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  1. Eragon284th

    Killed by Hacker

    It's only some walls, but yeah. It shouldn't be surprising since you can shoot through doors
  2. Mosins should cost 30k rubles. End of story. Today, they are so common and cheap, that my local gun stores sell the most expensive ones for $300. When I bought mine a few years ago I paid $75. I can only imagine that in Russia, where there were millions upon millions of them made, they are stockpiled in large quantities. One way to balance them out is to make it so they misfire and or break 20 times faster when using rounds that are too hot for them. Irl if you put a really hot 54r round into one, the boot seizes up and cannot be operated without beating it open. And for the record, for under 30k you can already one shot someone fully geared out with a single headshot. Or 2-3 chest shots. Mosin will be the same, just without rapid firerates
  3. Eragon284th

    Killed by Hacker

    But you can shoot through walls and doors and floors..
  4. Eragon284th

    Game economy: no use for Euro's?

    When did they remove the purchase of wcases from skier?
  5. Eragon284th

    One tap Aimbot Factory behind wall

    So you died to someone so they have to be hacking. Great post there. He only killed 2 of your 3 people, so I guess he decided to be a merciful cheater
  6. Eragon284th

    Ragman task bug

    I agree that you shouldn't be able to turn it in with stuff in it, but the devs made it that way purposely. One way to do it right now is to just empty out the entire stack, and insure the bottom two so when they pop up to turn in, you will see which are insured and which aren't. Or you can do the reverse if you have too many insured
  7. Eragon284th

    Can't use keys for dorms?

    Okay. So they weren't the dorm keys, they were the sanitorium keys. The 303 key is a dead key (no use for it) and there are 2 206 keys and 2 206 rooms. One east one west. East is the side that has the ritual spot on the 3rd floor, and west is the other one. And no, you don't need a pouch to use the keys
  8. Eragon284th

    Can't use keys for dorms?

    The 206 key is for the 2 story dorm building, while the 303 key is for the 3 story dorm. Keep them in your secure and it'll give you the option to unlock the door in question. And just to be clear, they are for the customs map
  9. Eragon284th

    Increased time of matching????

    Pls open your eyes or pay attention to the Twitter, or Facebook
  10. Eragon284th

    Ragman task bug

    It's not a bug though. What did you want the game to do with the stuff? Magically deposit it into your inventory for you? All of the turn in quests work this way, including for vests. It's always been that way
  11. Eragon284th

    Is this guy cheating?

    There is no invulnerability cheat at all, never has been. It can be one of 2 things, bad desync not counting all of your shots, or he was wearing beefy enough armor to tank the shots and live. You didn't say which ammo type you were using, but the gen 5 high mobility armor can tank a few hits from m80 and m62 easily. Plus it is basically invisible under an AVS, sniper rig, or Alpha rig.
  12. Eragon284th

    The problem with scavs and the saiga 12 gauge

    Slugs exist already in the game..
  13. Eragon284th

    Idea for leveling up (general)

    This sounds like you are being punished for playing the game the way it's intended. What about when the raid timers are over an hour long? You'd only be able to play one raid to completion per day for full reward
  14. Eragon284th


    I know this is not a good example, but this was from last patch cycle, and the person in question was shooting BS rounds, and I was wearing an altyn helmet.. but this same thing happens this cycle as well. Helmets (don't trust kolpaks) with face shields are normally lifesavers unless they are firing AP rounds.
  15. Eragon284th


    sounds like you are getting unlucky to the extreme with armor piercing ammo making armor piercing holes in your head. I never get 1 tapped when I'm wearing helmets