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  1. EFT is falling down

    So if the game is in beta, do I have to be quite and say that everything is fine? Don't make me laugh! To my mind the main problem from your approach is that your title says "EFT is falling down" when it's just tottaly false. Your opinion is your opinion. I think it's hard for people to understand that saying "EFT is falling down" and saying "To me, EFT is falling down" is dramaticaly not the same thing. On the first case you defines something, on the second case you express your personnal feelings. And you do this on all your answers so we don't need to have a discuss with ya if you say things are like that and that's all.
  2. RSASS glitching

    srsly i don't get why people have always to not respect the rules and cheat. This is clearly unfair against the playerbase.
  3. Give EOD players priority queuing.

    Free DLC wich will contain snowmap, stuff personalisation, radiation map (all the Q/A said) ? Unique ID tchat ? good terms with vendor at start ? Some good stuff at start ? Isn't that enough ? what would you want ? A nude from nikita Kappa ?
  4. Give EOD players priority queuing.

    Come on... I see so much retarded topics nowaday.... What's the real goal ? Is the real goal to make some people (EOD owners) able to play the game properly ? Or is the goal to make EVERYBODY playing this game properly so the game can be popular ? Moreover, what consequences it should bring on the table if you make EOD owners first everytime ? damn long matchmaking for any other editions, a risk for people to be annoyed and just leaving the game. So what ? you want this game to be dead ? I'm tired of peoples....
  5. How do i get a refund?

  6. Insta death

    Man, search on the forum you'll find tons of topic like your where people say this guy cheating etc etc each time BSG answer is "we got an anticheat, it's here for some reasons, if the guy is cheating he will be ban. We don't accept anymore people blaming for cheating on this forum". I don't say that you lie, or that you don't lie. I say that, what proof do we have ? do you have anything yourself ? a screenshot ? a video ? even a screenshot can be photoshoped, even a video doesnt tell if it was really cheating or dsync problem. This is the problem with this kind of topic. There is NOTHING that proove anything. I understand your frustration, but making this kind of topic is pointless man, i just want to tell you, it won't change anything and you'll just look from lot of players as a whinning noob. When dsync will be fixed, then a video can still help to proove what you say, but until there is no more bugs, everytime you'll feel you got cheated could simply be another bug of any kind. So, as i said and you said you know that but still, i have to say it again, it's BETA. Maybe come back when the game is full released so this kind of report may have sense regarding the fact there is no more bugs ?
  7. Insta death

    so, is it cheating ? or desync ? see how you don't even know about that. They can't watch for each report from mad players thinking it's cheating when it's desync or something else. It's still beta test, there is bugs. deal with that.
  8. not competent for the hardware stuff, but... 2 + 3) --> it's normal that you're frustrated and obviously yeah playing knife against automatic guns is just silly. But that's just because it's beta and mostly because there is not the free roam mod or arena mod. Everyone has to play the raids in the game actually. But in the future you'll have the free roam mode including all the raids combined together, so a big big map where all the advanced player with the highest gear will be for sure. So as soon as they bring all the content and new maps and new mode, it's going to be like that : New players have to do all the raids before accessing the free roam mod. So that's where they start and they'll have the missions and quests to guide them. After you completed this, you can free roam, or arena if you want hard pvp. That's also where all the advanced players will be but you should be able to make your way, regarding the seize of the map and the stuff/skill you'll learn by doing the "story" mode.
  9. well they said that on an inerview but find it will be harder... i suggest you to just believe me on this one
  10. the link from the official new : http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/news/id/66 nb : watch on screenshots, there is one showing the guntest place if you're able to play i suggest you to test everything you want and don't be woried about raiding with a nice weapon since every major update incoming will set a total wipe of all EFT accounts
  11. there will be a special private place, called the hideout, that will come in open beta (already announced) in this hideout you'll be able to invite friends in it, and there will be a special place to test every guns you want with infinite ammo. the link from the official new : http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/news/id/66
  12. Closed Beta Testing Started!

  13. Closed Beta will start in July!

    desync is about servers being in stress test because of the alpha. as soon as they release beta, servers won't be in stress test anymore and it should be solved
  14. they said and announced it (closed beta summer). Not respecting it will bring the game to a state where a lot of people won't play it anymore due to bored peoples waiting.
  15. 9mm to the head not lethal?

    Question is, would your friend been able to shoot back when he took his headshot... i guess he was suffering on the ground and maybe on coma or smth