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  1. Eragon284th

    Extend the insurance timeouts already!!

    It's not broken, the timer was tripled. If you are too busy to log in for 5 minutes a day, do you even play the game?
  2. Eragon284th

    Done with this game

    There aren't even many hackers.. I played long enough yesterday to fill up 2 whole item cases with dog tags. I died maybe 6 times to scavs, and twice to players in that time. If hackers are really as big a problem as everyone seems to think they are, surely several hours in a row would let me encounter one or two. Or better yet, over the course of a thousand hours since the beginning of the closed alpha, I should have encountered more than 6 total (all of which got banned.)
  3. Eragon284th

    0.9 Update

    It wasn't dropped, it was never going to be released in .90. it will probably be added in like .92 or something
  4. Eragon284th

    Way to get Good Fps

  5. Eragon284th

    Way to get Good Fps

    O_o where?
  6. Eragon284th

    Way to get Good Fps

    So you have an OC'd pentium, 24 gigs of ddr3, and only one previous generation card that works with the game?
  7. Eragon284th

    Where or How do I..

    You don't
  8. Eragon284th

    Report system

    Just because someone is shooting you from a long range doesn't mean that they are hacking.. Guns are accurate, and bullets travel far... https://gyazo.com/be117ac9d3468d002bf953f94188ebee
  9. Eragon284th

    it wont let me complete gun smith pt. 5

    Don't just ask people how to complete it, make sure it has all the things required by the quest itself. They tweaked several tasks a few weeks ago
  10. This is exactly what I'm saying too! A shotgun can 1 shot you to the chest unarmored. The exact thing that the OP says the mosin will do. So shotguns are 500K now too, right?
  11. Eragon284th

    Point Firing

    Again, I just tested it myself in raid while reading the post
  12. Eragon284th

    Point Firing

    I don't believe they have nerfed point firing at all. As long as your arm isn't damaged, and you weren't sprinting immediately beforehand, your gun is always pointing at the same location on screen. At least this is the case with me. I just tested it both with and without a laser on my gun. No visible away from the gun itself, and the laser stayed plastered to the same spot
  13. Eragon284th

    Prapor Quest Jumps

    Why do you not think that the unofficial 3rd party site is just mistaken about the order? Why do you assume it's right? And to answer your question, therapist and skier have quest lines that unlock tasks for prappy
  14. Why would a mosin have to be 150k though? An SKS is 20k and people still prefer to hatchet run over taking that in. The handguns are all dirt cheap and no one brings them in. Mosins should be a cheap 1-shot against unarmored. Why not? We already have the TOZ that does the SAME THING. Should the TOZ or any shotgun for that matter, be 150k+? You can put a scope on a shotgun, load it with slug rounds which have the highest base damage by a large margin, and boom. Instant op weapon.