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  1. Hatchlings taking loot

    So what... Hatchlings get Killer but still has this loot in their Gamma... So this argument is nötig good.
  2. New Interchange Screenshots

    Well not that much. Well if you check out Unity engine on YouTube you can see what is possible tho.
  3. Frage wegen den Zeiten und Joinen

    Ich kann nur empfehlen die grafik etwa runterzukurbeln. 1. Spielt Es sich Besser und 2. erkennst du Gegner besser. Und der Desync... Im Vergleich zum Vormonat gibt es kaum noch welchen war ziemlich heftig bisher, aber, das haben sie deutlich besser gemacht.
  4. Next big update or wipe

    Next wipe... To open beta so 2 months or so
  5. New Interchange Screenshots

    They are developing this game since 2014
  6. Is that your fu..... Serious? awesome man

    Can be closed
  8. Neujahrs Event Geschenk

    Son 7 Tage key oder was?
  9. Neujahrs Event Geschenk

    Ah jetzt wurde es aktiviert... Frage ist wie lange. Komm erst morgen Abend ans Spiel ran
  10. Neujahrs Event Geschenk

    Ja, aber wenn der mir ne Fehlermeldung anzeigt?
  11. Neujahrs Event Geschenk

    Hab genau das selbe! Hieß es nicht auch man bekommt als Alpha Tester nen Promi Code für ne standart edition?
  12. First death to a sure cheater

    could be a cheater for sure. well just see it like this: it is still a beta, the devs work on anticheat and make it more effective. I must say I rarely experience weired deaths or situations. you have cheater in every game but I am far away from saying eft has a cheater issue. It is still a closed beta, soon open beta. I know from a friend who used a cheattool for other games ike gta V and didnt close it, he is immedeatly banned, which told me there must be a anti cheat tool running
  13. these screenshots are amazing. really nice!
  14. The Translation Campaign: Your Game, Your Language

    Sure, I know how I would translate it but I am not sure if others know. well, lets just see what the results will be
  15. The Translation Campaign: Your Game, Your Language

    it is not what I meant. for example if you are a waiter and a customer comes in you want to be more formal. Like ingame there is the quest "can you get me..." I would translate the "you" formal to german language "sie" but if its says "you can not repair it" - "you" would may be personal "du" you see my point? so when I check out the translation there are some formal and some personnal. it looks not good if the quest says "du" and the other one he is being polite and says "sie" ... you know what I am saying?