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  1. Eragon284th

    Must just be me but this games not worth the $

    Your internet is actually trash if this keeps happening to you. Or you are connecting to servers that are across the world from you. That's the only logical explanation. And that's something you have to do yourself. No one else is having this issue without there being internet issues or a known issue that the devs make a statement about. If you were on a French server yesterday then that would have explained it. They had server issues. Other than that, no servers were reported as having issues
  2. Eragon284th

    Head Hitbox

    The jaw hitbox doesn't cover the bottom of the jaw. It shouldn't. If you get hit in your actual jaw and not the faceshield, you drop like the sack of potatoes you are. Only problem with this is that the fal from range sounds exactly like an mp5. The fact that it went through the top of your helmet means it wasn't an mp5. The fact that you are so salty WITHOUT having any info on what killed you, is actually kinda funny
  3. Eragon284th

    Spawn rate of Security Arsenal Key

    I got this key the same way I got my arsenal storage key. The man's way. The quitters way.
  4. Eragon284th

    Can you up the expire time on the Flea Market?

    If you have an item up for sale you can pay to extend the time it's available, it's really easy to test it yourself instead of coming here to ask if the person is cheating the system
  5. Eragon284th

    The Lab Experimental Room Glitch

    There have been like 10 different posts about it already actually
  6. Eragon284th

    The Lab Experimental Room Glitch

    this is the play testing period. their internal testing isn't as effective with such a small team so they have the community do the play testing. also this isn't the experiments area, that is on the first floor. this is the Laboratory Block. level 2, and they already know about it
  7. Eragon284th

    Balance spawns maybe lol?

    There is balance though. They are changing the spawn points each major update to try to find ones that work well enough, as well as changing the number of pmcs on each map each update to find a balanced number of them. The game is meant to be played with a group of up to 5. If you join a map that can have 6 people max, solo, you shouldn't have a good time. Especially when you join in after so long without a wipe. people have had hundreds of millions of rubles for the past few months now, since people complained about the wipe and when it was put to a vote, we didn't get it. Factory isn't the map for new players for this reason. Neither is Labs. Customs or shoreline are your best bet at the moment, just pray the boss doesn't spawn on customs..
  8. so what you are saying is that even though half the community has completed the quest, they had to hack to do it? besides, progression is supposed to be slow. In fact the quests used to be so so so much worse. they had these dreaded things called... Time limits. Have fun killing those 25 bears in 1 hour for your epsilon case! and yes, people actually did it. Sure they complained, but its not something that really matters. And for the record, Gamma/Kappa containers aren't even going to be the end game containers. there will be better ones. The container doesn't make you good at the game. You can still stick an mp7 into your alpha. you can still buy the same things as everyone else. You can still land shots on people and kill them. what is the problem? and there is no way to move silently. Even if you are crouched with movespeed at 0, if they have headphones on they can hear you
  9. Eragon284th

    PSA: Your mosin is not "That" mosin

    Report the bug! Since it's clearly not intended to work like this. Also the price difference between the sniper and infantry variant is negligible. So you weren't really saving money
  10. Eragon284th


    The memory leak of the game is a known issue, and they have implemented a fix for it. In your game settings there is an option to auto clear your RAM, which makes the usage from the game hover at around 8 gigs. With the setting enabled you shouldn't ever have to dip into your page file unless you are doing some extreme stress testing on your system https://gyazo.com/2116be5e3b5776e5155b8f67fabf3e6d
  11. Eragon284th

    Insurance :-P

    I mean for someone who can't get on a PC for 3 minutes during the week at all, you sure have a lot of internet privileges to be able to use the forums. But I do actually see your point. But for now, in a still volatile testing period, I don't think they will be implementing anything like that. They have stated that when development is finished they will have the afformentioned app up and running to be able to manage the insurance and your inventory from away, but until then, they won't do anything else with insurance.
  12. Eragon284th

    Insurance :-P

    They have. They upped the time to claim to 72 hours once it comes back. That's the most you'll ever get, since it was originally 6 hours to claim it. It doesn't take long to boot the game up and collect the stuff, You should have the 2 minutes necessary to do that each day or once every 3 days even. If you don't have 2 spare minutes, then you are complaining about the wrong things here. The reason there was never supposed to be infinite time to claim items, is because people toss stuff in raid just to free up inventory space for a while. Stash size is limited for a reason!
  13. Eragon284th

    Pistol Kills

    instance 1 and 2, with higher level skills, you move faster and can run for longer (3 times as long and 1.5 times as fast) plus with the introduction of the combat stims, you can move even faster and for longer on top of all of that. There is also an exploitable bug that gives you superspeed that is controllable as well, it happened to me on labs, and I was able to reproduce it in other maps as well. Its been reported through the launcher bug report feature. It is very exploitable, and you move the same speed in prone, crouched, or standing. you can even sprint during it to go even faster.
  14. Eragon284th

    The Labs - Laboratory Block 2 (Key area exploit)

    It isn't
  15. Eragon284th

    Super Speed Bug

    While playing on Labs, I was able to glitch myself to having super speed, in prone, crouched, or standing stances. This is what it looked like from my end. I have submitted a bug report through the launcher with the how it occurred, but it just goes to show you how some people can cry hacker on innocent people.. PS, Sorry to whoever I killed >.>