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  1. Dehydration is exxxxxtreme

    i hate the dehydration typically you can go into a fight versus another player and win with a black stomach, and a few seconds later you died it's way to harsh and shouldn't even be part of the current state of the game, you cant even stop the dehydration i mean you can stop bleeding which is also liquid why shouldn't be able to stop dehydration? cover it up with dirt in the gun wound, yes it can cause infection but do you wanna have a chance to live now, or die? also if it has to be in the game give is stitches or stables, maybe even a sewing kit which could reduce bleeding chance/stomach dehydration by 50% it would make the game more forgiven if you're prepared because currently you have to drink several hundred bottles every half second to live.
  2. I like to see the entire system adjusted regarding economy.... if anyone remembered before the beta launched there was a patch where haltings was barely a thing, you rarely ever saw anyone going around with melee - this was mostly because scavs was pretty overpowered on custom so running as a hatching was basically death, but everything was fine because everyone could get equipment pretty fast. one of the things i really love with escape from tarkov is the gun mechanism and how it's so amazing to be playing as a geared player versus other geared players and not how it feels to be killing hatchlings also the current loot system kinda sucks because the only thing scav drops literally sucks to a certain degree that the only thing currently worth doing is just killing players during the night on factory. this is also the only place i never see anyone with a hatchling because they cant see anything at all, it just is a mode with no hatchlings and it's amazing. sadly one complaint i've is the teaming in factory ... 5 man going in to kill 1 player and then farm everything really sucks seen it several times where hidding in the corner is a legit strat because they'll be camping all exits. either ´way back to fix hatchlings' it has something to do with how effective a hatchling can do everything example loot crates, stay afk 30min into a game and then loot leftovers legit nothing is against the hatchlings who cares that they died, they filled up their gamma case and now earned 20k while you wasted 1k on bullets. you could potentially just do so you cant remove/add anything into the gamma/beta container in a game but still use what it contains this is actually legit my idea of fixing the hatchlings but several people have bashed me for this idea, so i suppose accepting the game as it is. is the legit only way if people don't wanna changes in their games - then nothing changes Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything . George Bernard Shaw
  3. Ping lock please

    Not this one, the entire reason is 1 packet loss can get you kicked, example R6 siege used this system on launch where players with % packet lose in <TIME Would get kicked. this is a serious issue when servers sometimes are causing packet lose and not client - example if i may.. R6 siege with packet lose = kick.. amazing when you've stable Ethernet.
  4. Playing with a hacker

    While no doubt hackers exist in any game then majority of everytime something fishy happens then it's because the massive peekers advantage. you can be around a corner and he still is able to shoot you because the delay. kinda how the game works currently, will hopefully get better.
  5. Desert Eagle

    The desert eagle is used by portugals police unit ( Special trained obviously ) it is very small and only contains 200 trained agents. and then Polen speciel unit GROM also has the desert as a secondary weapon of choice.
  6. Ban for forbidden software using 

    i disagree - i like to know if my program that formats fullscreen to windowed full screen is allowed to use. or if my new asus rog monitor which can give a crosshair on screen is allowed. also if macros are allowed and to what extend, is auto healing by macro allowed or is auto walk allowed what is actually allowed?
  7. Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    So when do you guys even disable the EoD edition i hurried to buy the EoD edition since you gave the statement it would be removed at the beta launch, now beta has been here for a very long time and it still exits... at least give people a compensation for the misleading information many bought the EoD edition for the title being unique to all alpha testers but this is no longer the case even beta player has acces to the title if they pay for it. at least give people maybe "Alpha tester title".
  8. Bring back the old medical system!

    i like the new healing system it forces you to take risks instead of the pasy system where you would 24/7 heal every limb over and over.
  9. Name this :*

    Yes - was added before beta.
  10. Scav AK Bug? (Or maybe I'm stupid)

    It's just a trash weapon and highly inaccurate even if you've a optic you can't hit anything further than 50 meters with decent accuracy in the past it has been a decent weapon long before beta started but that was mostly because the rarity of other weapons like aks was a rare sight and m4a1 was something only very few got and those who had wouldn't use. But now we've SKS and easy access to the big ak and soon akm it's just a trash tier weapon which only serves as a cheap rifle for new players or people who just wants to have big advantage at 25m but nothing at 100. Even if you full mod it it will still be terrible compared to the big ak purely because if its terrible recoil.
  11. Pre-order packages of Escape from Tarkov will be improved

    i'm quite sure it's not gonna apply then they properly had given a statement regarding that.
  12. Scav Respawn

    That would kill the point of insurence.
  13. Tarkov Going In

    How i feel when i get one tapped by a 360 no scoping scav across half of the map with a Zlatogor Kalashnikov.
  14. Return of Super Scavs???

    I'll be explaining guys, the scavs are another company undercover which is made up of special agents all over the world, they've infiltrated Scavs headquarter and now walking the areas off every map... the bad scavs which missed 15 shots out of 15 are actually scavs but those who'll hit you 100 times out of 10 are the super elite soldier scavs who went undercover they've the ability to penetrate helms to instantly kill anyone. we as a private military can't do anything against these beings they're far beyond out skills.
  15. Feature request

    9/10 will tell you to "git gud" but no sorry i totally get you when i joined the game in Januar i got rekt so hard mainly by the AI since they even back then were broken because the shotguns was insane. The only thing i can tell you is to run the scav runs. scav runs was designed tto new players use it and get to learn the map factory people requested a hardcore shooter where you're punished for mistakes, this is it. hardcore and you're punished if you're bad...