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  1. Cheaters ban

    YES!!! always a welcome read - cya later haxzors to the maxzors - lol
  2. I have made a topic about this ages ago - SILENT GRENADES!!! - just what the hell is the point of playing a game that is going to wreck you every time when you give an advantage to a damn program? - why am I annoyed? well Im just fresh out a a DAMN 30 minute raid on shoreline to be killed at extract by a damn scav silent grenade - yes your building a game and doing an awesome job of it with new map/s and content coming up - but damn guys...hotfix these kind of troublesome BS that your players are talking about...I dont give a damn about gear or even im killed by scav or player continuously (frustrating yes - but kinda unlikely) all part of the game but give me silent grenades and ill be here complaining - this happened ages ago and you should address it and bloody well fix it.
  3. Scope ADS Lag?

    Is anyone experiencing aim down site / scope lag at the moment? Im finding the aim down site whilst turning kind of slow or laggy especially when trying to shoot a moving target.
  4. Scavs and body armour

    Thats a really good point never thought of it that way...I have to say though, most, a lot of the times armour or arms have not taken any damage its all legs and blacked has been a few days since these incidents and havent seen it lately - I have noticed today damage seems spread across the body with damage to arms and even blacked out with armour taking damage.
  5. This one has been bugging me since the devs created this and thats scavs shooting you in the legs immediately because you are wearing body armour. I get it and the kind of weird logic it has for game play only I find it odd when exposed to certain scav confrontations. I find it absurd when your doing a night raid and the scav immediately blacks your legs out when they clearly should not be able to know what your wearing its obvious the programming is out of control here lol. Another experience I had and this one is totally absurd even beyond the games logic. I was standing behind a concrete barrier and peaking out to shoot the scav...unbelievably because I was wearing fort he shot at my legs and even though I was clearly behind the waist high concrete barrier the programming allowed my legs to be blacked out because I was wearing armour in this case fort. With some kind of realism attached, when people shoot guns at people where do they aim generally? its the body mass and that is why people wear body armour...right now BSG you have the programming at enemy, armour shoot should have it at enemy, shoot body, armour!, shoot legs. Your getting there patch by patch we see this and hopefully with a little tweaking will smooth it out...still enjoying the game a lot!! thanks guys!
  6. Hatchet Running nonsense

    All awesome comments and personal experiences - its obvious we have an issue with hatchlings with desynch, hit points, black leg running till exhaustion and should be addressed and tweaked (we all are hatchlings some point in time here and there when necessary) Generally I dont have a problem with hatchlings out in the open its apparent there are issues with them in close quarters like dorms or narrow corridors when they have a distinct advantage with speed and hit markers with the attributes discussed above.
  7. Ive brought this up before and this is seriously ridiculous. I see a hatchet runner wait for him shoot him multiple times and he is still able to run up to me hatchet me in the head and win the fight - this is still seriously STUPID!!!! no one is forcing you to run as a hatchet runner - if you decide to do this that is your choice and yes you get the benefits of running lighter/faster BUT if you take bullets you should drop instantly and not be able to ridiculously have an advantage (especially in close quarters) of taking on damage and because of the damage calculator, still being able to run up to someone hit them in the head and win...Devs serious consideration needs to be taken about giving hatchet runners less hit points or however the calculation is done to stop this unrealistic advantage.
  8. Official Trading Thread

    Selling 2 x Mark Room Key Buying 1 x Key Bar PM you
  9. Official Trading Thread

    Mark room key - 350k
  10. Official Trading Thread

    Selling 2 x Mark room keys for sale Buying 1 x Key Bar PM me please
  11. 10 Trizips full of M4's giveaway

    haha thats awesome man!! really cool!
  12. Official Trading Thread

    Selling 1 x Marked Key Buying Key bar military checkpoint key
  13. Punisher 3 MIssion

    This mission has proven to be a little tough. I tried it and failed by about 3 scavs to go with time run out. I did attempt it again and found I really needed to move very quickly and just terminate and go on to the next set of scavs. I found that I had before raid 17 minutes left on the clock with a further 10 scavs to go. I managed to kill the 10th scav and quickly looked up Tasks tab and saw a tick next to 25/25 scavs killed at customs - awesome I did it...only to find that whilst still in raid and moving to the extract the "Punisher 3 Task Failed" came up (you know on the lower right screen) and I thought WTF is going here? Ive killed the 25 scavs in the time frame by about 2 minutes but still get a Fail - something seriously not right here and just 1 more piece of BS that adds to the overall frustration when EFT decides to BS you. Are you trying to tell me I not only have to kill the 25 scavs but also escape or extract from Customs within the time frame as well?? So what is it? a bug? moving the goal posts again? either way it feels totally crap to have killed the mission 25 scavs in the time frame to find I failed. I feel cheated - again! Obviously this timing is doable at a very very fast pace but what is the story with the actual real world timer counting down? this quite frankly should be in game timed and not real world - why? well considering 25 scavs in customs is/can be difficult and on a good run could be handled quickly over 2-3 raids minimum but if you do have a couple of failures would mean doing another 1-3 raid missions extra to get the kills...under real world countdown the actual load out times out of a raid takes time and the traversing through the in game menu and loading of game also adds to time from the countdown which is seriously ridiculous as it takes 3-5 minutes currently to load up a map. This takes away time in game doing the mission - I calculate about 18 minutes of timer is wasted just trying to load at least 3 raids - which means you only have 42 minutes to try and run through and kill 25 scavs. You (Thats you BSG) need to either increase mission time by 20 minutes to accommodate the load out and load in game times or make the timer only be in game time or well, ignore me.
  14. Official Trading Thread

    Im not talking about factory key or mark key. I am questioning your prices for Flash Drives and Spark Plugs. You can of course put any price you want and it is up to people to pay that price if they want...I just think your price for these items are ridiculously high.
  15. Official Trading Thread

    Im not yelling - im giving my opinion and I think these prices are to high...just because someone initially put in a BS price of US$6000 and now thats the going rate? you can sell a spark plug to Therapist for 2280 rubles - if you even sold 1 for 7000 rubles id probably say ill buy them - you are asking for 150 euros - thats converted to 15950 rubles a sparkplug. your flash drives - your asking for 1500 euros a piece thats 159495 rubles a flash drive. a Bitcoin is rare and thats worth 90000+ rubles - a Roler watch is rare and worth 75000 rubles - why would anyone pay these ridiculous inflated prices when they could just run through woods and grab them easily... anyway thats my opinion.