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  1. Game

    GROUP NAME: The Black Division ACTION: Move to destination DESCRIPTION: In the morning, we took stock of our supplies. Pretty slim pickings but, "Man, I'm hungry as hell." Gonna pop this tushonka. At our current location, we agreed to spend the day traveling further into town. Maybe we'll have better luck with looting there. "Where the hell Cuz at?" Shiro decided to take a wiz while I packed up the gear. "Come on with them long leaks Shiro! You know it ain't that big! Haaaaaa." Shiro emerges from behind the rubble with a shake. We made sure to clear the area before leaving behind the run-down shack, that we used as a temporary resting place. "Well, your mother says it's big enough, so..." I almost spit my food out..."Shiro, with the comeback! Look at'eemmmm! Aight cuz I give you that one. Man, I'm a bad influence! Let's go!!"
  2. Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    Nothing yet. Things can change.
  3. Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    @DanExert Great post, but please think twice about speculations. Even though you have made this clear from the beginning it does not always get read that way. Or if anything, separate the speculations into their own section within the section: Speculation: a b c Etc., you get my point. Thanks for all your effort!
  4. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    Dear players, we are so excited about the upcoming patch that we decided to keep the ball rolling! Now, the moment you have all been waiting for, the unveiling of the new Glock 17 Gen3 that will be coming to a trader near you! There will be 30 mods for this so you can make the Glock of your dreams. ENJOY!
  5. Asking the Dev's in the Questions Forum

    #Locked. Reason: My apologies, this is information that we cannot give out. I can say that we have put up new servers in NA and EU but that is already public knowledge.
  6. EXCLUSIVE: Nikita Buyanov answers CZ / SK community questions

    ATTENTION! Net code improvements and delay fixes will be forced before OBT start and not during OBT! Thanks for your continued support.
  7. I need a DEV to explain what just happen here??? seriously

    #Locked. Reason: Submit a bug report! We cannot help you with these issues here. We need this video (time stamps) and log. ct2018
  8. #Locked. Reason: We will not be doing this. We are not going to restrict a player from playing the way they choose and restricting them from taking certain items or access to their secured container is not going to happen. The game is going to become increasingly more difficult in the release, along with, the story objective that will change the dynamic of the game. This is still a test phase! Please use the search function because this has been discussed numerous times. (Rule #3) ct2018
  9. #Locked Reason: This topic has been talked about numerous times. This is a game still in development. This is NOT the complete game (e.g. the product) that you pre-ordered. This is a test build that we have given you access to, in appreciation for your support. Just to be clear, the ToS states this. If for some reason the project will not release then you may receive a refund. Spawns have been reworked once and we have several solutions for this fix but it requires a little bit of refactoring. Please make sure to use the search function before posting and read the rules as this is one of the rules. Thanks! Hope this clarifies it.
  10. #Locked. Reason: We have made statements on this numerous times. The game is still in development and we will not restrict people from playing the way they choose. Of course, it's meant to be hardcore and realistic but you have not seen the full difficulty or the final, actual objective (story mode). You are not starting on any map you want, you will start on one and work your way through, each map harder than the last. Solo is your choice but we don't recommend it. Hence, the difficulty level in the release. "Move through scenario by stealth and tactical savvy, wielding only a knife." - Nikita Buyanov COO Battlestate Games SOURCE
  11. damn

    #Locked. We do not accept reports in any form. You cannot always be sure of anything. Our anti-cheat is great and we ban daily.
  12. Groups, modes, and matching and other suggestions

    Hello! Here are some answers: 1) There won't be anything like this. The whole point is to not know. So, matching, say, solos or groups, ranks, or levels is not going to happen. 2) There will be a clan system, complete with clan quests and clan stash to name a few. Othere features have yet to be announced. 4) Already happening. Just a training stage. But ofc, there has always been the handbook at the bottom of the screen. (will be implemented on release) 5) You will have to learn it, that is part of the experience. If you want to know what guns a mod will fit on, then inspect the mod and there's a compatibility drop down. 6) Nikita: "purchase presets will be available" (for in game currency) Remember, what you find tedious is part of the nostalgic quality. 7) Prestige Mode? Wrong game. The reason you don;t see a motive is because this is a test build. You will have plenty more to do in release, so just sit tight sugar. (Being able to buy the prestige sounds almost like a microtransaction, but with in game currency. we will never have MT's in any form just fyi.) 8) Like I said above, there will be lots more things that you won;t expect. (Watch out for falling mortars) 9) We have announced this a few times. Couple face options, armbands, uppers and lowers that's it so far. 10) It's been mentioned, but nothing at all solid 11) There is no "arcade mode". We will have "Arena Mode" which will be much more brutal, but we will not have kill cams. This is not that type of game. 12) This has been discussed and answered too numerous of times to count. Scavs are still in development. 13) We already have a button for buttstroke in the game that is not implemented yet. There are also take downs in the second video that came out. (Go look at the archives on the main website) 14) You will not be able to drag and drop ammo in the release. You will have to bring in more mags. 15) Development! 16) Mines and traps announced almost from day one. 17) ........Karma system. 18) Answered on #9. You want quieter steps? Level up the proper skill, when it's implemented in the release. 19) Not sure what you mean. We have Comtacs because gun fire does affect hearing and you need them to muffle gun fire close to you. 20) Already exists. It's a lesser form of it than the amount we had in early Alpha. It is being retooled. 21) Announced almost from day one. 22) They have since day one. Check behind an enemy you killed near a wall. 23) See #21 BUGS: We know all these. We have a the rules. But one rule, in particular, applies to this post: You put a lot of effort into this post and that does not go unnoticed. But that effort would be well invested in research beforehand. Almost all of these things could have been found by looking here, FB, Twitter, Google, and Reddit. Please, understand that I love helping the community and answering questions but this eats into productivity when it can be found on your own. Please, remember this before posting and we look forward to seeing more well thought out high effort posts (for reference: just no walls of text! This was not a wall, jus sayin ) #LOCKED.
  13. EXCLUSIVE: Nikita Buyanov answers CZ / SK community questions

    Scar - L was in Contract Wars. Those pics might just be a tease.
  14. Hello, Escapers! We are proud to be able to bring you an exclusive interview with the head of Battlestate Games and the head of Escape from Tarkov. Our questions were answered directly by Nikita Buyanov. The interview is primarily intended for the portal in cooperation with our website. Nikita is interviewed by an official community representative for the Czech Republic and Slovakia - Ján @HajDEO Schneider. Q. We will not beat around the bush, so let’s get to what the players are most interested in. Open beta, I do not expect you to give us the date, but we’re mainly interested in getting ready. Are you able to prepare the game to get rid of mostly lag and desync? How long does a beta test take? A. Yep, that’s exactly what we’re on right now — getting lags and desync out of the way, getting bugs fixed. Over the next month we are going to release several patches and add more content. By the end of this period we should be able to disclose the date of Open Beta launch, but not just yet. Q. The game lacks more advanced physics and destruction, improvement plans? Moving objects, destroying buildings? A. There certainly won’t be collapsing buildings. The necessary minimum of physics and object movement will be included, but most certainly nothing global. Our attention is now focused on other tasks. Q. The characters have great animations, but when they are too static, they look very artificially, does it improve? A. We already have many new animations that have not yet made it to any of the latest builds, as they are being tested now. Q. Unity introduced an improved engine for the year 2018. Some features would definitely fit into the game, are you planning it? A. We are rather fastidiously considering the possible migration to the new version of Unity 2018, because in our experience almost every migration entailed quite a number of issues. This always happens when moving from one version of the engine to another. We are planning to do it, but not right now. Q. You’re a new studio, even though there are many experienced developers. Do you finance the game only from her sales? Are you able to work until the release of the game? A. The project is being developed and funded with our own funds only, and we plan to keep it that way and release the project on our own. A huge heartfelt thank you to the players who believe in the project, their support really matters to us. Q. Still planning to release this year? On theGamescom, you said yes. Do you expect Steam to play in Early Access or as a full game? A. We still plan to release this year. As for the Steam, we’ll be coming here, and, possibly, to other platforms, but only after the release on our own platform. Q. Will free roam be available during the beta test or after the full game release? What kind of Hideout you have brought to us, but you keep silent about it. A. Free roam is to be included in the release, or maybe even a bit later. Regarding the Hideout, how it’s going to look like, and other details, there is nothing new to tell except what is already known to the community. It shall appear in the game sometime during Open Beta. Q. We see that you communicate perfectly with the community. Do you also plan some mode support? How does the community game translate continue? When do we get the first localizations? A. Mode Support can hardly be applied to an online game, so we haven’t considered any plans regarding it. As for localization, it’s going quite well, and its current status is publicly available at In the near future, we plan to add several new languages, staring, most likely, with German as a pilot to set up the flow. Q. How do you perceive communities from different countries, do they help you? Some even have their own localized sites, as you perceive in the studio? From what country do you have the most players? What players from Czech and Slovak? A. We have a wide network of Emissaries worldwide and we actively communicate with the community, always paying attention to what the players have to say. Now, the most players are from the United States, followed by Russia, Germany and then other European countries. Quite a lot of players from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who are, by the way, among the quickest in localization. Q. Do you plan to include, for example, weapons of Czech or Slovak armory? A. Yes, for instance, we plan to add CZ-75 and a number of other weapons. Q. "A lot of players cheer you up, but I’ll find even those who lose your confidence," what are you talking about? A. We can never please everyone, and that was never our goal. We often get to see cases when players drop the game but come back to it after a while, and that’s okay. Similar processes, to a different extent, are common to all game projects, nothing wrong with that. Q. To conclude something else. Are you planning anything after EFT? Is it possible that we will also get Escape from Tarkov 2? Does this universe have the potential, or would you like to try something completely different? A. As we have shared before, we are intending to continue the development of the same game universe, Russia 2028, with an eponymous project. This is going to be the next project after the EFT, and it’s going to be singleplayer and even more hardcore, with even greater focus on storyline, characters, etc. Q. Do you perceive the development of games in Russia as more complex than other countries? Do you have enough talented people A. Development in Russia is more complicated, yes, especially for a game like EFT. It lacks the game developers with the expertise necessary to make a shooter, especially one like EFT. Therefore, we have to train our own professionals ourselves or re-train those who came from other projects. Practice nurtures talent. Nikita, on behalf of, thank you very much for your time and conversation. We keep your thumbs! TRANSLATIONS: Portuguese translation can be found here. Thanks to our Brazillian Emissary @dimittri4gc Chinese translation can be found here. Thanks to our Hong Kong Emissary @Hazel
  15. EOD edition upgrade question

    #Locked. Reason: Always go to Support first for game issues. Mods have certain tasks and will forward you to support anyway. But in answer to your question, we have temporarily stopped resetting timers and you will need to wait the two weeks. Thanks for your patience and understanding.