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  1. Glitching Guns

    I'm honestly confused. Where is he even glitching his gun? He has it in his hand and he has room to put it away if he picks up something else

    The Devs have stated they will not ban anyone exploiting any bugs, only for actually cheating. It is entirely possible to have it happen to someone unintentionally. Plus it is a testing period to weed out bugs like this right now. If you don't allow people to test for the bug, they won't know if the fixes they are implementing are working
  3. [Sniper Skill] Wet Job Pt.6

    The people who handle backend server things aren't the ones programming new items or weapons. And if you actually bothered to read any of the q and as they did, they are working on improving the netcode of the game, which is one of the most difficult things to do (just remember all of the problems the battlefield games have had.) This will do wonders to improve hitreg and desynchronization. And if the server lag you are referring to involves you being shot like 10 seconds after retreating into a room, that's a netcode issue too.
  4. The best 5.56mm AP round now is MK 255 mod 0 ?

    I said I've had entire 30 round mags of the stuff bounce off my fort armor. That's the definition of horrible ammo. Also the definition of more than once
  5. What did I just loot

    I still don't believe this to be a deciding factor for scav/player scav. I've shot down the sniper before and he had a pouch slot when I looted him. I've also encountered scavs with 2 guns on them and they don't have the pouch slot. I honestly think it might be random
  6. The best 5.56mm AP round now is MK 255 mod 0 ?

    you dredged up an old thread and didn't even bother to read what was written. "one time"... please read
  7. Ah. Fair enough. Thanks for clearing it up!
  8. That's incorrect. They patched a few methods to do it, and it disappeared for about a month. Now it's popping up again. So it's a new exploit. Unless you knew a method and never sent in a bug report about it, that still works
  9. Fort Armour Scavs?

    I don't think length of time really affects the grade of gear scavs have. Most of my forts from scavs have been from the first wave on factory, not the last. As the match goes on there are more scavs, so the chances of finding one increase in that regard
  10. Fast MT

    Thank you for posting the videos for me >.> I was on mobile and couldn't do it myself
  11. Fast MT

    Go on YouTube. Watch as real people shrug off the force as if it were nothing. Profit.
  12. My Feedback After a Few Rounds...

    You sound like you are critiquing a finished game. It's not finished yet. A lot of the current animations are placeholders. Weapons being lost on death not having a lore reason? You died. So you don't have the stuff anymore >.>... It is 100% possible to turn while sprinting. It's the same as in every other game actually. Move your mouse. Optimization of the game is ongoing. Hence it's beta state. "AAA games" also have this problem on release. Batman anyone? PUBG? The graphics are only bad if you have them on low. And there is a full screen windowed option in the launcher, look for it at least before claiming it doesn't exist >.>. Or maybe read a thread on the forums about it. You clearly knew something about the game before you decided to buy it. The most common things out there are it runs poorly right now, and the serves aren't the greatest. The main points of your distaste. Next time do more research
  13. shotgun neef a buff...

    >.> In what way is the toz weak? You can blast a kiver guy in the face to kill him. Same goes for the Kolpak. It even has decent range too. I've gotten 1 shot kills at 40 meters
  14. Fast MT

    its survivable for one simple reason... actually its the same reason why armor deformation doesn't cause too much blunt force trauma.. the armor isn't resting directly on the body, or head. there is a suspension system, and padding inside to allow it to become survivable. And it works. If you think the force of the round being stopped is going to break your neck, that's also incorrect. when the armor deforms, it absorbs most of the force, the rest is easily managed by the body. Even being hit in the chest by a .308 round will not move you a single bit if its blocked by armor.
  15. New players

    Character name CowCowerson Description CowCowerson is a humble cow, a USEC through and through. His past Cow, son of Cower, once worked for the CIA, before being sent on a mission in the Tarkov region of Russia How did he get to Tarkov? He managed to sneak his way onto a North Korean submarine, hijack it, and dock it on the shoreline. Predilections Guns, Cows, USECs, Did he mention guns? Friends Judge_Tron, RelativeAsh, that cow he met on the boat ride over Wounds, and battles missing right horn, old gunshot wound to the left leg Aspirations To never stop sneaking, and kill all the Bears. Bears eat cows The greatest achievement that character did Received the Best in Show award in the National Cow Show Strength 20 Endurance 20 Accuracy 40 Scout