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  1. TheColdVein

    Materials: NikiLeaks DevBlog #002

    Yes. Military Base map currently in the works.
  2. TheColdVein

    Materials: NikiLeaks DevBlog #002

    Hello, Friends! We're back from the front lines with the latest intel. From what we have managed to survey, these are the newest items and information reported to us from our Commander in Chief, Nikita. This is for your eyes only, please make sure to commit this to memory and destroy the evidence!
  3. TheColdVein

    i dont undsertand how anyone plays this

    #locked. Reason: We don't allow these rant posts on the forum. Stick to the topic: Testing.
  4. TheColdVein

    Combat=FPS Drop

    #Locked. Reason: The game is not released yet, we are aware and have addressed the technical issues many times. We are going to switch over to the newest Unity which should take care of a lot of things. Just so you're aware, this is not a casual game in any sense. It will not be meant for competitive gaming outside of, possibly, the Arena Mode which is not implemented yet. What you are playing is a test. It is for the technical foundations of a story based objective game. (This info is readily available) You will start with one unlocked map, and you will have to complete the story objective and survive to unlock the next map. The next one will be progressively harder and after unlocking all 10, you escape Tarkov and unlock free roam mode. This is 16sqkm for up to 64 players with no time or loading screens. The work done now is to make this the pinnacle of hardcore games.
  5. TheColdVein


    #Locked. Reason. We do not accept player reports/name and shame. Bans can take up to a week and we ban daily. Our AC works really well. Also, not every death is a hack. You can easily be outplayed.
  6. TheColdVein

    this game has major flaws

    #locked. Reason: As Dan said, Tarkov is not meant to be easy at all. It is not like any other fps, and is definitely not like an E-Sport. The person who shot you, did so from behind you. In the release, you will have to complete the story objective from each map and survive. Each map after that will be harder than the last. Don't be discouraged, try a team. EFT is more of a team based game.
  7. TheColdVein

    Realism for scav players

    #Locked. Reason: That's how it is supposed to work. If they don't attack you it's a bug. Maybe they have a way to know? We will have to see.
  8. #Locked. Reason: Every task is going to have a level difficulty. Right now, things are much easier than they will be. This game is meant to give you a hard time because it's hardcore. Please don't make rant posts. If you have a legitimate issue, related to testing such as bugs, you can post but always make sure the answer doesn't already exist here by using the search function. Of course, always report bugs through the launcher first and always include the log, details, pic/video links where applicable.
  9. TheColdVein

    Flea market BOT!

    #Locked. Reason: If it is botting or anything else, we will deal with it. Not every plan we have is known but do not fear that we do not care or do not pay attention.
  10. TheColdVein

    Can this please be explained??

    Locked. Reason: Already responded to you. For everyone else. When encountering these issues report through the launcher with a log included and video link if you have it.
  11. TheColdVein

    whats up with Eroktic?

    Locked. Reason: This kind of thread just causes too much flame and causes people to break forum rules. No need for negativity on either side. Thank you.
  12. TheColdVein

    Cheaters took the game to a whole new level

    Locked. Reason: We do not allow cheater reports or threads.
  13. TheColdVein

    War With Cheaters!

    Please, we are not able to discuss these specifics. Our job is to obliterate them and we work hard to do this.
  14. TheColdVein

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    No the table cannot turn. No game is free of cheaters and for the foreseeable future, none will be. That is not how this works. We deter cheaters hard (we just announced the cheaters banned in the last 3 days) as hard as we can. No game is free of cheaters. If you know one, then please, educate me. Absurdum is derailing the thread for something that is widely known and understood. Don't cause a ruckus, Just let the work be done. Thanks. Yes! You will get a brand, spankin' new, standard edition for yourself or you can give it to a friend.
  15. TheColdVein

    War With Cheaters!

    Dear, Friends! As you know, we do not have any tolerance for cheaters or hackers. We are always watching, always fighting with them. Here is a list of 226 cheaters banned in the last 3-days. This is not the last impact of the hammer. We will continue every effort to make Escape From Tarkov fair and safe. Thank you for your support. List (in alphabetical order): 38127319283163 _GRZ_Shamil950 -BA-TheColonel -OWE-EST- 3a_Dmitri 9YearOldArmy abluewhale Adolf_Hipster AlextheDog007 AllIDoIsDie An4rkhyXD ANARCH1ST AndysComing Ares_ Asmodeus Aycn B34TER BARZAK BDSM-Ykino BeefRamenNoodle BFTW23 Biba228 BigDickShorty BigMuffinGamer BlackHole69 Blinx_Fox BobORiely BSGANTICHEAT Burger catchya CBDMan ChipoNN ChodsCheat4LIFE Cicconi Codisz CostiBucideCal CPT_SOLO CrownKiller CrownNegro CrownPunisher DaddyBanger DarknessRoc DAYMARE desert_kaiju Dest1nCt Devil747-SS Dexter_TR DFault_ttv dhddi7 Dillt DmQ DocHolliday Dotzz DovakiinAlduin DrLean DrmticIllusion EagleEye2564748 Eidolon ElectricBoogalu Elementss Eleskinex Elsso Elveyti Enbom Ertinoxxx ESTrax Evidence evtwist EZ_Vladimir F2SmOKer FallinAngel FCKNZS Ferfu1 Filemaster123 Firbolg_King frankunderwoody FregiT Fucc_BSG Gaboqse gettinit GlennyWenny GRANATENCKOLOS Gromidzee GTHM97 GUTS_TV Henris97 HiddenSnake HIMTOXIC HP-Archangel HTP--Ghost-- I_HAVE_NUTZ IBabaYagaI iFunky IKruger IloveTarkov IMPERIAL19y Imrik ItZ_AcIdD iTzGrooVy James-Smith Jaykova Jaywy JCLMM Jesusisanibba Jimmy_Dubzzz JoshPenley Joway K3NJI Kai_Sigma kamatakun Kamelen_Baibi KAPST3R kassucs King_Tulip KingHabibi Kiwuun Koni Konodiodaa Kotal-Kahn Kryome Krythex LachsnackenOG Lantalife LastSoldier LaterNerdss lIlTARKOVlIl Maddbrax MagnetHelm ManOWaR0 MaRiXyAnA Matene Mborg88 MeetHermesttv Metadeth901 MiCHA_ Millerkeeee MLGDragonzord MORSKOI_BIBIS Mozez MrCheakyBreaky MrDrJesus MurphyA N0made__ NaGaa Naroes neizd nemisis1ca NiNelSemushina NMZ-depiro_lv nogirlfriend NOKILLPLZ nyncuk Nyxo OGSimi OooOoOOOoOoO516 orphan-stomper P_unisher PapaDoCMidnite Parzival1k PavelSheremetev PipBoy PNZ_Leonsito POJARNIK Pollikiller11 Provataki Punisher911 ractox Raphboo Rastov ReturnOfSilentJ romen_electr rOtk_Sora RoyalAssCrack Rush-B-Boys S1uttyBoi Sc0rbs Sch4rx shad899 Shang-Tsung Shemashko shuhard SKRA_ElPOYO Smitywitsenburg sodomy SteelyDan Stewy121_ttv strangebook suecide_boy Sumra1k SupremeWeiner Suspicious Sync_ tarnbjoern The_Daniel_ZA TheUnholyGrail Tom313 tomphsom1173 toxicrustplayer Treegle TTV_RivenWolves twitch_knowvac Twitch_Zxzzii TwitchtvZinZan U_Got_Me UWS-Mr_Snoekums VeeVoo Vibelord VLAD_FISH WarHorse72290 Were345 Wislyy Wixxkralle WolfHun Wolfie86 Woohoo122 XSpace_InvaderX Y4k yallich Yassssuo youaregay YTMr1060 Yukihira Zaub zhAtDescedent zSoap TRANSLATIONS: French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Official Community Representative for France @PIG-Mathieu Dutch translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Dutch Emissary and Moderator @Vaeriah Turkish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Turkish Emissary and Moderator @Dimitri468 Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Portuguese Emissary @Alexandre_5 German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our German Emissary and Moderator @PIK Hungarian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Hungarian Emissary @Settenke Italian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Italian Emissary and Moderator @dinosamir Arabic translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Arabic Emissary and Moderator @DeadlySimba Romanian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Romanian Emissary @j0zeph