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  1. westsidesneo

    *Patch Installation has Started*

    In Tarkov, patch notes you. Get that reddit cancer out of here
  2. westsidesneo

    Game needs to do level'd matchmaking

    That's your opinion, and I'm sorry that your imagination is so limited that you can't imagine anything other than PvP. The problem isn't with the game. The problem is with you. Consider: You sound like you don't you don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. Think about it for more than 3 seconds and you'll understand why you're wrong: If EFT had leveled matchmaking (which it never will, as BSG confirmed the other day, and you cannot imagine how palpable my relief is), that would mean low leveled players would hardly ever encounter high level gear, which means they'd never encounter high level gear, which means when they finally did have access to higher level gear, they wouldn't be proficient at it, which means that you'd still be in here on the forums whining about how we need a skill-based leveled matchmaking so that the "new" high level players would have a chance or some other insipid reason. Piss on that. Well then make a post in the Questions And Suggestions forum. Maybe they'll implement some form of your suggestion.
  3. westsidesneo

    Some Work in Progress Material

    New armor and what looks like another armored tactical rig? Nice What the heck is that white thing? Looks like a feminine hygiene pad... A new SKS mount, that's a long time coming... also nice! And then there's the streamer items. Looks like the community already hates them, and it's been barely 8 hours... Didn't Summit also trash Tarkov in one of his streams? Not sure why BSG would give him any recognition whatsoever. I get that BSG wants to promote their game, but streamer items is NOT the way to do it. Please for the love of god BSG, come to your senses and stop developing these dumb streamer items.
  4. westsidesneo

    Game needs to do level'd matchmaking

    No, we read it... we just disagree, because it gets boring for just you and people who play like you, i.e. people who only seem to care about PvP, and don't realize that it's just one aspect of the game. I'm perfectly content to bring my "noob" gear into raids at level 40+. Why is that? Because it's fun. Let us have our fun, and don't try to ruin it for us by asking for CASUAL features like leveled matchmaking. 100% against leveled matchmaking, in case the tone of my comment wasn't clear enough. 100% disagree. I understand why you might think that, and it's because all you seem to care about is PvP. You do realize that you don't HAVE to shoot at everyone you see, right? Nevermind. Clearly it never occurred to you, if you're complaining about "farming newbies".
  5. westsidesneo

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    Thanks for the information, and thanks for the extra little bits about what's planned for 0.11!
  6. 10 round magazines STANDARD?!?! Stop smoking crack my friend. Your loved ones will thank you for it.
  7. westsidesneo


    Expect the AEK in the future, as well as the majority of the guns that were in Contract Wars. A Battlestate representative has said they're planning as such, with a few notable exceptions
  8. westsidesneo

    Damaged body Armor

    It's probably bugged. I went on my first raid, escaped with Fort + Kiver, didn't have any issues repairing them at Rep 4... so you should probably submit a bug report. Do you have the ability to repair any other armor/weapons?
  9. westsidesneo

    New patch - Trading

    I doubt they'll have many guns up for cash sale once we hit Beta, and they add in the Flea Market functionality. People will be selling their guns there because they'll be able to get significantly more cash for them, and it'll be cheaper for players to buy used guns... except possibly in the case of rare, highly desirable firearms (like the VSS or VAL). Essentially, there won't even be a need for traders to offer guns for cash. The Flea Market should be flooded with them.
  10. westsidesneo

    Hideout Feature Questions and Developer Answers

    Thank you for directly answering my question. Looking forward to my hideout!
  11. westsidesneo

    The Hideout announcement

    I have a very specific set of connected questions about the modules: 1: How many modules will you be able to employ simultaneously? (if the answer is *all*, ignore question 2) 2: Will there be trade-offs to using different types of modules? 3. Will the modules be tiered? 4. Will there be rare modules? Thanks. Oh, and please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT make the hideouts "raid-able". That would completely kill the game, and you would only wind up encouraging toxic behavior.
  12. westsidesneo

    Tarkov isn't shaping up the way I thought it would

    Yep, I'm ogling those screenshots now looks nice And people still have the nerve to compare EFT to DayZ... but, I'm just gonna sip my tea
  13. westsidesneo

    Tarkov isn't shaping up the way I thought it would

    I was saying that Elite Dangerous is several orders of magnitude better than No Man's Sky. No Man's Sky was a turd on release, is still a turd, and will probably always be a turd... just like DayZ SA. The thread starter was essentially saying that EFT = DayZ SA (in terms of development), and I couldn't let that obviously biased and nonfactual statement stand.
  14. westsidesneo

    Tarkov isn't shaping up the way I thought it would

    I just compared DayZ SA to No Man's Sky, unarguably one of the most over-hyped and under developed games ever made. I sharted all over DayZ in my previous comment, and somehow I sound like a DayZ apologist? wat.gif Unless you're saying that I'm an EFT apologist... in which case, there's nothing to apologize for. They've been doing what they're supposed to be doing in an Alpha, and that's adding in new content and fixing major issues. DayZ SA never made it that far. Oh, they did some map changes, sure. But they were poorly optimized and badly implemented. Yes, they've added some weapons and other melee crap besides the M4 and FNX when they started, but their animations are garbage and there's numerous issues with most of them. Don't get me started of the garbage melee system that never really got any better since release... and that's how not to do an alpha. Compare that to EFT. New content/major bugfixing since Alpha release of EFT: Woods, the whole map Customs map expansion Scav mode SKS Dobraev (or whatever that thing is called) Groups (that was bugged on initial release) Desync (was much, much worse at release) Matchmaking (again, wait times of 30+ minutes for many people at release) etc. So, you were saying something about EFT progress being "slow and pointless"?
  15. westsidesneo

    Tarkov isn't shaping up the way I thought it would

    EFT is in Alpha testing. I don't know about you, but for me, it was very, very explicitly advertised as being incomplete. Maybe you don't understand the various stages of software development? Games don't make themselves. It takes time and effort to make something of any value, and then sometimes even after you've put in thousands of hours of cumulative work into a project you get hounded by people that complain, saying something like: That's like comparing "Elite: Dangerous" to "No Man's Sky". Shameful.