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  1. JammyJAY

    PMC Salary and Supply

    What people have to remember is that its not really just a first person shooter, its a survival game. You got peeps like Kotton, Deadly Slob who just go all out for the PVP experience of killing other players. I play like a survival game, usually go silenced Ninja TT and do the quests and collect loot and only fight when I have too or is feeling tough. The game is so much better for it, I dont expect to survive but when I do its an achievement.
  2. JammyJAY

    I'm done playing for now

    I also have the stutters, i have now figured that I get the stutter when there is a player or scav within 200m from me, when this happens i just go prone for a few seconds and wait for the stutter to pass then seek and destroy. well ok die! Jamie
  3. JammyJAY

    Tips To Git Gud?

    Play offline and learn the guns, learn how the Scavs react to your sound. Once you have done this a few times then try online, its just the same but you just have to be even more aware of your surroundings. I believe in this game that you have to see them before they see you if not and not a great player you will die. Sound is key. Jamie
  4. JammyJAY

    Cannot load into Factory solo

    Hi Devs, For some reason I cannot join a Factory game when trying to connect solo, if Im in a group its no problem. Strange. The other maps seem fine although its been taking at least 4mins to connect, then matching forever or it goes through.
  5. JammyJAY

    AI are to OP

    Guys, I used to think the Scavs are OP and in some instances they are, but what I learned was you cant play like a 1st person shooter you have to play like its a survival game, you cant rush in anywhere or run at enemies, you have to be quiet and stealthy and very very alert, if you run through bushes and scavs hear you they will hide and wait for you to go pass and one tap you. I now give everything a wide angle and try to keep out of the scavs kill range.
  6. JammyJAY

    Those who are experiencing crashes: We need your crash logs!

    dude you have a 750 ti graphics cards, and your surprised you get crashes. Why are you surprised.
  7. JammyJAY

    Why I tell every gamer I meet not to buy Tarkov

    Cannot even have a firefight, the game locks ups for a few seconds whenever a scav or player is close, total shite. Dont respond with ya specs, been through that. The game was fairly fine a few patches ago, now not even worth playing this patch. People are complaining because you cant have a realistic hardcore shooter with lag issues. They keep wanting to add new guns and med animations, gun loading bullets, ridiculous in a game this buggy. They are not bothered now because they have made there money already with all the testers that paid big money.
  8. JammyJAY

    What Skier's quests do you like most?

    They are all the same.... go fetch this..., go kill this..... shite. I have had enough.
  9. JammyJAY

    Needs more to do

    Hi Guys, I do love the game, buts its frustrating, a few friends have stopped playing due to various issues but Im still playing. The game needs a little extra something. This wipe I have been doing the tasks which are fine but sometimes irritating. I would love this game to be a offline singleplayer experience but i know thats not going to happen. My suggestion would be to have more exciting tasks such as hunt down a particular hardened scav (leader) whos different from the others meaner, harder etc.. I don't know how this will work in a online game as everyone will be trying to kill the scav leader, but the game does need some more pve experiences. Also I dont go in fully geared because of various issues Lag, glitchyness, FPS, etc, I do enjoy going in with just a silenced pistol which is fine againts the scavs but no chance against players who are geared and in a team. Jamie
  10. JammyJAY

    Kill 10 usec shoreline, Impossible quest.

    The game is playable with 12gb but after a few raids Tarkov will be using 12gb all by it self, it will crash and slow down, you need to clean your memory or restart the game. If only 12gb and you got other programmes running, Discord etc.. you will have problems. Jay
  11. Ive been playing more then a year, and have not seen any cheaters, had Scav not die after being blasted in the face a couple of times but put that down to desync.
  12. JammyJAY

    Would love to play without players

    I see where hes coming from, it can be frustrating always dying, but i love going solo with just a pistol (TT mainly), and most of the time get out with big loot, I came across a 3 man squad on interchange fully geared, I was sneaky and capped one in the head, then run away and hid listening, then I waited for them to loot there friend and opened up killing one more instantly and having a fire fight with the other, which I eventually lost but thats what this game is all abut for me, although I died i had a excellent experience.
  13. JammyJAY

    Tips for a new guy

    yo dude here you go https://discord.gg/enRYPGz come join me on discord and we do some duo's and try get some loot
  14. JammyJAY

    Tips for a new guy

    Hey Overlord, I will put my discord channel link here later, if you want to do some duo's, I'm no expert myself but I think a two man group is highly recommended, I have played in 4s and 5s and there is too much confusion. Jay Hey Overlord, I will put my discord channel link here later, if you want to do some duo's, I'm no expert myself but I think a two man group is highly recommended, I have played in 4s and 5s and there is too much confusion. Jay
  15. JammyJAY

    Nothings changed..

    I would be alot happier if they just made it into a singleplayer with co-op options, the game world and design is fantastic and I really would love to just have it play like stalker, with the atmosphere and quality missions, having it online just causes lag, desync problems, i doubt this game will ever be smooth enough for competitive online play. When I go online I just get shot from wherever and die, never get to have decent firefights because its soooo glithchy.