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  1. The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    LBE Jan 5 i see people after me have got in Left behind AGAIN lol i think my account is broke
  2. Restriction on game materials publication lifted!

    any chance LBE's could get another chance at getting in the closed beta?
  3. both are not perfect, i've seen some pretty nice peeking animations threw doors with gun but peeking around a wall/corner with just your eye or eye's and all the way around with just a little of your head showing isn't something i've seen a game do yet which is realistic of course these are games and i bet the devs will mess around with animations and perspective cameras to maybe even have this head peeking realistic peek around walls without showing most of your body/gun like in every game that does first person
  4. good luck guys, i'll just be left behind over here
  5. The first wave of counter-cheating bans

    people amaze me
  6. Hot Russian Babes, and Vodka?

    Hot Russian Babes, and Vodka? Agreed.
  7. Soon, the new Alpha admission waves will rise!

    i would love to help test the game out and give proper feedback, hopefully my account update's and i get a chance
  8. Empty bullets on the Ground

    would be funny if you ran into a place after a long battle and slipped and fell on a bunch of casings
  9. What monitors are you running?

    BenQ XL2420TE can't have nothing less nowadays imo
  10. pm me your email if you want and i'll send you the info

  11. i'm at max posting limit for 24hours :|

  12. What is your favourite food?

    philly roll^ or a huge burrito and now i'm hungry af thanks thread

    scavs have to drink vodka and smoke cigs to stay alive
  14. Flaregun

    sounds good