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  1. Custom games

    Hi Devs/Community, I would really like to see if we can get some sort of Custom games option, think it will be great if we can run a server with just two teams on larger maps with no bots, each team starts at either end of map then its just search and destroy the other team, would be good having a two on two in the factory also. Then it can be more enjoyable knowing how many enemies are left, knowing you have wiped a mans team and theirs one left out there that you have to hunt for. Also a pistol match only on factory would be great. JM
  2. Really Bad at the Game

    Hi Mate, It can be tough out there, On resets when you only have pistol, just buy a Shotgun or a small automatic and it will make all the difference, I like to play factory for a while until I have a collection of guns then I go onto the larger maps, I would recommend staying on factory for a few runs and be sneaky and get the drop on a few scavs and you will soon gather lots of sweet loot. Jay
  3. This game is no longer fun.

    I have stopped playing this game, Its hardcore which would be enjoyable if the player movements were not soo jerky, how can you make it so hardcore, perma death, loss of equipment etc when its not really that good to play, sound is messed up, don't know where the shots are coming from, and the player movement is terrible. You got these streamers playing like its call of duty and you cant play like that with this game, very dissapointed. I wanted a hardcore very large open world maps with exploration not just a deathmatch. No point in doing the traders quests because the movement is to jerky, would be nice to be a little like cod in the movement anyways. Jay
  4. How is Wipe announced? How to handle your stash?

    Just play with the guns and equipment you want and have as we all lose it when the game wipes, I prefer the game once there has been a wipe, its a lot more fun building up your stash again and everybody having pistol fights.
  5. New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

    Once again Devs, Great location, good looking areas, they look very immersive but like I have said before is there any reason to go there, I love the maps in this game but there is no need to explore because there is nothing there to look for, I really want this to be a co-operative game with story missions and missions to do in these locations not just fetch quests. The game is just a glorified deathmatch and little else. Jamie
  6. Update?

    Your specs could be the problem, having just 3GB graphics card is a big problem, also the game really needs a 16gb ram machine.
  7. Factory Key

    If your having problems loading maps Id say it will have a lot to do with how much RAM you got, anyone playing this game should have at least 16gb.
  8. Map website

    Great, Although exploring the map for the first time is the best thing about EFT, Once you done it a couple of times no need for a map.
  9. Appeal to the players

    Let them camp at exits if they want to, I will throw alot more grenades in there direction. Got to always expect a fight at extraction.
  10. Closed Beta will start in July!

    about what bit?, i know the peeps who have not played yet are eager to participate but for us players who been playing for months an extra map in the beta just wont cut it.
  11. Closed Beta will start in July!

    does not matter when Beta comes out, its only one extra map anyways all other stuff will stay the same, and the main game wont even come out this year. Getting a bit boring.
  12. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Kids? they dont have 140 pounds to spend on a game, like the other guy said they will think its like COD and die almost all the time. Jay
  13. The Shoreline: the new screenshots of the location

    Hi, I like the idea of big maps, lots of buildings maybe a underground but there needs to be stuff/loot in these locations if not they will be bypassed, same with the other maps, big spaces with hardly anything to loot. What I would like is something worth while going to these places for, One suggestion would be to have a hardened Scav, bigger, meaner then the rest who is protecting some sweet sweet loot. Also I know we cant have mutants or something because of the realistic nature but I would love this game to have more stalker immersion. Jay
  14. New Metro game announced at E3

    Yeah I did play it when it first came out on pc some years ago before all the rehashed versions came out, I loved the atmosphere but the game was very linear and buggy (mostly the sounds).
  15. New Metro game announced at E3

    Hopefully its good, the original games had the graphics and atmosphere but the games were a bit unmemorable!