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    Wie erkenne ich wer mich gekillt hat ?

    Bots haben immer Vor- und Nachnamen, die alle russisch (slavisch? keine Ahnung) sind. Spieler heißen dann irgendwie PuzzySzlayer69 und dergleichen, sollte nicht so schwer sein das zu erkennen ^^
  3. Nemesis2310

    How old are you?

    21 this year, from Germany, Cologne
  4. Nemesis2310

    legit tactics and complaining about the use of them

    I guess what he means is, that he is trying to find that key on customs, as it does spawn there.
  5. Nemesis2310

    USEC vs BEAR - Your pick and why?

    USEC, at least as my primary character, because i really like the customizability and versatility of the ar15 platform, and because i am from europe and do not speak russian. So choosing a BEAR would not let me immerse myself into the story that much. Oh and i do not like the rough style of ak-type weapons. But my secondary i'll definetly choose a BEAR so i can experience their side of the story as well