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  1. Who does Takorv fuel my pizza addiction

  2. Who does Takorv fuel my pizza addiction

    Best combo in the world. Just don't eat the cat!
  3. Who does Takorv fuel my pizza addiction

  4. Woods is hot right now

    It will be reduced if you're sprinting around in the open everywhere, making yourself a target. And why are people supposed to solo? That's why there's groups.
  5. Woods is hot right now

    Yep. @MUnderwood, sounded like you have that set up on a hotkey as fast as they were being constantly spammed. #Disappointed But I guess that's the way the tide is flowing at the moment. Just be ready for that to change at some point when you spam your meds and you stop in place to perform it.
  6. Killing an other Scav-Player

    And if you don't use teamwork, you don't get to play the game? That... doesn't... sound right...
  7. Alpha key giveaway (Storytime!)

    Winner of the giveaway! @Tiruen! Check your inbox soon for the key! Awesome work everyone though! Some great stuff!
  8. Alpha key giveaway (Storytime!)

    Closing the giveaway! I have a few errands to run and I will announce the winner in an hour or two! (Gotta make you guys sweat a little) Anything after this post will not be counted for the giveaway, but you are more than welcome to share anyways!
  9. Alpha key giveaway (Storytime!)

    Today! I don't want to drag it on for everyone too much. 3.5 Hours to go!
  10. Tarkov and Battlegrounds

    No idea how people are comparing them together. They don't have much in common except for the fact that the guns are modable kinda, and you shoot people. Overall, I enjoy both games. I played quite a bit of H1Z1:KOTK and so far I find Battlegrounds a little less arcade-like. The planned updates have some promise as well.
  11. Alpha key giveaway (Storytime!)

    Post it here! Sorry for the confusion @kafolarbear!
  12. Alpha key giveaway (Storytime!)

    I have one final Alpha key to give away! I'm up for some reading! Give me a story about someone in Tarkov! An experience, a firefight or something! You can write it from the perspective of either PMC or Scav! I will try to read submissions as they are posted. Ends Monday at 4PM (GMT -7) Only posts in this thread will be considered!
  13. Alpha key giveaway (Competition)

    Winner of key #2 Winner of key #2 Awesome job guys! And awesome job everyone else!