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  1. Is there gonna be melee grappling(MMA) combat?

    I just wish I could come up behind someone and it had a cool animation in which you could stab someone in the jugular. To many times have a suck up on geared guys and my dude just wants to be beat them over the head with his hatchet.
  2. Shotguns ?

    Lolz this is a Hollywood thing and does not happen in real life, same with falling over when people are shot.
  3. Dog tags

    I see them as a trophy, I like to organize mine by people who gun glitch and people who do not; Id post it but shamming is frowned upon around here.
  4. What about the ability to just build your own IFAK, ie you can add bandages and healing items as you see fit, maybe even have the ability to put splints in them that would take away from the healing / bandages space. I would also like to see tourniquets, that would be a stop to bleeding but would limited mobility, it would allow you to fix bleeding quickly, so you can get back to the fight, with the animations coming it would be faster then bandages. It would also be effective even if you get shot again in the same limb. You would be able to fix bleeding with bandages then take of tourniquet to resume mobility.
  5. You dont have to load into a PVE before each raid, just the first time you launch the game.
  6. Step 1: Install EFT to SSD Step 2: Upon first lunch of game enter all maps you wish to play first via PVE mode
  7. Container Weight/Stacking

    This is weird because that is exactly how I store my bags and equipment IRL, I fold them up and I can fit 3 or more of the same bags in one bag depending on the size of it.
  8. The penalty for wounds needs to be greater

    I think you need to understand that if a guy is within 21 feet and he wants you dead with a knife let alone a hatchet and your are not ready for it, you are dead every time. Yes he may die shortly after, but he is going to behead you, he as enough adrenaline built up that he will actually walk right though 7.62 this is not the movies bullets do not make you fall over nor do they have enough force to knock you down. When in combat a lot of people do not even realize they have been shot until after the adrenaline leaves. Actually being shot several times and walking away after controlling the bleeding and not going into shock is not uncommon at all, the world recorded holder for most times shot is a navy seal who walked to the evac after being shot over 27 times. Just remember IRL 1 bullet can kill you but sometimes 20 do not. You can also be shot in the head and still live as well.
  9. Really?

    In close quarters like on factory there is no need to aim down sights if you are within 30 meters, its called point shooting and it is very effective even in real life.
  10. Add noise-distraction items

    I just want to be able to throw my magazine and scream grenade and see them scurry and await the boom, while I move on the flank.
  11. I have no problem, hitting a scav in the face with my hatchet. Also IRL if you are within 23 feet of someone with a knife and they are not ready, gun up ready to pull the trigger then you are dead man to a hatchet every time. (This is why US Police shoot people with knifes even if you think they are at a safe distance) If you are looking for realism, then pretty much any engagement on factory would be won by a hatchling. I strongly dislike that the operators walk around constantly with their weapon at the high ready, any one that has held a gun at the high ready while standing for a considerable amount of time will tell you an 8 pound weapon gets heavy really fast, now add all that cool guy poo I see on everyones M4 and your talking about a 12 pound weapon yah good luck holding that up for an hour; I think it should drain your stamina bar at a descent pace when standing, less if you are couching and almost nil if you are laying down, I think it should drain more, if you have every attachment on your weapon as well, as all of this adds a considerable amount of weight to your weapon. Also standing sniping should not exist in a game like this, there would be so much weapon sway on a long rifle while free standing you wouldn't hit anything further then 100 yards, its so bad right now in this state quick scoping might as well be a thing. Also I just want to crush this argument real quick "but they are highly trained operators"... no most contractors are less trained then the average US service member, there are exceptions to that rule, but most are not bad ass SF guys that also have a side job as the Punisher, that this game would make you think they are.
  12. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  13. Pulling weapons up?

    Deal you get your mechanic, but in exchange I want to be able to wait on the corner / door way while your barrel protrudes the corner so I can grab it and slit your throat in a seamless sweep.
  14. I have to comment on this, depending on the moon it could change your ability to see at night drastically especially when there are not other light sources to hinder, for example in the city at night it is much darker however in the country at night it is much lighter, in some country's at night that do not have a lot of light interference you will be able to see really well at night, additionally depending on how bright it is it could hinder your ability to use night vision at night.
  15. You have two options when you choose your raid, Day or Night // depending on the time this could be a dusk or dawn. The time you have to wait to get your desired time is likely never less then a few minutes. Additionally I would recommend messing with your contrast on your monitor as well as the brightness setting.