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  1. Vi er glade for at kunne informere jer om, at fra den 8. til den 10. maj, kommer vi til at have 20% rabat på alle forudbestillinger af ’Escape from Tarkov’. Hvis du har planlagt at købe spillet, men ikke har haft råd, så findes der ikke et bedre tidspunkt! Rabatten kører fra 00:01 den 8. maj til 23:55 den 10. maj (Moscow tid).
  2. How to the trader levels work?

    All the stuff is still available, you simply unlock more items and better prices.
  3. How to the trader levels work?

    Currently you need to level up to the designated XP level and buy or sell items worth the amount stated to that vendor. Once you have done this, the vendor will level up and you can see his and buy his/her new stuff. Hope this helps.
  4. Beta Timeline

    Though unfortunately you can't "Rep" your own post To get this thread back on track. I am still pinning my hopes on late March, early April.
  5. Svenskar?

    Det kan være vi skal arrangere lidt DK vs. SWE Tarkov krig i fremtiden
  6. The new Delta Force special detachment!

    I fully expect that they chose people based on the relevant knowledge. If some of the people who were accepted can't be of assistance, I am sure that there will be some openings in the Delta Force detachment in the near future. PS. Completely unrelated, just saw that your profile picture was Joe Akerman. That guy's past few years would make a good book.
  7. Nakar Føroyingur?

    Tror ikke at du finde så mange, men det kan jo være at du er heldig.
  8. Beta Timeline

    No, the game is currently in Alpha. You will be able to play the closed alpha once it is released. Depending on the version you have purchased, you may be able to play the current alpha.
  9. Er der Nogen DK's?

    Jeg ved at der er en lige her.
  10. campaign

    There are no plans in place to add singleplayer to EFT. The focus of the game is PvPvE multi-player gameplay. This is the official statement: Can I complete EFT alone, single-handedly? We do not intend to make an offline single-player campaign, though anyone is free to try and clear the game alone, without help from partners in co-op. However, we do recommend to find trusty partners for the final locations
  11. how is everyone today??

    Keep up the good work!
  12. Suggestion: Game Mode

    In the full game you should be able to create multiple characters.
  13. Suggestion: Game Mode

    If you added some objectives, it would be a great way to add some BEAR vs. USEC gameplay. For example, a BEAR and USEC squad need to move to secure some documents (insert anything here) before the other team and then extract with them. It would create an atmosphere and situation very much like the original trailer for Escape For Tarkov.
  14. Promo-Code

    This, used to redeem different things. Currently, unless anyone gifts you a copy of the game, there isn't much use for it. Hope this answers your question. Have a continued good day.
  15. This is a great addition and will solve a LOT of the problems people currently have with the way Customs is played!