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  1. tjrdn80

    EFT Ammo table

    What is meta value??
  2. tjrdn80

    Saiga 12ga has... 40 RPM???

    Like, seriously? 40?? It's like 200. MP-153 has 40 RPM too, according to inspect. Is it mistake or...?
  3. tjrdn80

    Shoot the body again to make moaning stop

    Exactly! You have a point. But i rather choose shot one more time quickly then let someone elses hear moaning like 5 seconds long.
  4. tjrdn80

    Shoot the body again to make moaning stop

    Oh... at first, i didn't understand what you are talking about. But now i think i know. You thought i actually shoot to death someone in real life, am i wrong? lol no way. I was talking about game experience. I metioned easter egg, you see? Anyway, bots still moaning even if they got shot in the head though. What's your opinion? Because it's game, it would be really cool feature in my opinion. Adding reality.
  5. I heard a death scream that almost 20 seconds long. 20 sec. It's was almost hilarious(I think it's some kind of easter egg) so i thought to myself, "If i shot him more, he'd stop moaning." So i shoot him a couple times wish it'll make him stop. But moaning kept going. By that experience, this feature came to my mind. "Confirming kill." For those who don't like to hear victim's moaning too long, and, want to perform a brutal action. Actually, i want this feature for brutal action part. It would be quite satisfying thing to do, shoot the lying victim in the head and make him silent instantly. Please give me this ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  6. As title says. I was trying to reconnect to server like 6 times in a row but server dumped me everytime. So i suggest if player tried to reconnect to server 3 times in a row, and still fails, just let them leave the server without penalty. I think we need this feature.
  7. As title says. I spawned as Scav and i didn't shoot anyone. I was trying to walk away to exit then some scav just shoot my ass. It happens quite a lot. Why though? Aren't they friendly?
  8. tjrdn80

    Will EOD edition last till official launch?

    Oh, now i understand. EOD edition is my first purchase. Haha.
  9. tjrdn80

    Will EOD edition last till official launch?

    I guess it's your tip for noobs, right? So first, Thank you. But i need more explanation on this because i'm confused right now. So i found this lines in website, "Your entire game progress will be reset to your starter pack ... Profile reset instances are limited to one in every 20 days." So i understand it as, you'll get your starting items back even if you lost them all, once in 20 days. But i got my items in-game though. Aren't they the bonuses you mentioned? Pardon, do you mind to tell me more specifically? I have no idea what you are talking about.
  10. tjrdn80

    Will EOD edition last till official launch?

    I just launched the game, but oh man. Super delays on everything. Can't even inspect item. I believe you guys will launch a new server for asia. I just wish it'll be soon to see that happens. Thank you for your hard work.
  11. tjrdn80

    Will EOD edition last till official launch?

    Thank you for your answer. Now i'll go buy it with no hesitation.
  12. tjrdn80

    Will EOD edition last till official launch?

    If there will be another edition, EOD owners will be rewarded? Since alpha is over.
  13. tjrdn80

    Will EOD edition last till official launch?

    Then there will be a different limited edition? Like, new benefits and all of those previous benefits except those instant testing access? I'm really curious. If EOD edition discontinued, and there will be no new edition, i'll just buy EOD as soon as possible.
  14. I really hope so. I saw posts from forum that devs would put EOD edition down when Beta comes out(Open beta maybe?), but why would you do that? There will be more people come to this game and want to support devs. And it seems there's still a long way to the launch. I say let EOD edition be there until full game release. If they want to help Battlestate, let them do it. Why not, right?
  15. tjrdn80

    Incentive to use better gear

    At first, i was excited about this game. But now, most of players don't use their gears and only a few people bring good gears and massacre them. And those "hardcore guys" keep rejecting changes in game-play. I don't know... I want to really like this game, but it's hard right now.