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    Hopefully soon. I've basically given up on this patch. haven't played since like the 2nd week after initial beta release.
  2. zero2005

    The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    I'd like to more specifically see what the bans were for, ie unlimited health? spawning items? no reload/unlim ammo? speed hack? wallhack? flying? etc. I've seen some super sketchy stuff that couldn't be explained by desync. ie a full auto SKS, firing faster than it is possible, even with an auto-hotkey script... as well as users running faster than they should with full gear (verified by me sprinting after them with nothing but a hatchet, and them still running faster) this was early beta release, before people could have had a chance to level up any stats that would have effected it. also, what's preventing someone for purchasing it again? do you ban via hardware id? IP? what's stopping cheaters with disposable income from just making a different account, other than the price tag? or how about people who modify textures? I've heard rumblings of people replacing various textures to make players bright colors thus giving them an advantage; either by finding lootable bodies they otherwise wouldn't have, or finding players hiding in a bush that would normally have noticed.
  3. zero2005

    Cheaters ban wave

    the hacking community is a multi-billion dollar industry. you'll get fools who'll not only pay for the EoD package, but would also have no qualms about dropping 50-100$ on a hack for the game. its only money. between the hackers, and the autistic streamers loaded up on free gear, i haven't played since early the beginning of this patch. I hope with the NDA lift, eventually either streamers will be forced to use their own accounts, or provided with basic accounts that only include what a normal player starts with. nothing worse than going into several matches during the few hours I can play to stumble into a wave with a streamer or two fully kitted out. my interest is to see the actual numbers/stats (just generic stuff at least, like "this wave we banned 100 people") to make it more believable that they actually DID something, and aren't just saying they banned people for the sake of trying to keep the community happy.