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    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    Daaaaamn guess who purchased the game on 08/01/2017 and wont get the 07/25/2017 kit T~T
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    New players

    Character name Grayson Description A US marine attached to the UN Peacekeeping operations, Fillmoore Grayson is simply a man in the wrong place at the wrong time, except this time his life is on the line for it. His past Fillmoore Grayson is no local to the streets of Tarkov. He grew up in Florida long ago in Duval County with your close to average child hood. At the age of 19, he enlisted into the marine corps, being tied into a RCT regiment in the middle east during America's war on terror. During his four years of service Fillmoore Grayson slowly climbed the ranks to First Sergeant, getting into his fair share of trouble when it came to dealing with the not so supportive population at the time. When his time expired the young soldier decided to re-enlist, hoping to figure out what to do with his life while he continued to be a marine. When the First Sergeant re-enlisted he had a choice of reassignment. Instead of returning to a RCT The sergeant joined the small reserve unit tied to the US's contribution to UN. As a military adviser, Fillmoore Grayson would go to many places in the world, contributing bit by bit to peace keeping operations from India to Africa. How did he get to Tarkov? When the Tarkov Incident exploded Fillmoore Grayson was deployed to assist with enforcing UN Blockades and patrols. Being a boonie hat in a wave of blue helmets, the NCO aided in organizing parties to be deployed on patrol. He took part of one patrol, one that went terribly wrong. Before he knew it he was caught in the crossfire between UN and the locals. He's now a lost soldier, focusing on trying to return to his post. Predilections Fillmoore is a military man. He can be gritty and force himself through the most unpleasant things. One thing he really likes though is a roof over his head and a warm shower. Friends It is unknown at this time whether or not Fillmoore's associates in the UN can recognize him. Every time he tried to make his move to his post they'd mistake him for a hostile due to him simply not wearing your average UN Uniform. Many US Soldiers might recognize him. Wounds, and battles Grayson has suffered a series of lacerations on his arms and legs due to his bad run with some shrapnel. He has been able to patch himself up though. Aspirations Fillmoore Grayson has orders to support the blockade, but being stuck in the fire his only aspirations are to make it out of Tarkov alive. He'll deal with the fire from his commanding officers later. The greatest achievement that character did Fillmoore Grayson is a more humble kind of individual. It would be safe to say his promotion to a NCO position would be his greatest achievement other than the mere fact he's survived through hell on earth. Strength 26 Endurance 26 Accuracy 28 Fighter
  3. Well in most survival games I've been running the 'good guy' and this one's no different. Lady luck will smile upon you if you come across me in a non combative situation! From my experience in any survival game however this is being the equivalent to being a white knight in a dark world. Its not going to be pleasant.
  4. Furasian

    What do you play ?

    Ya know thinking about EFT got me in that PMC feeling. I even started playing Insurgency again for the fun of it. ((Mikey, their security voice actor sure knows how to play that "stuck in the middle of a terrifying gunfight" role.))
  5. Furasian

    EFT players worldwide

    +1 for Florida man! Duvaaaal