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  1. Upgrading Graphics Card RX480 or fury?

    I had AMD once.. Never will I ever have that again.
  2. Fan-art from my point of view . . .

    This is absolutely amazing work! I'm jealous to the core of this skillset of yours:) And I would love to have this as an intro for when I'm allowed to record clips from this game, but I'm afraid people only want to see the intro:p hehe
  3. Sherpas Weapons

    This Sherpa guy deserves some goodies for sure. I mean, I've played with "noob" friends in all kinds of similiar games like EFT and it's a freakin' hard job because you have to keep an eye on the other guy more than you have to look out for yourself. 9/10 times you'll be the first victim and your trainee will follow in your footsteps as soon as he goes for your loot. They all do, even if you say they shouldnt:p "So up to our right here we have what they call the Sniper hill, you do not wa... *boom* Trainee down. ...Sigh" So for the Sherpa, I think that whatever he is carrying as a primary weapon should be unlootable, just as the axe/gamma case we EOD players have. I aslo think that he should have an unlootable body armor, otherwise it's gonna be way to hard for a Sherpa to show "noobs" around in this game. As for the weapon I don't really know what he could get, but certainly he would get to choose from 3 different classes - Submachine, Assault Rifle and Sniper. (nothing overpowered please, that will just make it stupid) As to what the weapons should be, I'm not sure. Just please dont make it the HK416/417 cause I really want that gun myself:p Maybe we could have a poll with different weapons were we all can vote on what weapons we would like to see the Sherpa have and deserve for their service to the "noobs"
  4. Do we even need this?

    I dont think we do, as you said all of europe/scandinavian people speak more than good enough english so I don't really see the point of it either. And frankly i believe that people will still go to the english room's for debate anyhow, because there will be bigger discussions and more people with their own opinions on things there. //Norway
  5. The new Delta Force special detachment!

    I found some of the questions hard to understand as I felt several of them was the same as the other, but nevermind, im a foreigner and I have applied:p
  6. The first wave of counter-cheating bans

    I love this! I do not or will I ever understand the point of hacking in a game.. I mean, what the hell is fun about that? How can you achieve the feel of greatness if you cheat? I for sure as hell don't know.. But nontheless, great job on the first wave!
  7. How to from groups with friends?

    I do believe that they will have a offline mode with AI still atleast I hope so, but it will probably be without loot. I mean, without an offline mode, how are you able to test out scopes and poo on your weapons before going into the mayhem that is PVP.
  8. {Resolved} EOD Purchased but no Alpha Issue

    Will it come as an email or will it be available as a "tab" on your profile here?