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  1. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the PMC guy at factory who killed me just now, back in a room behind the players spawn after waiting 20 freaking minues in his dark corner and took my nice stuff including a brand new mp5: I hope some random scav crushed your scull and is now drinking wodka from it
  2. Still can buy EOD. Why?

    It is correct, we all understood EoD as exclusive during the alpha and before beta it was communicated like that. And even if only some players are offended by it, it is understandable for me. Personally I took the 2 free trial keys and the 1 standard edition key as compensation for not keeping their promise and its ok (for me).
  3. I want a bigger stash.

    And one small addition - later on you will have the option to upgrade your stash ingame. But right now you are correct, the only way to have a bigger stash is another game version.
  4. Ki Scavs Befehle geben

    Huhu, ich habe mehrere probiert und ab und zu findet sich einer der wirklich überall hin folgt. Probier mehrere, Gib ihnen das Handzeichen und wenn er nicht "njet" sagt sollte es klappen. Sie gehen oftmals andere Wege entsprechend ihrem pathfinding, wenn du dann aber irgendwo anhältst dauert es nicht lange und die gesellen sich zu dir. Ist echt cool und klappt gut
  5. Neujahr Ereignis bei Escape from Tarkov

    Verständlich dass du das blöd findest weil du so nichts extra bekommst, aber ich glaube es ist nachvollziehbar. Erstens weil jemand der schon Anfang 2016 vorbestellt hat wirklich ein großes Risiko getragen hat, zweitens weil die finanzielle Unterstützung zu Beginn des Projektes sehr wichtig war und drittens weil wir Alpha eod Leute verarscht wurden: es wurde immer gesagt dass eod Alpha exklusive ist und damit besonders. Das wurde einfach abgewertet zu "kann auch jeder während der Open Beta haben" und dass uns da etwas kleines als Ausgleich gewährt wird finde ich wichtig. Darüber hinaus ist es doch so.. durch die freien Keys und Testversionen können wir alle Freunde zum Spiel bringen die ohne Test keinen Einblick haben wöllten, und das ist super cool. Und die freien Standard Versionen gehen dann vermutlich ab zum besten Freund und sind damit in guten Händen
  6. dieses spiel

    Name und Post wirkt als hätte sich da jemand nicht an FSK 18 gehalten
  7. Countercheating measures

    Thank you - I like how the gamescom interviews and questions make their way to answers for us beta players here. As cheating is more and more becoming a hot topic, this should share some light and hopefully cool down some minds Keep it up, informations and news are greeeeat
  8. Fraktionen wechseln?

    Reiß dich zusammen. Das hier ist ein Forum für ein Spiel für Erwachsene - wenn du gleich in die Luft gehst und sofort festlegst jemand erzählt scheiße nur weil er andere/weniger Infos als du hat, benimmst du dich nicht besser als der Haufen 12 jähriger in einem CoD Forum. Nächstes Mal achte auf deine Wortwahl und alle sind zufrieden
  9. Why this game using so much Internet traffic?

    What answer you waiting for? It's in beta, devs working on the game and the traffic will be decreased in the future. There isn't more information about why or what is causing the traffic, only devs know. But be sure they are not doing it for fun, it serves a function.
  10. Identifying Semi-/fullauto

    A text would be nice and non intrusive - it would also help if it's dark as hell around you or if the pixels are simply too small to get which fire mode we are on. Please add a text, right now I'm always playing with fire mode selector to find out which mode it might be and it sucks because a) it's loud b) if you didn't grew up with guns you might not know where which fire mode is and c) PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ADD A TEXT Thanks
  11. Immer nur das selbe!

    Kann nur empfehlen sich mehr im englischen Beta Forum zu belesen, mods sind dort vorhanden und besser und umso mehr man dort ist umso mehr weiß man es zu schätzen wenn's erwachsener zugeht. Das deutsche Forum liest sich oft mehr als wäre es nur von 12 jährigen bevölkert das brauche ich nicht
  12. New Player's Perspective

    I think most of the feedback here doesn't cover the part of tutorials and hints not being available in-game. Currently it is like this: - you need to search forums for information, the most important ones are maps and extraction points - it is incredibly helpful to play with other PMC and talk in discord or TS - the old ones love to give tips and tricks -> you need to actively search and find information outside of the game (and there is plenty) Interesting about this for me is, I loved this aspects while learning the game. I soaked all information out of forums, found groups and friends to play with and am now above the fold where the game is really good, challenging but doable and fun in any way. As this is the current state, there is not much more than adapt and accept or put the game away until it is more like you want it. As more and more players come in (many not knowing exactly what awaits them or not being "hardcore" enough to "git gud") more tutorials and hints will sure be implemented and I'm crying about that a bit because I love EFT so much how it is right now. But in the end it will be like this and it will be ok. Otherwise the hardcore playerbase will be to small for an independent title to keep it running. So stay tuned, the game will be more like you want in some time
  13. So are the servers fixed now?

    I recommend you to check From Tarkovfor current gameplay in your location. As there are germans playing right now, I suspect EU to be up
  14. Offline Mode Looting

    It was like that some time ago. It was fun and its gone - and it should be gone forever. The loot economy was destroyed by all the weapons and loot stuff you could easy farm on offline mode, everyone had everything. There was soon no incentive to do anything because "you could easily farm it offline". It was bullshit and we are all happy that its gone. There is coop in PVP mode if you build groups. And this game is focussed on PVP - it always will be. At the moment there are no plans to extend offline gameplay or singleplayer / local coop game modes. If it would be developed, it most likely become a DLC after the final release. Guys I know its very hard for the new ones to fight the god AI as it is now. But believe me, it takes some time then you will adapt to that, you will "git gud" and so on - it comes with time and everyone will reach the point sooner or later where he can win the game and extract his stuff. Don´t stop playing the ball, go on there is "light at the end of the tunnel" I recommend all new beta testers to read my guide regarding tipps and tricks and to buy 10 makarov and mags, do 10 rounds offline and then do 10 rounds online. I think you will notice that you get better
  15. Player Marketplace

    Hi, you could give 1 Blackrock for 1 AK (black) I think at Prapor lvl 1. Blackrocks are not too hard to find at scavs, they often have it even when only having a Makarov or something. So its not too far away for you to get your hands on a shiny AK. Just play