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  1. Leach8887

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    Another TAW member. No surprise there. A whole clan of hackers.
  2. Leach8887

    Hatchet Run Changes

    Given the current state. Without the karma system, hatchets are the best way to get gear (gamma) and money. You go scav you get tked before you even load in. You go geared and a flying hacker or a 360 no scope triple back flip scav will kill you from 200m with a makarov. This is assuming you don't spawn in with broken legs. And if you somehow make it to an exit there is likely a camper. To many - out weigh the +
  3. Leach8887

    Implement some in-door farm

    Weed could also replace painkiller with side effects of course. The more you use, your vision blurs.
  4. Will we be able to pry open locked doors (based on a skill) with the crowbar? Maybe locked military crates and car trunks? Also are lockpicks going to be a thing? Shotgun locks to breach rooms without an animation? Grenades destroying doors?
  5. Leach8887

    I waited all this time for this?

    Your mistake is not doing offline mode. Learn the maps. Go to the discord (the streamers have them too) to get help and map layouts. Player scavs are hostile. Always. Do hatchet runs, take all loot you can find until you find better loot, take note of items that traders trade for guns. Go to traders and examine all their items so you can use them if you find them while looting. Keep meds in pockets or alpha/beta/gamma container. Ask for help as their is no tutorial yet.
  6. Leach8887

    Difference between AI and Player Scav

    AI don't have random loot on them. Also, where is facial hair, people don't shave when they are trying to survive?
  7. Leach8887

    Do you really want to Escape from Tarkov?

    solid point, we gather gear, we have a market, we have unlimited retries. We leave Tarkov, and then what? We leave the game?
  8. Leach8887


    Hold down the trigger and find out. Press L to inspect the weapon and press B to switch the fire mode to see if the visual changes
  9. Leach8887

    Waiting For "Edge Of Darkness" Alpha Access

    Please keep us updated, I bought mine last night. 14 hours and no email. not in spam. I was hoping to have it by now so I could play it after work.
  10. Leach8887

    What will be the first thing you do in game?

    play the "what does this button do game" and then forget that every 5 minutes, press buttons, forget, repeat until thoroughly sure you will remember. then get into a gun fight and forget which button you shoot with.
  11. Leach8887

    Nametag and timestamp always showing

    post a link to his account. If he is breaking NDA the mods need to see it.
  12. Leach8887

    Waiting For "Edge Of Darkness" Alpha Access

    Thanks, I'll make sure to keep an eye on my email.
  13. Leach8887

    Waiting For "Edge Of Darkness" Alpha Access

    Do I get the alpha code from an email or does my profile let me download the alpha?