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  1. If it works discord would be perfect to show you this like I said my internet is very bad. Discord name is Dark47Killer#0931

  2. Colonel Twerkins

    I found god mod

    #Locked. Reason: Thank you for your report. If you cannot put the report into the launcher (there was an update to fix that so check again) then PM me the following. Video (unlisted) if possible, include log from that time and date, and finally, the details. Thanks!
  3. Colonel Twerkins

    *Patch Installation has Started*

    Hello, Escapers! Patch installation is starting shortly and will take approximately 1 hour for upload. We thank you for your patience.
  4. Colonel Twerkins

    We need Kill Cam

    #Locked. Reason: There will be no kill cam. As a friendly reminder, profanity, in any form, is not allowed on the forum. The game is 18+, but the forum is accessible to the public, so it is not. Thanks!
  5. Colonel Twerkins

    Godmode hacker in Factory

    #Locked. Reason: This is the factory door glitch. It is not hacking. Please go by forum rules and use the search function before posting. (Rule #4). The reason is that it will help avoid opening threads about topics already in discussion and or addressed. SOURCE:
  6. Colonel Twerkins

    cheaters - have you seen many?

    #Locked. Reason: We do not accept cheater reports and do not allow posts on this subject to remain--as it has been discussed many times. Please follow the rules when posting and use the search function to avoid this. (Rule #4) We have an active AC and bans can take up to a week but we ban daily. Absolutely not. Don't be insulting.
  7. Colonel Twerkins

    Ban wave strikes again!

    We do not accept reports at this time and it is against the rules to name and shame. Thanks. I hope you enjoyed your lulz.
  8. Colonel Twerkins

    Factory (Gate 3)

    #Locked. Reason: Please, use search function as dictated in the rules. We have addressed this numerous times and we recently announced that this is fixed in the 0.10 patch (which has not dropped yet.) Thanks for your support.
  9. Colonel Twerkins

    Yahoo! Finally killed 12 pmcs!!!!

    Congratz! This is off topic though, so I will move it there. It is not about testing.
  10. Colonel Twerkins

    I WISH

    #Locked. Reason: Off Topic.
  11. Colonel Twerkins

    Djentle is a hacker

    #Locked. Reason: We do not accept hacker reports in any form. We have an active Anticheat, bans can take up to a week and we ban daily. Not all deaths are from hacking. Suspicions do not make proof. It is also against the forum rules to make hackusations and name & shame.
  12. Colonel Twerkins

    You most certainly can get a refund

    #Locked. Reason: This is all contingent on whether you have received what you pre-ordered or not. So far, you have only pre-ordered a completed game, and not a test build. Until then, you are just giving legal advice, which is not something you can do for liability reasons. This is off topic as well. Please do not provoke the community in this way. Thank you.
  13. Colonel Twerkins

    What do you think about wipes after the game releases?

    #locked. Reason: There will not be any wipes post-release. It is noted that some streamers reach level 40 and feel there is nothing more to do and this is understandable. But, this is not the way the final game will be. This test version is missing a couple of key components and we are not seeing the actual progression platform. What I mean is, you will start with one map and the others are locked. You unlock them if you can escape them, completing the story component there. Then, every other map is harder than the last. There will be cinematics, random things happening in the city, like mortar strikes, so there is not going to be level 40 in a week. Currently, wipes only happen because of technical reasons.
  14. Colonel Twerkins

    Fix the freezing

    This is not a suggestion, it's stating the obvious. We know that there's freezing, we already covered this in our post about the new patch! We do our best to make sure everyone is informed, but we cannot read the announcements to you. That is your responsibility, sir. Please, keep the rules of the forum, in this case, rule #4 making posts about topics already addressed.
  15. Colonel Twerkins

    im sorry but this needs to be fixed.

    #Locked. Reason: