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  1. Czecher

    [EU] 14 Day Trial Code - 3 to giveaway!

    GX147-98FVH-5WRU4-ARI5U .
  2. Only russian think different than the rest, u just have not enough exp with them.
  3. Typical russian devs....copy+paste and replace all they can do..
  4. Czecher

    I don`t enjoy killing only scavs

    Go for Factory ,there is always someone, geared or not..
  5. Czecher

    1 vs 5

    What if someone wants to play solo? It is a must to put squads against squads not against solo players or its broken game...
  6. Czecher

    War With Cheaters!

    Wait for Free Trials.....new players will love it here....
  7. Bann top 10 in every category= get rid of few hackers .
  8. Czecher

    can we get rid of insurance times

    Yes Game time (when ur loged ingame) will help a lot.
  9. Czecher

    Campers, gave up, game is ruined

    I am Camper and i know it
  10. Wonder how many hackers will get on top.Weeks later banned...
  11. They will go back to alpha stage again so dont worry,bugs will happen
  12. Czecher

    IS IT JUST ME OR....

    1 step forward,2 steps back and then u wait months to fix what they broke...
  13. Czecher

    "Kill on respawn" destroys the gameplay

    Well they have to put less ppl on the maps, bcs its too small for soo many players...
  14. Czecher

    Scav vs Scav Players

    It will be punished in very very far future if things go the same slow speed....scav vs scav will hurt reputation of the attacker
  15. Well broken game will get fixed ,yet with such amaterism it will never get released.. or it might , but 1.0 will feel like 0.5...