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  1. YEAGERxx

    Customs Invisible players !

    Same thing just happened to me and my full team I was full kit and so where they. Idk why this is happening but need it fixed asap. Have any one heard from the devs about this problem or hack or glitch.
  2. Hey guys my discord name is Yeager

    thanks for the time


    1. MayorAwesome


      Hey, my discord name is MayorAwesome#0640


  3. YEAGERxx

    Do you instantly get an alpha email?

    You would think that for $147 a copy to play right now. That they would have some one on here to clear up this hole mess lol this is the most i have ever spent on a game. I think im going to go to bed and hope for the best.
  4. YEAGERxx

    Do you instantly get an alpha email?

    Ya in CA so its only 9:31 lol fail. Well looks like ill go to sleep and hope i did not blow $147 lol