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  1. headbanger203

    SOS Im Stuck!

    Unfortunately, you're screwed. It's one of the many places where once you fall in you can't get out.
  2. headbanger203

    6b helmet

    Helmets in general seem a bit questionable...
  3. Or, it could be because it's a game and BSG wanted some balance? Not everything needs to be justified by the lore, especially when the AI is just a bit broken at this point. Anyway back to the topic, as I've said in many threads about the scavs, I love the way they react now by, Running to cover and using said cover Pushing when you're reloading/healing (I don't know if they do that because you're reloading/healing though) Leaning round corners to take shots They feel smarter and better but, They need some tweaking, not a huge amount but they need tweaking.
  4. headbanger203

    Give up emoticons

    Yeah surprised something like this hasn't been added, but even then you'd just get executed. Maybe when VOIP is added? PS, it would be emotes, Emoticons/emojis are things like
  5. headbanger203

    Anyone else's gun just randomly stop spraying?

    I had a moment where I had to double click to fire but I'm just gonna blame patchday for all the problems.
  6. headbanger203

    when is wipe

    I understand people want the wipe but
  7. headbanger203

    gamma hacking/cheating, at night

    The only problem with night-time is that there's so many things that can affect your gamma i.e. changing your pc's settings, your monitors settings, even programs like reshade (Yes you can tweak the gamma but honestly it doesn't offer that much of an advantage and never really has, or at the very least never to DayZ levels of advantage). Currently with the way my monitor is set up, I've had it for years and only changed the settings once which was when I got it, I've never needed a light or night vision to make my way through the map or find players but people play differently on night-time making it far easier for me to play. Why? Well people assume their safer and they sprint around like maniacs or walk through high traffic zones without a care in the world or they be complete sillies and walk around with a flashlight on all the time... Fighting at night is always easier than daytime because people are silly and get complacent, but you should just play cautiously assume you'll be seen regardless of how dark it is.
  8. headbanger203

    I don't get it

    Due to the way ammo is currently, you will not be that competitive until you get the traders to level 3 and 4, unless you trade for a box of BS rounds from prapor. Therefore, I suggest you spray the legs and try your best to be the one that starts the fight to give you the biggest chance of success. Unfortunately Tarkov mid-wipe is quite crap, everyone is fully geared running around one tapping people with SA-58s and if they ain't doing that, they're using the b-e-a-utiful mosin.
  9. headbanger203

    HK MP5 Briefcase.

    What the APB and G18? Yeah they're amazing but at any range beyond face-rape distance they lose viability fast, at-least with an MP5 you can rival an AK, even more so with the SD version which rivals the VAL/VSS in terms of recoil and accuracy. It's not the best gun but it damn sure is more fun than using an AK/M4 for the thousandth time.
  10. headbanger203

    How to change Region

    Silly suggestion, but has anyone tried re-downloading the launcher and doing a complete reinstall of Tarkov? I'm sure someone has Other than that, there's not really much to be done other than hope that BSG decides to actually fix it...
  11. headbanger203

    Let's talk about Friends From the West Part 1

    Doesn't work anymore. But yeah this quest is massive pain, took me from 25-30 to actually complete it and this was just due to not seeing many USEC and I felt as though I was forced to seek out gunshots just for the chance of getting one or two kills (This usually got me killed in the process, although I wasn't too bothered if I got a kill or two), it's not exactly my favorite way of playing but it was the only to progress. I wouldn't be complaining if BSG upped the amount you need to kill to 20 or so BUT it was just any PMCs, not exclusively USEC, might not make sense from a lore perspective but hey, another task could always be added to peacekeeper that you need to kill x amount of USEC further down in his questline.
  12. headbanger203

    getting one tapped all the time but cannot get a player kill

    Hit reg is off this patch, I've died multiple times after scoring many headshots (With M995/BS/BP) only to be killed by the same person who seems to unaffected. Combat is just a bit crappy in 0.9 anyway, armour is strong, ammo is weak. Anyway OP, use this, it's the current ammo damage and pen chart, buy the best ammo you can and use it until you can buy the next best and if you see a guy rocking Gen4 or fort, either spray the face or legs, alternatively, run.
  13. headbanger203

    Scav on Scav violence

    Another post about scav on scav violence, we've had more of these than we've had updates for the game at this point... You're a scav, a scumbag who has decided that killing to get ahead is no problem for them morally, a scav killing a scav is normal as it is what their society is to them. Just spot the signs of player scavs and kill them before they kill you, safest way to play currently...
  14. headbanger203

    Armour feels either useless or OP

    Take your armour off before every raid and re-equip it when you load in, the armour bug is back in force this patch. For the record, you don't know true pain until you're TOZed in the face and one shot while wearing an Altyn....
  15. headbanger203


    I will say it again for the one thousandth millionth time, SWITCH SERVERS. If you're seeing hackers regularly on one server, switch to a nearby one and see what happens, also if you're playing factory you're going to encounter the most hackers as this is where they seem to enjoy it most, it is their natural habitat. Hackers are a plague and there's nothing we as players/testers can do, so all we can do is try to reduce the amount we have to deal with it, the rest is up to BSG.