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  1. headbanger203

    See each person damage

    I would love this, along with a number of hits on each target. Being able to accurately shout "BULL****" when you've had a questionable encounter is always a nice thing. (Although it's gonna suck when you find out you did 430 damage or something)
  2. headbanger203

    any advice?

    Turn your volume up, if you think there's players in the area either, Find a place to hunker down and listen. Depending on how brave you're feeling, push the area you think they're in. Unfortunate thing about woods and interchange is the maps are so big and have such long sight lines, you need to try and minimize the chances of people spotting you, which is easier said than done although on interchange just try and guard your back with hard cover or dip into the stores. Woods on the other hand, either stick to the areas with dense trees, use hills and rocks to stop people from spotting you, above all, hope no-one sees you first.
  3. headbanger203

    doors need nerf

    Really? I'm not trying to be rude but you've either played very few games or the games you have played have been lacking in quality... The Scav AI isn't the worst I've ever seen in a game but it's still pretty bad, I mean all that's changed since I bought the alpha is small tweaks and they now lean around corners, but a good AI in a shooter doesn't get shot and then run straight towards the person shooting it. I would also like to add I didn't say they were broken, they're just terrible as they don't react in any understandable way, half the time they run away and then run back ignoring cover completely and just walking towards you like a robot. Edit: Or they see one of their men, dead, and just go "Eh it was like that earlier, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about" Yes, you're correct people will find ways to outsmart the AI, the unfortunate truth is the AI is incredibly easy to outsmart and needs a rework. Hopefully BSG will decide to do it soon seeing as they plan on adding more AI enemies (Cult, UN, more raiders and bosses), they might also further reduce the lag that scavs create. I'm also going to recommend you play some games, FEAR Half Life (Doesn't really matter which 1 or 2) Hate to say it, any of the call of duties, although for the sake of best AI/Gameplay go no further than Black Ops 2 Metro 2033/Last Light Wolfenstein RTCW or The New Order Final word on the AI, they were fine for the alpha but when every other part of EFT is improving they should be included. At the very least give them some damn recoil or accuracy penalty to automatic fire BSG!
  4. headbanger203

    They are taking out barter items?

    Yeah there's now so much rubbish on the traders that some items just can't be seen, Ragman is a good example of this.
  5. headbanger203

    doors need nerf

    Unfortunately, fighting the raiders straight up usually tends to end in death and people have a tendency to follow the path of least resistance. Although don't expect this to change until BSG realize they need to re-do scav behavior and AI and lets be honest, the AI is currently terrible and the only way BSG knows how to make them dangerous is by giving them some serious reaction time and aim.
  6. headbanger203

    Problem in game

    I hate to ask, but you are pressing the right button? Now that that silly question is out of the way, which servers are you playing on and are you experiencing high ping? (If it's over 100ms you'll see it in the top right corner, I believe you can also check with fps 1 or 2 in the console) Because it sounds like what you're describing is lag/desync, you may want to check which server you're on when you start the launcher and switch to one with a lower ping.
  7. headbanger203

    Simulator that restores a blacked out limb

    Apparently surgical kits were supposed to be in 0.11 but were held back for next patch, they are able to restore a blacked out limb. That's all I know and I expect them to be expensive.
  8. headbanger203

    No play for me

    The level might not mean that much in game but out of game it can earn you quite a bit, gear's the obvious thing but a new player facing said geared player isn't going to work out in their favor most of the time. Anyway Dretchen, I recommend you find a few people to play with (Or one of the new sherpa people if that's your thing) so you can learn while you play, having a buddy playing with you also helps with the disappointment of losing your gear. I would also recommend you watch one of the various streamers/youtube compilations, you'll pick up what gear is good and worth grabbing at the same time you're learning cheeky spots and ways to beat campers. Knowledge is key in tarkov, you can be a great player but all it takes is small advantage to level the playing field. Above all else though, you NEED to play the game we could always list tips and tricks to help you out in the long run but if you don't put the time in it's not going to make any difference. PS. I've always felt end of wipe is the best time to learn yeah you'll get stomped a-lot but if you get good at taking down tanks, imagine what you'll be like when wipe hits...
  9. headbanger203


    A document detailing on how to potentially steal accounts? Anyway, I have a feeling you're unable to see this from any other point of view but I will try one last time to detail the events and my opinion is formed from what I've seen and how events have unfolded. Eroktic Sees a cheat developer who has openly admitted to data mining nearly everything about the game who claims to have discovered a way to get access to peoples accounts and has detailed it for anyone to have a go. Eroktic decides to warn people that it *MAY BE* be a risk and there might be merit to the unlucky few that have claimed to have been randomly banned. Eroktic is then told by people claiming to work/worked at BSG of various naughty dealings and scummy practices, he voices in a video that it again *MAY HAVE* been happening. I can't remember his exact wording but we were never given proof, whether or not Eroktic received such proof we do not know. BSG Instead of denying the accusations they go straight for the jugular and attempt to destroy Eroktic's youtube channel with illegal copyright strikes. BSG continued to strike more videos and released a statement confirming that it was not done because of copyright but that it was because they didn't like what he'd been saying and accused him of slandering their product. Following mass backlash, BSG releases another statement saying that they are making their way through the videos and removing or keeping the strikes. (This should be done in reverse, finding violations and then striking but personally I assume they're only doing this to try and save face) BSG then release updates detailing security fixes. BSG have been revealed to have been using products from companies in EFT with the required licensing, therefore infringing on copyright (Irony huh?) From all the information we've had, Eroktic doesn't seem like he's done a whole lot wrong, can't say I like him much but I do understand his intent and I'm almost certain it was not to hurt the game but to help it. BSG on the other hand I have absolutely no clue what their thought process was, all the things they've done seem to point at them trying to cover things up or just being incredibly incompetent when it comes to dealing with PR problems. Now I'm hoping this was merely an over-reaction and all of the rumors that Eroktic mentioned aren't true, with any luck BSG will also remove the strikes and we can start forgetting about this. Also BSG hire a goddamn PR guy/gal/gender-neutral person so this doesn't happen again. In-short, BSG have been unjustifiably naughty in striking Eroktic over little more than a community warning and the voicing of rumors. (And being slightly dickish, but that's just kinda Eroktic...)
  10. headbanger203


    Was it a bad decision though? As far as I can tell he was trying to warn the community of a possible security breach and as a result BSG decided to blast him from existence because he called them out for using an outdated system. It's just bad form, especially as community relations and BSG haven't ever been good, this is just more strain that wasn't needed.
  11. headbanger203


    This is what has annoyed me about the whole situation, we have no proof either way so was Eroktic making a fool of himself? Ifso why did BSG react so aggressively? I mean a quick message saying "Oh hey man, would you mind removing the video? We actually fixed that issue a while ago." The problem is BSG has reacted like that which is regardless a scummy thing to do and now makes me lean more towards Eroktic purely because of how it's handled. But trying to destroy someone's living is clearly the best way to proceed instead of fixing issues with the game. Also, put two factor authentication on, just in case and BSG go back to working on the game before this gets out of hand...
  12. headbanger203

    An example of why I'm leaving the game

    Complaining about spawnkilling on factory? A map where you spawn about 20 feet from people, I'd also recommend to anyone, when you spawn don't stand still just run for cover and be prepared to fight.
  13. headbanger203

    IS IT JUST ME OR....

    I was just adding my opinion on what I think would make the game more enjoyable for me and others, I can't really say much about anti-cheat because personally I haven't really encountered that many hackers so I can't judge how bad it is, all I have is what people tell me, and that varies from person to person. As for the engine and the net code, I wouldn't say no to the upgrade but I can't see any massive improvement or changes being made for quite some time. Edit: Spelling
  14. headbanger203

    IS IT JUST ME OR....

    I don't know if I'd ever say the game is getting worse, it's just not really getting better or changing. The biggest things we've had the last few patches are animations, mosin, mp7 and flea market. We need some new maps and maybe a large weapon dump instead of one every couple of months, add some new skills, make the multi-tool work etc... Tarkov's fine but there's no variety, it hasn't really changed in a while but I'm hoping BSG has something planned but considering that a large amount of small things constantly break every update, I've got low expectations.
  15. headbanger203

    Typo in quest requirements

    There's a few of these, the quest "Chumming" wants you hide three 'Good Chains' instead of gold chains...