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  1. So as the Patch - Fixed elevators on the lab, now bots can't shoot through it. And it was great. BUT after the shor patches without patchnotes saying tachnical updates must changed them and set back to wallhacking fireing when they saw just the tip of my toe. Whould be great if this thing gets under consideration and fixed asap.
  2. Zompa


    0:17 and 0:58, Extreme Prefire + 0:47 Exact nade on location you guys are dumb if you say this is not wall, stop protecting the game so much
  3. Zompa


    Plz Bann If you want to keep your game fun ... Hackusation removed
  4. Zompa


    I want to report this guy he, knew exacly where we where on the map + throw nades perfecly. ##Removed video## Plz Bann Him
  5. Zompa

    SOS Im Stuck!

    At least they could of added an unstuck code.
  6. Zompa

    SOS Im Stuck!

    Help someone I got stuck! Interchange
  7. Zompa

    SOS Im Stuck!

    Help someone I got stuck! Interchange
  8. Zompa

    Next Wipe

    Hello there! Some of my friends telling me that there is an upcoming wipe againg in about 2 weeks from now, because the new map is coming out. So my question is that is that true is ther egona be a wipe in a near future again? And where can I find offical announcements about wipes? Thanks for your answeres!
  9. Zompa

    2017/2018 Wipe

    Hello there I was looking for the date when the wipe happens And I saw a forum post that when the Open beta releases we get information, about the wipe So basicly Open beta start will not wipe anyting right?
  10. Zompa

    {Resolved} EOD Purchased but no Alpha Issue

    Well the game is not working and ppl getting here for help. And 90% of them dont have the patient to read all of it to figurate out where you need to post and what. So he should be ignoring or not even reading it.
  11. Zompa

    {Resolved} EOD Purchased but no Alpha Issue

    If someone can help me out. I got EoD too and got no access to alpha.