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  1. #Locked. Reason: Yes, everything except your trader reputation points. (not trader levels). @MrXT , as Eragon stated, this is what happens during a test. EA's are different, so that may cause confusion.
  2. Colonel Twerkins

    What Tarkov Can Learn From PayDay 2 (Not Gunplay Related)

    #Locked. Reason: First, I will say that this is a test build. There is and will be a story mode in the release. You will have to complete it throughout all 10 maps in order to escape the city and unlock free roam mode. You will only start with one map and then each one you complete unlocks the next one which is harder than the one before it. The objective will also dictate your extraction. There will be things going on in the city at the same time--mortar strikes and more. Time of raids now, and what is actually on the map (less time) so be prepared if it is changed. There will be side quests and even hidden quests that you will find. There will be keycards to unlock secret stashes with goodies. So basically, there is more than you may have understood. Your points: 1) Solo players would be much easier grouped up and less likely to be betrayed. Makes it easier to find friends * There are nothing but "uneasy partnerships" in Tarkov. There will be voip and a clan system. 2) People would not run hatchetlings in these sort of missions as the risk is mitigated due to strength in numbers. * Story mode will mitigate a portion of this, but things will be different and the focus will not be so much on loot. (Rarity/End game) 3) Missions and Quests being boring MMO fetch quests eliminated * There will be lots more to the questing...we can't show it all or there would be spoilers. 4) Bring meaning to the factions, introduce story elements, a feeling of a real conflict * There will be plenty of that. 5) More opportunity for firefights * There will be plenty of that. 6) Unpopular maps could be revitalized and have renewed purpose * All maps will have a purpose. Most of this has already been addressed and discussed. Here is a great resource with all the core FAQ, and interviews all in one place.
  3. Colonel Twerkins

    Post censoring, moving to subreddit

    #Locked. Reason: Sorry if you feel like we are suppressing or censoring you. We are not. We are simply enforcing the rules. One of the rules here is to also, stay on the overall topic of this forum, which is testing. Not staff actions, anticheat, or even netcode, etc. (examples) Staff Actions: Report to support@battlestategames.com (in the rules) Anticheat: Search the forum or social media for what we have already said on the subject. Netcode: It's already been addressed and is still an ongoing fix. This just becomes nothing but a rant and invites flame. Which again, violates the forum rules. It is not productive. Thanks!
  4. Colonel Twerkins

    SCAV Karma system

    #Locked. Reason: The game is not complete and we have more work to do on the scavs. Thanks!
  5. Colonel Twerkins

    Just watch the Video #Admins

    #Locked. Reason: We do not accept player reports. As stated by others, here, it can easily have come down to tactical advantage and timing. So, if we take every report and a large percentage are like this, then we put time, team, and resources that are currently devoted to making the AC better and better during the testing phase. Thanks!
  6. Colonel Twerkins

    State of the network after latest patch

    #Locked. Reason: Please, let's not bump a post like this. If you are having issues, then please, submit a support request. Thanks!
  7. Colonel Twerkins

    The Beauty of EFT Concept Art

    Guys, please, let's stay on topic. Thanks!
  8. Colonel Twerkins

    The Beauty of EFT Concept Art

    Dear, Escapers! We would like to present a look at the concept art that goes into our locations. We hope you will enjoy a look at the genesis of our beautifully, broken city. Translations: French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Moderator of France @PIG-Mathieu Spanish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Spain @kalurosu German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Moderator of Germany @Hummz21 https://www.artstation.com/artwork/15yWG
  9. Colonel Twerkins

    Where or How do I..

    #locked. Reason: We do not accept player reports of any kind. We also don't allow name and shame posts. We have a working anticheat, bans take up to a week, but we ban daily. Thanks!
  10. Colonel Twerkins

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    This would only be breaking the rules..."We do not accept reports in any form." There is also this rule...
  11. Colonel Twerkins

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    No it is not. You are breaking forums rules. Do not post again.
  12. Colonel Twerkins

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    It's still a reporting system and still takes time.
  13. Colonel Twerkins

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    You have no actual proof of how you died in every situation because there are more factors than just "hackers". The game is not being killed, there is no game yet. This is a test build and for that reason, nothing is final, including the AC. Thinking of it that way causes less, stress. We will not implement a reporting system at this time but we have mentioned a few times that it may be a possibility down the road. A reporting system now will not allow us to focus on real suspects. It will cause time to be diverted to looking through every report.
  14. Colonel Twerkins

    Armor & Blunt Damage

    Thank you for being so optimistic, but it's not that easy either. You would think. But again, there is more to the story. There is also more to be added. So it remains to be seen what rounds will be added for the shotguns. But you could speculate...this is what the previous project (Contract Wars) has. http://prntscr.com/k4msna
  15. Colonel Twerkins

    Peacekeeper task Eagle Eye second drone missing SAS DISK

    #Locked. Reason: Yes, on that one, you must go prone and look up. It is on the first rack shelf. Answered.