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  1. New servers added!

    So are all the servers up?
  2. New servers added!

    Some people have jobs.
  3. Closed Beta will start in July!

    Looked at about 3 pages for this answer, eyes are too tired to continue so before I go to bed. You guys mention general chat but not in game VOIP? Is VOIP going to be implemented or not?
  4. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    Very cool idea.
  5. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    That's right, I noticed that also and even though it does bring a bit of hope into my idea the way he speaks of how quickly you can die from a leg wound is ridiculous to anyone who understands terminal ballistics and the human anatomy. It's pure cringe. Ps in my previous comment I made an error, you can indeed live without a kidney, as you have two. Lol
  6. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    Well if we consider the health points as tissue ie flesh and bone, Let's say each leg has 100 hp. With reductions in HP there should be effects applied such as that limb functioning at a lower degree of effectiveness, on top of that with lower hit points there should be a possibility of a special effect such as an artery being severed increasing as the hit points decrease resulting in extreme blood loss to the point where if not treated immediately loss of consciousness would occur though this type of injury could occur with the initial injury though far more rare than if the leg was already in bad condition. HOPEFULLY that makes a lick of sense. Now damage of the different cartridges can be tweaked of course but as a baseline off the top of my head? 9mm = 15hp per hit with fully jackated ammunition and 27hp with frangible rounds. That's 4 hits with frangible bullets leaving the leg in a very poor state however even at this point with 0 hp the leg should NEVER result in you being killed with another hit, instead the severed artery effect should increase with each hit, so in simple terms you should ONLY die from the severed artery special effect. 5.56/5.45 = fully jacketed ammunition should result in 35hp of damage, frangible rounds should inflict 45hp. 7.62x39 = 40 hp of damage with fully jacketed ammunition, frangible rounds should inflict 50. 308/7.62x54mmR = 75hp damage with fully jacketed ammunition and 90hp damage with frangible rounds. You die from leg wounds from blood loss, that eventually results in shock as your organs get starved of oxygen rich blood resulting in you going into cardiac arrest accompanying your death shortly after. Nothing in your legs are per say required for you to live. That's why ladies and gentleman there are people without legs or arms that are very much alive, unlike people without two lungs, a spine, a brain a heart, liver, kidney... you get the point. I should also add, the torso is a tricky bit of business to balance also. Pistol cartridges are capable but not likely to kill you immediately either. You have to go with what fits into the real world, getting shot in the upper chest with your heart and lungs may result in a non immediately life threatening wound to your lung or it may hit you in the heart killing you fairly quickly, you could simulate this with hitboxes separating the important/less important organs. It all really boils down to what makes sense here? Example being the amount of HP damage I think the 9mm fully jacketed ammunition does to your HP. The reason behind that is the actual tissue damage inflicted by such a bullet is minimal, it just doesn't carry the velocity and power required to make large cavities and damage to surrounding tissue. You need to have decent to great shot placement to effectively outright kill.
  7. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    Bring some hope into my life. Please tell me you guys are actually going to take the damage system seriously, leg damage as the main focus in that question. I mean sure if you get hit in the leg a few times by a full powered rifle cartridge like a 308 or 7.62x54mmR you are definitely not going to be okay but currently two 9mm bullets can instantly kill you as if the bone in your leg is an extension of your spine. There's nothing important down there besides blood vessels. They are not immediately life threatening injuries especially from pistol cartridges that are very well known to wound and not kill even with shots to the torso and regularly the head believe it or not.
  8. Bans for cheating

    The most beautiful part of it is the amount of money they throw away when they get banned! Make sure to keep the price of the game high to deter these pathetic people from coming back and trying again. You should also consider banning their hardware, I believe you can find their GPU ID?
  9. The Escape From Tarkov Extended Alpha has started!

    How do I update my game?
  10. Body armor

    Developers, oh where, oh where, oh where are you?
  11. Body armor

    17 days later, 1500+ views, 70 replies. No official response, It's either one of two things. The developers are planning on releasing a video explaining body armor and how it works, or they do not reply to any questions that might hurt the hype for the game.
  12. Body armor

    That head of yours is full of marvelous knowledge my friend.
  13. Body armor

    Dude, you really do not know what you are talking about. you're speaking of helmets that makes most bullets rendered useless? Complete fiction. Another example is "Imagine this... if there is armor that completely blocks bullets, there'll be no variation. Because everybody will be using it." what? Body armor is bullet resistant to a certain degree, even then you also have to factor in the durability of the plate after it has been struck. You have absolutely no knowledge about the topic yet you still think you know it all. I could be here all day giving examples of how what you are saying is complete nonsense. "It doesn't matter who "knows more" than anybody.", seriously? Do I even need to begin to point out the problem with that statement. To clarify what is happening here, you are completely ignoring the benefits and the negatives of body armor, instead you opt for this imaginary MacGyver figure that pulls flak armor out of his ass when he sees a grenade coming and has a suit like ironman during combat. Tell me this, why is it that people like you hate change so much, it has to be the same regurgitated crap from every first person shooter otherwise it's all wrong. If you want a simplistic damage system with guns go play battlefield. You are catered for in the shooting genre, however people like me who appreciate authenticity and more difficult gameplay that requires you to use your brain more often, we aren't catered for in the genre nearly as much. Now obviously there is a point where the realism goes too far, like being shot and killed and never coming back. Now I'll be straight up, I do not want to get into an argument of who's point is more valid or what not so if you're up for at being a little more accepting of how body armor actually increases the experience then I can see this debate having a better outcome, what you have to understand is body armor has its natural cons that make it balanced. Like only protecting a small portion of the wearers body, being penetrated by rounds that are capable of doing so, and also helmets do not stop bullets, some are rated to stop small pistol rounds at certain distances but generally if you get shot in the head with a rifle round with a good angle that bullet is going through both sides of the helmet including your skull.
  14. Body armor

    Pulling the "muh too hard" card won't help as well, however looking at it from a more practical stand point can. I hope you haven't read through all the previous comments in this thread because if you have you have shown complete disregard of the information and practicality of body armor that has been starring you in the face. It wouldn't be hard to implement steel plates into leggings? You do not understand the weight and restrictive effects body armor has on the person wearing it. All I can say is this is a prime example of someone acting as if they know it all when in fact they do not know the slightest thing about the topic, I mean no offense to you but go educate yourself on personal protective clothing and then come back and contribute to the conversation.