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  1. Looking for people to do runs with

    Your post was deleted or moved for a reason, I imagine. This isn't the area for this. I already told you where to go.
  2. The Escape From Tarkov Sherpa Program

    This looks amazing. Can't wait to hear on how to join.
  3. PP-91 "Kedr"

    Ah, okay! Thanks for clarifying, then.
  4. PP-91 "Kedr"

    A minor thing that bothers me; The PP-91 Kedr ingame fires at XXX* rpm. According to this, (and one of the links in SoC_Duty's post), it fires at 1000. However, according to 2/3 the links that SoC_Duty gave, they say it fires at 800. Obviously I don't own one in real life so I don't know, but 900 doesn't seem to show up anywhere. *I don't know if I can actually say what the RPM is due to NDA or whatever