If you only take your side, you'll never find the good answer/solution. That's my point of view.
  11. TeasR

    Shoreline Map incorrect - Fix suggested

    so you're actually debating for the sun rising from the wrong side ? is that real ? Come on guys... don't you have better problems to point
  12. Stop arguing about UBGL. even if everybody here says it's a bad idea they'll implement it. And btw, what's the difference between UBGL and a skilled guy at throwing grenades ? You'll get same/more problems with a skilled grenade man than a UBGL man. There is no difference. you can throw grenades just like that, poo, UBGL got a reload time. UBGL is even worse than throwing a grenade with your hand, you realize that ? You don't fear the UBGL you fear the unknown feature. That's all. As soon as they implement it and people start playing with it then everything will be fine. You really think that their goal is to ruin the game ? of course not... So why you don't think they can balance it well enough so it's not game breaking ? All the points were made previously, rarity, price, etc. And btw, no offence but, "you dont believe the arguments blabla", who cares about what you believe man ? you're not a god or jesus or idk. You're not satisfied ? who cares ? devs will stop their plan for one not convinced dude or two ? You think they wait for everyone to be convinced about something to do it ? wtf. And btw you say "i dont trust your arguments" but all you're saying is "it's bad, it will ruin the game, mimimi" you stil have 0 argumetns about how it can ruin the game. The feature isn't even online, we have no idea how it'll work so how can you say it's a bad idea ? You just have no idea. there was other case with more people complaining, they didn't care and made the feature fair. People stopped complaining.
  13. TeasR

    I got proof someone is cheating

    Hello, Please use the search fonction. When an admin/moderator will see your topic, it'll say the same thing to all the others one : "Forum isn't a court of justice, we don't accept those kind of topics on the forum. We got a very fonctionnal anticheat and if he cheats he'll get banned soon or later" #locked etc.
  14. TeasR

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    And what about weapon jamming ? How karma system is bad idea guys ? how people from the same armygroup are killing each others ? Do you see ONU people killing other ONU people on battlefield ? No. And this work for every groups. Killing everybody on sigh is the unrealistic part. And they defenetly should do something about it. else your factions are useless, why choose faction when you start creating a PMC if there is nothing to do with it...