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  1. Hi All, I have made a Guitar Pro 5 tab and exported a MIDI file for Prepare for Escape by geneburn, the main EFT theme song. Tabbed this out by ear, tried to transpose the instruments somewhat into a playable format for guitar - feel free to modify it as you please. Note that this is incomplete, missing some melodies, but seems fairly accurate to me. Hope someone will find use of this - have fun! Thanks, Godman Download via MEGA: Guitar Pro tab download MIDI file download
  2. Game

    GROUP NAME: PMC ACTION: Moving from BC-19 to BB-18 DESCRIPTION: I spot a convenience store along my path toward the city centre. The front entrance is poorly barricaded with wooden planks, barbed wire and garbage - could it be occupied? Moving closer with caution, I spot dried pools of blood saturated into the carpet at the front door, around the door frame shows the marks of stray buckshot and small arms. I check the back door for easier access. The door is barely held on by its hinges, making a terrible screech as I open it - piercing through the silence, stirring the birds nesting nearby. I make note to find a can of WD-40. Behind the counter I spot a Scav. He has perished long ago - the stench is foul and I cannot bring myself to check the body. I quickly overturn the opposite side of the store in search of meds and munitions. The search is futile, but I find some meals to keep me going. After rummaging through the the store I make a swift exit. The silence of the road instills paranoia, I feel like I am being watched - I made a lot of noise back there. Continuing on to BB-18 with haste - I fear that others are hot on my heels
  3. New players

    Character name Godman Description A PMC from the UK - seeking refuge and planning his escape from Tarkov His past Joined the marines at an early age, after a number of years found himself in connection with USEC. Once his service was complete he was hired by USEC as a PMC How did he get to Tarkov? Brought into Tarkov by USEC for a series of escort operations under instruction of TerraGroup Predilections Automatic firearms, IFAKs, body armour and large backpacks - and Tushonka Friends Left his friends behind in the UK, currently no friendly connections within Tarkov besides his fellow USEC squad Wounds, and battles The TerraGroup escort operation went sour after BEAR intervention. Several squad members were killed and Godman faced broken legs and wounded stomach. A bottle of water and morphine later he was able escape with the remaining PMCs Aspirations To become Tarkovs first professional competitive eater, consuming over 100 Tushonka and 50 Hot Rods in one raid without breaking a sweat - and successfully sprint to the extract The greatest achievement that character did Obtaining valuable intel during an operation as a marine, this lead to a change of plans which resulted in a swift completion of the task and avoided potential casualties Strength 25 Endurance 30 Accuracy 25 Fighter
  4. Questions about reshade.me

    @MrScavenger try version 3.0.6, install with OpenGL option - it will use DX11 anyway, it fixed that for me
  5. The Hideout announcement

    Thanks for the updates BSG, looks like the game is fleshing out nicely Suggestion: Cryptocurrency (bitcoin, etc.) mining module - put those graphics cards to good use!
  6. When will Surround Sound be implemented?

    Interesting, I will need to test this when I am home. Thanks
  7. When will Surround Sound be implemented?

    huh.. are you certain it is enabled? which headset do you use? I might try unplugging the rear set of my 7.1 and see if this works
  8. When will Surround Sound be implemented?

    same, I was a little surprised that its not already enabled with sound being such a core aspect of gameplay if there is any way to force surround sound via config file or command line, I would love to know