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  1. Bann top 10 in every category= get rid of few hackers .
  2. Czecher

    can we get rid of insurance times

    Yes Game time (when ur loged ingame) will help a lot.
  3. Czecher

    Campers, gave up, game is ruined

    I am Camper and i know it
  4. Wonder how many hackers will get on top.Weeks later banned...
  5. They will go back to alpha stage again so dont worry,bugs will happen
  6. Czecher

    IS IT JUST ME OR....

    1 step forward,2 steps back and then u wait months to fix what they broke...
  7. Czecher

    "Kill on respawn" destroys the gameplay

    Well they have to put less ppl on the maps, bcs its too small for soo many players...
  8. Czecher

    Scav vs Scav Players

    It will be punished in very very far future if things go the same slow speed....scav vs scav will hurt reputation of the attacker
  9. Well broken game will get fixed ,yet with such amaterism it will never get released.. or it might , but 1.0 will feel like 0.5...
  10. Czecher

    Spawn Killing

    Cause u got spawned next to another player, if the player know the spawns, its like 40s of running in that direction ...And it happens on all maps as well, maybe hide next time close to ur spawn and u might be able to watch someone passing by...
  11. Feels like Aimbot is now on the bullet not on the weapon, otherwise how can they hit everytime with shotgun even at long range 70+ m ???
  12. Czecher

    Can't play anymore - Motion sickness

    Got now around 40 fps(was 60+) yet feels like 20......
  13. Czecher


    Jo hekři jsou z5 ,to netrvalo dlouho...
  14. Czecher

    Scav question

    Only if u run into player scav who know ur not AI scav...but then is every AI scav hostile to attacker.
  15. Czecher

    Where the **** are the scavs on woods?

    There is less scavs no doubt but none?...