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  1. TeasR

    When will this be finished? Honestly tho.

    it migh seems correct, but come on, i hope you don't believe things are that easy to count ? there is tons of parameters you dont take in consideration on your calculation..
  2. TeasR

    actually finish the game soon

    So basically your only argument is "everyone that go against me is wrong because he is obviously a fanboy" ? your brain is broken man. The game is dead.. hmm.. tell us why ? And for your last sentence, let's ban ero... well "ero fanboy" ?? may i start like that ? I see the kind of guy you are LMAO
  3. TeasR

    When will this be finished? Honestly tho.

    that's your only argument ? "a lot of streamers says it so it must be true" ? all right ! at least now, because of you, we know that god exist for real ! obviously, so many people are saying that. open your mind dude, and stop only think through streamers. and you being not a part of the "everybody" means this everbody cannot exist and be the majoriatary because of only you ? well, i see the kind of guy you are
  4. TeasR

    How is this possible ?

    you can change letters sometimes for exemple : l from L and I from i, you can change O by 0 etc.
  5. TeasR

    La boite à idées

    je sais que baisser son arme pour le friendly est prévu, également j'ai pensé à pouvoir lever les bras en l'air, pour se rendre
  6. TeasR

    La boite à idées

    il y a une barque avec des râmes Sinon personnellement je proposerai bien une faune plus développée, des petit animaux de toute sorte, ça rajouterai de l'immersion !
  7. TeasR

    Did they remove SP6 and money case?

    maybe add a sort of command list, with queues so however you couldn't buy it cause some are using macros, your request still remains with like a "waiting for reloading supplies" and when they reset you get your command instant in priority, this might be the begining of a solution. But that's really just so nasty to buy instant all the stocks using macros and then put the price you want on it, even if you ask for 100k roubles for one bullet.
  8. Again, i tottaly got your point and i agree. But we can guess that when escape from tarkov will be in official release the game won't be finished at all; lot of things will be missing, including DLC, so the game migh encounter new problems with new fixes wich requires wipes, who knows... let's wait and see, BSG know what they're doing, i think..
  9. Not noob server, beginner server. Less aggressiv ! but yeah this is something to think about. Also you're saying that you'll uninstall the game if they do post-release wipes, and that's not a correct way to debate my dude. Because i can say the exact opposite of your experiencing and also say that i'll uninstall the game if they do other way. So it never ends. We need to stay constructive.
  10. Ok got it, and i obviously agree. The game will be so much different when all the missing content and balancing will be done
  11. by saying "'we are NOT playing the actual game" what do you mean ? I still play the actual game :p Or you meant the "finished" one ? edit : you're a EOD owner so you're still playing the actual game too, didn't get your point on that sentence dude
  12. I tottaly get your point, and from my only opinion i would agree with you. But i also talked with casual players. I played with them and tried to learn them things. But fact is that everytime, they're bored because they've too much late to catch back, and they just get raped not because they were underskilled, but because they were understuffed, or not as much as resistant they would be with better stats, meaning they can die really quickly. I think you can see there is a problem right here on this question, and no answers can come right now. I agree that wipes are done for testing purpose and that's exactly what a post release wipe would be done for, a testing purpose. If the test conclusion is bad, then forget about wipes post release and this was the last one. If the test conclusion is good (meaning lot of people feel better on their playing) then you don't want to ignore those people (depending obviously of the amount) and you'll try to make a 50/50. I doni"t think that's a bad thing to test one more post release wipe, if we've already experienced 25/30 of them, one more or one less..
  13. it's not everything white or everything black... People still don't get it too. You can have extremely rare wipes, like one every year. Even after 2 weeks of playing there is players lvl 40, with everything almost done, sellers max level, best gear, etc. And they're already on the end game after 3 weeks. You can work the lategame, but it doesn't matter, there WILL be a moment when you'll be on this lategame, soon or later. And there WILL be a moment when you're just pissed of because you're doing the same lategame tasks again and again and you're stuck on this "late game". From this moment, a wipe is ok from your side because doing the early level tasks is just useless/impossible for you anymore when you're on lategame. Having a wipe makes everyone doing the early game back again. If people after one year of playing are still stuck on the early/mid game it simply means they're casual players and don't have that much time to play. And casual players don't get bored because they advance really, REALLY slowly. Casual gamers don't get bored because their progression is too slow to notice repetitiv tasks and gameplay. This is not the case for us (you, me, hardcore gamers) who can spend hours and hours every day playing the game. That's what makes us bored... To take a decision, BSG need to think about hardcore players, who can finish the early mid game in 1month and then be stuck on lategame content forever, and the casual ones who will be on lategame content like after 4/5 months. Also, think about a brand new player that discover the game 2 years after the official release. No more wipe after release. Imagine their experience on the game ? They start low level, no skills uped, no stuff, and they face people with 2 years of grinding ? What do you think will happen ? They get raped. Obviously. Will this be fun for them ? Nope. How can you dodge this case ? make fullwipes regularly, so those new players can catch a window when they can start the game decently. On the other case, this will just piss them off and they'll probably give up simply because there's too much late to catch back. This is clearly not a simple question with a simple answer. And nobody here, even BSG, can give the right answer. This mechanic need to be tested and adjusted with time. But in my opinion, wipes are defenatly needed after full release, and only the time between those wipes, to me, is the question. Sorry for my bad english meh !
  14. TeasR

    Can i use Macros when i shop From fence

    why people always want to bend the rules, exploit as much as they can to take advantage ? just play the game as it is jesus. On that attitude u're going to use macro, then you'll want to use pistol glitch becasue "its ok it's only a pistol people won't be mad" etc etc. cancer...
  15. TeasR

    Liste des bannis : MAJ anti-triche

    c'est pas mal mais je pense qu'encore pas mal sont passés entre les mailles